Rio De Janeiro

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Having just returned from a week in Germany I was amazed at the multi talented selection of women in Germany. One of my friends who was with us noticed that he had seen a girl at Atlantis (FKK club in Germany) who previously worked at the HELP disco in Brazil (we confirmed this to be true). I was lucky enough to try this fine beauty for the German price of about $50 per hour. She was not the only girl from Brazil at Atlantis, there was a group of about 5 girls who visit yearly. I just thought this was interesting that another one of the benefits of Germany is the big selection of flavors you have by just visiting one country.

Night Life
This area concentrates some of Rio’s most famous strip clubs and bars. With the neon signs at the doors, and windows with suggestive photos of dancers. Boite Holiday, Frank’s Bar, Cicciolina, Pussycat, Scotch Bar, Niko’s, and Baccara are also part of this circuit, and each one has a legion of fans

Copacabana Beach is polluted and only the die hard bathers will venture into the water. The area near Leme is a bit cleaner but I still prefer Barra Beach. Working girls can always be found on the beach in front of the Rio Othon Palace Hotel

The last two times, I was in Rio de Janeiro : First night I took a taxi from my hotel and asked him to show me the most interesting places regarding available girls…

We started at the Help disco. The biggest disco located in front of the beach. Maybe 200 girls available this night… It’s like a sex fast food. All type of girls available : white, blacks, mulatas, from 18 to late 20’s, from “petite” to tall girls, from slim to fat girls… After a short drink, I decided to go back on the Rio’s exploration.

Cafes by Help Disc is a magnet for women to prey upon the unattached. I was never seated more than 15 minutes after 10:30 at night without being approached either by the girl or her “agent”. While many of these women are gorgeous, I would resist the temptation. Suggest that they meet you inside Help where there are over 130 women who want to spend the night with you. They may make the cut, but the reason they are outside trying to snag you is that the competition inside is fierce. Since the price will be the same, go inside to choose.

(3) Help Disc is an unbelievable gathering of beautiful women. I went there each of 5 nights and always left for the night with a woman with a fantastic body, beautiful face and an attitude ( and ass)to die for. The rate that seemed to prevail is $100 to $150 US for an overnight. That included multiple evening sex, a nighttime shower, naked nighttime cuddle and stimulating morning sex. Morning breakfast optional and daytime meetings on the beach a possibility. Of the 5 women I picked up, only one spoke good enough English that I spent the next day with in a “girlfriend” role. She showed me some sights, we lunched, she took me to the beach where we sunned (she in her “dental floss” bikini), then out to an early dinner. This was my last encounter or I would have probably stayed with her for a number of days. I didn’t go to other Disco’s mainly because the choices at Help were more than I needed.

Rio. Can be dangerous but fun. I don’t know why all the flights from the US have to leave at night and arrive in the morning. I did not sleep so well on the plane and was exhausted when I arrived on a Saturday morning. Out near the airport it was very poor and depressing, but as you get closer to the beaches it gets a lot better. I stayed in Ipanema.

The women on the beach were beautiful and the restaurants and bars top notch, but I didn’t find any action in Ipanema. The next beach up is Copacabana – which has a good reputation for excitement. As I walked along the beach, one of the beach attendants selling chairs and umbrellas asked if I wanted a girl and pointed to a few laying on chairs nearby – but they were not on par with the non-pro’s I saw. By the way, the pro’s were the only topless girls I saw.

That evening I went to the famous disco “Help” but I did not see any attractive women inside or out – except for a few with their boyfriends. The few likely pro’s I saw were all black and very unattractive. (Maybe I was just too early.) So I left and went to the Termas “Luomo” by cab.

I came in and paid my entrance fee and went to the locker room. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Figured out that you take off your clothes and put on a terry robe (mine was too small since I’m over six foot). Put your key on your wrist and go into the bar area. I could hear the music from the outside. When I came in, I saw several good looking women of various shades, mostly 18-25 and dressed in bikinis or something similar. Wonderful place. Several were dancing to the music and obviously enjoying themselves. A couple of girls in the corner near the bar were dressed in jeans and a shirt – it looked like they were off shift. The girls spoke little English and I only knew a few words of Portuguese – but that was not a problem.

