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The street action in Christchurch is incredible! Manchester Ave is the place to go. One of the girls told that street prostitution is illegal there but not enforced and I believe it! After about 10pm every street corner has at least 2 girls on it and none are hiding the fact that they are looking for some action. The girls run the entire spectrum from old and ugly to young and gorgeous. Having a rental car would help but I was on foot when I picked up a very beautiful young girl named Vicky. She looked about 18-20 and told me that full service for an hour at my hotel would cost $100 New Zealand currency. OK guys, here’s the kicker, the exchange rate for US to New Zealand dollar is 1:2 so for every American Dollar you get 2 NZ dollars. So full service with this woman actually only cost me about $50 US!! We walked back to my hotel and she started off with an incredible blowjob with a condom. Then we proceeded to •••• for the rest of the hour in multiple positions. Talk about a great time, not to mention that Christchurch is an incredible city to visit. If your travels take you here, check out the action, it’s worth it!

Boutique Massage Lounge – 566 Columbo Street. This massage parlor is on the main street, but a little way from the main area of massage parlors. A more discrete side entrance is also available. The area is quite safe. The interior of this upstairs parlor is pretty tired, but the people are quite friendly and happy to help you along. I chose the only girl that was available at the time (it was a busy night) and got a one-hour massage for $50. Showers are available and mandatory beforehand. We negotiated a tip for the girl after I had showered and before we started the massage part. Full service was $80, which is pretty reasonable. The massage itself was very nice – and the girl was very friendly and happy to please. For the “business” end of the night, she gave me a very nice hand rub, then licked my balls to get me rock hard. Them, with the condom on, she gave me the best blowjob I’ve had in quite a long time. It was slow, luxurious, and unhurried, and occasionally she’d stop to lick my balls again. We fucked in a number of different positions, and she was very good at maintaining a good rhythm with me. After I came she cleaned me up, and we talked for a while – didn’t seem to be overly worried about the clock. This isn’t the classiest joint I’ve been to in Christchurch, but it was probably the second best fuck I’ve had at one.

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