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This is a report on prostitution all over the coastal area of Tuscany, Italy, concentrating on the towns of Siena, Grosseto, Livorno, Pisa and their surroundings. All these towns offer local newspapers specialized in commercial ads, where you can find relevant offers. Ask the kiosk clerk for such papers and look under the columns “rapporti personali” or “incontri”. Street action is much cheaper. Here is a short summary of opportunities: Siena: no action that I know takes place in town. In the late morning and in the afternoon you can find Black (Nigerian) hookers on the small parking lots bordering the main roads (“superstrade”) leading to Arezzo and to Grosseto. This means you need a car, where intercourse will take place. Their pimps continually shift the whores in order to escape police searches, so quality varies from outstanding (rare) to decent (usual) to scarecrow – you can’t say in advance. Price is lire 30.000 (12 US dollars!) for a blowjob and 30.000 to 50.000 for bj and regular, but you can go even lower if you deal harshly. Bear in mind, Nigerians are desperate – they virtually are their pimps’ slaves and will be beaten and even tortured if they’re unable to collect their quota – and will usually agree to reasonable requests. (Including Greek and not using condoms.) However, AIDS is said to run rampant amongst them and you should regard them to be scarcely less dangerous than junkies are. This holds true for all Black hookers discussed in this report. Also, there is a serious danger of being caught by cops while having fun. In this case penalties may be severe, leading to confiscation of your car and even civil and penal suit. Most of the time, however, the cops will simply try to frighten you off and then leave you go unharmed. The hooker will invariably flee in the woods, as she has no personal id and risks being returned to her country (forcing her pimp to finance her flight back to Italy). If you speak some Italian, act humbly and tell the cops that you imagined prostitution to be legal in Italy as it is in your home country, that you are sorry and that you travel with your family, whose balance could be thrown off by the discovery of your infidelity. If everything else fails, you can try to bribe them – tell them that you know how expensive life nowadays is, and slip a few bills folded in your id card. (If challenged you can always claim you didn’t realize they were there.) 3-400.000 lire should be sufficient. Also, try to be attentive before picking the hooker; if you see a patrol car overseeing the traffic in the immediate surroundings, keep away. Grosseto: no action takes place in town. You can find one or two Greek or Albanian hookers along the road from Siena. The Albanian woman is young and friendly. Price: 50.000 for bj and regular, all of it using condom. Some big-busted, unattractive Blacks on the coastal road towards Follonica, close to the crossroad to Puntala. I never had any experience with them. Livorno. I have no large experience here, but there are some hookers of mixed provenience (and generally poor quality) along the “strada dell’artigianato” (I don’t know if this is a name or nickname). Cross the fly-over on the right side of the railway station, go straight head a few hundred meters and then turn left. (Or simply ask the locals.) Migliarino (south of Livorno). I never was there, but you should find some good action on the road along the pine-forest “Costanza” (“pineta della Costanza”). Pisa and Viareggio. Here the scene gets hot! Action starts in the afternoon and ends late in the night. It concentrates on the Aurelia Nord, or “superstrada 1” (“ss1” on maps), the coastal road connecting Livorno to Pisa and Viareggio. Once it was a main route; now a highway connects the towns mentioned above. If you arrive on the highway you may wish exiting at Pisa Sud or Pisa Nord. On daytime whores will appear about half a kilometer after the Saint-Gobain industrial establishment if you come from Livorno heading north. (You can find a few of them over hotel parking lots even before entering Pisa though.) Most of them are Albanians, but there are some Slovenians, Ukrainians (a gorgeous, enthusiastic Blondie gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life… even if I suspect she was under the influence of coke or ecstasy), Slavs… Proceeding towards Viareggio, you will spot the second hot area about 3 miles after leaving Pisa. Here you can find Italian professionals, Brasilian viados, Slavs and a few ragged Nigerians. Young and pretty Italian girls are rare and likely to be addicts. Action takes place in your car. Prices float between 30.000 to 50.000 lire for blowjobs and around 50.000 for bj and intercourse. Around 8 pm most White hookers leave and swarms of Black ones take their place. Many of them are young and attractive. Saturday nights are especially hot. Enjoy


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