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Some info about Senegal (Dakar)
Interesting places:
– Bar Ponty in the avenue Pompidou This is a nice bar (and restaurant) with an excellent atmosphere, even if you don’t want to pick up someone. About 10 – 20 girls every night, reasonable good looking. The best time to visit this bar from 20.00 to 24.00, during weekdays or the weekend

– discotheque Casino (there are two casinos, but you should take the one near the airport, not the one on the beach). Only during the weekend after 24.00. Nice disco, with 20 -30 beautiful girls.

– On the road near Casino or near the Ponte de Almadies. A few streetwalkers during the evening or early night

Prices: You have to pay 25 to 100 US $ depending on your bargaining skills, Always agree on the price when you are still in the bar and stick to it .

Girls: Often good looking, but they are very professional and not extremely friendly Afterwards they always start hassling about the agreed price.

My personal view is that Dakar is not worth going if this is the main reason for your travels. In general people in East Africa are more relaxed and friendly than in East Africa

Also in Dakar, you can try the Africa Star, just asked about it at your hotel it is a well know place. You will find many girls over 20 here but be careful not the safest place around.

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