A tall slender black girl offered to show me around. They have great facilities (showers, saunas, etc.) and some small rooms in the back. Turned out that they close early on Saturday and I only had about an hour. I went back to the bar and looked around. Nobody really stood out so I got a beer and sat on one of the sofas. Soon the black girl came over and asked if I’d like her company. Sure. Soon we were cuddling, then kissing, then she had her hand in my robe. I waited awhile although I was rock hard, we had another drink and I got really turned on by the dancers. One of the dressed girls was amazing. Not so much her looks, but how she moved. But at that time I committed to the girl I was with. When I was ready, we went in the back and fucked like crazy. She was wonderful – very tight and very willing. (With a condom of course.) While I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I didn’t come. We ran out of time. But I was very happy. When we walked back into the bar I saw another customer coming out with a girl that would be at least a 9 by anyone’s scale. Good place, highly recommended. I don’t remember what I paid, but I just remember it was reasonable.

Since it was still only midnight, I took a cab to a bar called “Barbarella.” There was a high entry fee, but rumor had it that this was a good place. It had loud Brazilian music and was crowded. Looked like a mix of tourists and locals, with a lot of VERY attractive young women dressed like they were out on the town. A lot of blondes, but almost any shade of skin and hair you’d like. (Turns out most of them were “available”.) I had a couple of drinks called “caipirinhas” – tasty, easy to drink and can knock you flat if you are not careful. I watched the dancers, couples dancing like any disco – but also some of the girls alone or on small stages. No stripping, but just good-looking women dancing erotically. I was sitting next to two young (18-20) blondes – they 8’s or better. They asked if I wanted to take them home for about $250 for both. I was tempted but since it was my first day in Rio, I had little sleep, and I’d drank too much – so I decided to pass. I went to the hotel and slept until 1pm.

The next weekend (I worked during the week), I took a cab to another termas – called Solarium. A little more expensive, but a very nice place. Kind of like going to a Hilton after staying at a Holiday Inn. Beautiful facilities, everything Luomo had, but cleaner and prettier. It has three floors I think. I changed to a robe and went to the second floor bar / disco area. There were around 8-10 girls in the bar and I’d say they were mostly 7’s or 8’s. More sophisticated looking than Luomo and many blondes. I stood at the bar so I would not get hooked by one of the girls. I wanted to watch awhile and then choose. After awhile I saw a blonde I liked so I called her over, bought her a drink, and tried to talk a bit. She spoke some English. Her outfit was a cross between a negligee and a bikini. Very sexy, she was 22 and looked like an 8 by my scale. Soon we when upstairs and fucked and sucked for nearly an hour. Wow Brazilian women are fantastic. Afterwards I had another drink and headed home.

Summary: I like the termas very much. Similar to the FKK clubs in Germany, but they serve alcohol in Brazil. On the other hand I really like the nudity at the FKK clubs (in fact, I wish they’d ditch the towels). I think the sex is better in Germany but the women in Brazil are wilder and enjoy themselves (and you) more. Rio is a better place to party. Despite how it sounded above, I think I had a better time at Luomo than at Solarium. Luomo was more relaxed and less formal. I would also recommend you check out Barbarella over Help. From what I could see there is no comparison. Anyway, if you get a chance – go to Rio. Great place. Beautiful women.

The two best places I went to in Rio were Termas Centaurros and Tremas L’oumo. Termas Cebtaurros wa the best in service and looks in women. The women there are either 9s or 10s. The hardest part is choosing which one. It is a bit pricier than the other termas though. It is R150 each women for 40 min and R200 each woman for 1 hour plus R50 for the room. You pay at the door an entrance fee of R90 plus your 40 min and room for the first session. They also serve drinks like capirinhas at the bar. If you look indecisive though, the girls do pressure you into having a double girl session. I had a few of these and they’re great but I couldn’t always aford it so at those times, I run to the room with the girl I chose. These girls give the best BBBJs ever. In the two girl session, they start off with one girl sucking my cock and the other sucking my balls. This was the ultimate blowjob experience especially with two talented and gorgeous women that one MUST try. My favorite was Priscilla, a tall blonde Portuguese woman and I chose another shorter blonde with a nice butt. Then after the excellent blowjob, you can give one girl cunnilingus and fuck the other then switch them. They also french kiss you as well. They make you wish you had two dicks that’s how good they are. It is a bit expensive but wort it. There are also over 30 women to coose from each shift. You’ll always find a good looking one.
The second best place I went to was Terma L’uomo. This is a less expensive terma than Centaurros but I rank te women about 7s to 9s. There are many women to choose from. The price for this club is R40 entrance, R50 for the room and R120 for each girl for 40 min and R150 for each girl for an hour. These girls also give good BBBJs and sex (with condom of course). Both of these places are great to satisfy one-eye willie from ruining your game at the real dance clubs while looking for a girlfriend.

