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We landed at Varadero and let me tell you from the moment we arrived the girls and pimps surrounded us. It is very difficult to bring a girl into your hotel, because some other tourist told us that in the past they had a lot of problems with girls stealing things and money before you woke up. Also, so-called “casa privada” is very expensive in Varadero (they have the nerve to ask you more than $50 USD a day for a small room when their monthly salary is $4 USD.) Unbelievable! Most of the girls did not speak English so it is wise to learn a bit of Spanish. We were getting sick of so called “friends” that wanted to show us around because they waited in front of our hotel from (can you believe it) 6 o’clock in the morning. Most of the tourists there were people from Spain, Sweden, Italy, and a few Canadians. We did not meet any Americans during our stay in Cuba.

What really surprised me was that there were a lot of blond European women (mostly from Sweden and Germany) visiting in groups only to have sex with Cuban men. Never saw this before in other Latin American countries. The people are very poor and it seems to us that almost every girl is willing to fuck for about $10 USD. They do not call them hookers but “jineteras”. We rented a car and drove to Havana, because taxis are very expensive. Almost everything is expensive and everyone is trying to make some money out of the tourists, so BE CAREFUL when you visit Cuba. I did not like Havana because it was too dangerous and crowded at night. The girls were also too professional in their attitudes. A lot of men tried to sell their wives to us. I had a pen-pal relation with a young doctor who lived with her mother and I fucked her the first night we met face to face with her mother in the next room listening to our noises! (Incredible!) She had studied in Russia but earns $4 USD a month at this moment in Cuba. At the market one of my friends made a mistake by giving a piece of soap to a local woman. After that we were surrounded by more than 50 women asking us to marry them.

We decided to go to the west and after driving for an hour we saw a lot of girls hitchhiking, because believe me, the public transportation is very bad in Cuba. The country girls in that area are dirt cheap because they only ask for a presents like clothes. The bottom line is, skip Havana, it is not worth to visit if you are looking for good and cheap sex. Also, try to rent a car and visit the countryside because the girls are much prettier and cheap/free. We still receive letters after almost 3 years from Cuban girlfriends we’ve fucked. In every letter they write a puma which means a poem. They all want to leave their country, so if you fall in love, watch out because you might end up with a lot of legal problems and a broken heart.

I just came back from Varadero, Cuba is no longer cheap, it’s very expensive, I was in Varadero talking to a girl offering her $20.00 us when a German tourists came along and offered her $80.00 us, I was really shocked, lots of Spanish and German tourists Italians are offering more they should, it’s all those European that made Cuba very expensive, most girls will not go below $40.00 us unless you are her last customer, so to get a girl for $20.00 dollars, expect to wait until 4 a.m.

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