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Ended up in suva for a few days last year at the end of a trip. fijian girls: very nice, attractive, great smiles and very approachable.
(indian girls are terrible – i kind of thought so ahead of time but had to investigate to maintain a sense of objectivity!!)
not familiar with the organized approach as there were too many amatuer and semi’s(girls trying to have fun partying and making a little on the weekends). had just as much luck walking the main drag as i did in the bars. i was 42 then and did not meet any girl over 24 and they couldnt have been nicer. met a non-pro (19!)one night walking and after a while her older sister said that if i wanted to take her to my hotel i would have to also get stuck with the fat cousin as the older sister also wanted to have some fun too!
on the first night an aggressive, pretty 21 yr old sat next to me in a bar. after awhile she went and got a very sweet friend ( the aggressive one was taking me for many drinks but in fiji it is cheap and not worth getting upset about).
it was early so i passed and moved on. the bars were fun but i found the girls so approachable that the cruising the main drag with the locals was equally as fun. met one nice 22 yr old on the street and after two minutes she bit my tongue!! never asked for money. when we went to the hotel the clerk demanded money. my new “girlfriend” (who was very nice) barked at him, “shut up and get behind your desk!!” he never said another word to me. her body was exceptional, natural and great curves and easily the best 22 yr old i have been with. she loved sex and would go into convulsions! the next morning i was standing in front of the window butt naked to get cooled by the breeze and she came out of the shower/naked, walked up behind me and gave me the warmest hug for several minutes. as she left she said she would be back at noon to take me to her mother’s for lunch!
most girls wanting money were looking for 12-25 usd. some average girls and some exceptional, dream first date types.
stayed at a very decent 6 story hotel, block up the hill from main drag for 25/night.
prob wouldnt go only there just for vacation but if i was in that part of the world i would try to get there (it was a very easy 10 hr flight back to LA from fiji). maybe this fall, after thailand, i will post a comparison. (i have sailed thru the south pacific. tonga and fiji the people all speak english and are some of the nicest people one can imagine).

If you establish a good relationship with the operators of the smaller resorts, you can arrange a night liaison with a ripe young Fijian girl (legal of course). I was staying at Lautoka recently and was asked by the bellman if I required anything special during my stay. I thought “what the hell” and asked. I had about three women visit. None would do oral, but one went wild when I tongued her black hairly slit. It was different, but nothing compared to a wild night in Bangkok!

Indian girls provide great service. Fijian girls tend to just lie down open their legs. Street action in the Martintar area from the Dominion Hotel to the Capricorn Hotel also around handicraft stools in town after dusk.In Martintar check Ed’s Bar. Taxi drivers can help but many earn a cut from the girls. Most hotels allow you to bring guests to your room. In Suva and Lautoka there are more choices. Don’t pay more than FJD100 $50USD. If you bring a girl back to your room make secure your valuables.

Night life in Suve, the capital of Fiji is fabulous. Great pick up places for girls include the bali-hai and lucky eddies night club.. 90% of all girls that come to lucky eddies (which is right in the middle of downtown suva) are either full time prostitutes or enthusiastic amateurs. Price range from $20 Fijian (1 Fijian dollar is 47c American) but do not go above $50. The best girls to pick are the Fijians as they are beautiful and readily love pleasing you. Part Europeans are also good but do not tend to stay all night or are too pricy. Avoid the Indian girls.
They are excessively rude and will try to beat you Only the Indian guys pick them and they tend to be drop dead ugly. Social rejects plus expect a lot of flak from Indian taxi-drivers if you do manage to pick one up!
There are a lot of budget hotels for a casual fling or for all night stands. Don’t worry its safe and the police or local hot-heads are non-existent Rooms start from $7 dollars upwards. Average around 13 bucks. Another great place is the dragon night-club, here are mostly young girls who will go with you for only $5. Don’t worry about approaching girls, they will come up to you..No sex will be discussed but will be expected if you leave with them. A good hotel to go to is tropic Towers. All taxi drivers know the place. It has a continuous stream of women coming in with men. Rooms cost 35 dollars per night but is top of the range. girls are free for the night. Don’t forget to tip your companion in the morning. The social custom of kerekere is much admired and you will be a hit once you go back the next day!!

For those with a bigger budget go to laucala beach (5ks from the city) Just stand for a few minutes and a girl will join you. Go with her to a beach house nearby(walking distance) there you will find about 30 good-looking girls
prices range from $40 all day. Do take out the girl for dinner or better still go ask for two special. You get two girls for $75 all day. The management takes great pain to make sure that the girls are good to each other. If you had enough for the day, sit back and relax and watch the girls do themselves. Prostitution is considered a business in Fiji and the girls believe that you should get value for money. Hence they are open to most suggestion. If there is something a girl would not do, she would apologize and ask you to deduct money..(don’t do are not mean are you)
The main thing, enjoy, you’ll get a good work everyday and best of all its non-commercialized and cheap.

You will find all the action at the Suva Post Office. There are many nice looking girls and the prices are quite cheap as well. Starting from $15 Fijian to $50 Fijian. ($1 Fijian = 45 cents US)

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