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Lautoka is not the best place to be for sex. a common place to be is Narara Parade, this place has some street girls and guys dressed as girls so be careful as they will rob you ! i picked this Indian girl . They were hanging out in a pair with another girl who seemed to be her twin sister. We went to this place called eddi’s inn about 5 minutes walk from there. The room costs about FJ$15. Once we got in the room i paid the gal $30 for short time. She at first wanted to switch of the lights and have sex but i paid $10 extra to see her body! She was very sexy with good boobs. She did not wanna suck me off but did allow me to eat her pussy. After that we fucked and she was tight and not very experienced. we screwed for about 30 minutes after which i blew a load. She then started to dress up and go when i paid another $20 for a second round! I do not recommend her

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