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In Chicago the first good area is north ave or north division.
Step 1# Be very careful a lot of cops around. But if you use your brain its very easy.
Step 2# Don’t be quick to grab look around then make sure there aren’t cops.
Step 3# Then you take a circle around when clear grab her in the car. She won’t ask question they normally get right in so if it stinks say “no I wouldn’t do that ever in my life bye”. Always works with me.
Step 4# When she is in the car she will tell you were to go and park. She talks what ever. Never tell how much you got. What I do is say I got 50 and I want to fuck but she say “no one here will do it for that” say I will give you 25 more. Then she say that still to low say $90 and that’s it not a dollar more or your getting ripped off.
Step 5# Do your business quickly or get a hotel people might report you to the cops.
What I think is the best way to do this all is take the high way to O’Hare then get off at Lawrence then go down to the admiral theater and keep going till you see your bitch for the moment and you can take north ave or division but 2 cool things to look for is the clubs there always around you got to look around.
grab a Chicago Sun Times and look at the bottom of the back pages in the sports section and you’ll see all of the ads. I think the paper does not run these adds in their Sunday edition however.

Gold Spa
Milwaukee off Division in Chicago.
$70 – $10 coupon from Times for 1 hour massage.

On Lawrence a bit west of Western. $50 hr. massage, thorough table shower. Half/half for $100 extra.

Sunset Spa
13 West Main St. Chicago, IL 630/616-1133
Rates: $60 1/2hr, $100/an hr. A two girl massage is also available for $100hr. Only American girls. Very sexy full body Swedish massage wearing lingerie. No whirlpool, Jacuzzi or sauna but customers can enjoy a stand-up showering before the fun begins. Haley, a very pretty blonde girl with a fabulous figure, a real beauty. V/ MC okay. Open 7 days. Located close to O’Hare Airport and downtown Chicago, just take Irving Park Road, which runs along the southern side of O’Hare Airport, and follow this to York Road, which is the first major street west of the airport. Make a left onto York Road and head south for two blocks and then make right on Main Street.


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