Another good club is Terma de Monte Carlo. However, the girls are not so good looking during the week (about 5s or 6s) but look much better on Saturdays- about 8s or 9s (this terma closes on Sundays). The cost to get in is R30, R50 for a regular room for 40 min or R80 for a Jacuzzi room for 1 hour, and R80 per woman.

A terma for the budget pleasure seeker is the Terma de Copacabana. It is R61 for one half hour (everything included- room and girl). No entrance fee either. The girls here range from 5s to 7s and the rooms are flimsy. But hey, what do you want for $20 equivalence for a half hour.
I would stay away from the discotheques. The girls there just fuck and run. Some of them won’t even take showers since they are in a rush to get out of your room. They also ask for $100 US DOLLARS or R300. Some charge more but some you can talk down. They also refuse to give BBBJs. Another bad thing about discoteques is that most don’t have private rooms and you have to take them with you on a cab to your hotel and pay their cab back to the discoteque. Also not to mention the risk of theft of having the girl you hardly know over at your place where you have your passport and money. But if you must go to a discoteque, try the Barbarella discoteque or Help (after 2pm- if you come out too early, or too late, you get the bottom of the barrel. The discoteques open 11:30PM and closes 5:30 AM) These two discoteques have the best looking women 8s to 10s. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about them.

IMHO I have just as much fun at the discoteques Help & Barbarella as any other place. YMMV, but I go about 1am when the clubs are packed, and after I’ve spent the day playing or hook up at the beach or going to a Termas. I enjoy dancing and partying with the ladies first and never select anyone right away. I only go after 9-10’s, and never had anyone do a hit and run, in fact every lady I’ve ever taken out stays the night, fucks like crazy all night, and I’m kicking her out in the morning after a quickie so that I can go out to play again with some fresh new lady. ( I never do repeats.) I always negotiate and never pay more than $R200 max for the night. Perhaps you other gentleman are trying to hard at the disco’s because this has been happening with me from the start.

I have been there about 10 times, and each time enjoyed myself.

Help: Yes, I agree, one cannot be sure that the talent is always excellent. I depends on the time of day you go there. 1 to 3 am is best. The girls often speak English. Taxis outside Help are really ripoffs. But here is something that worked for me: give the girls you are with $10 and tell here that she should negotiate with the driver. Then they can go on in Portuguesa and work it out. Your damages are limited to 10 bucks.

Boite Holiday, also on Copacabana, towards the Rue Isabella end. This place can get VERY expensive. There are many very good looking girls there. Pretty much continuous strip action, sometimes lesbo show segments. Very well done. Guys get up on the dance floor and boogy with the often more than half-naked girls. But if you agree to buy a drink, then be careful. I had one girl there who I bought a drink. The waiter brings the bottle over and refills here drink several times. She does a personal strip for me (excellent!!!). I ask her to come to my hotel. She is willing. The bar charges me not only for here drinks, but also to take her off work before her shift is over. It cost me $200. But she came over to my hotel and fucked me like crazy all night long. All positions I could think of.

Scotch Bar: My favorite place. $15 cover, or so. Includes two drinks. (I always drink caipirinha-vodka. Need to be careful, though. These can hurt you.) Scotch Bar is a smaller place on Rue Isabella. One night I had a really attractive girl there for $20. The offered to come with me for $100, because she “loves Americans”. I decided to find out how low I could go, sort of as a sport. We negotiated for about an hour, during which she shoved by hand under her top and had me massage her (absolutely first-rate!) boobs, and during which she rubbed by cock from inside my pants. She stayed the night, too. $20 well spent. Another time a very attractive bronze-skinned blond with her own car managed to get me to take her to my hotel. We had French-kissed and fondled for about an hour before we left the bar. She spoke no English at all, and I do not speak Portuguese. How did we figure out the price? When we came to my hotel, we had the reception guy translate. Again, lots of negotiating. Got her for $50. She was WELL worth it. She did a quality job, too, even though she must have been disappointed with the money.

Another time I got to hump the manager of the Scotch Bar. She was responsible for scheduling the strippers. Had to fill in herself for the last half hour, because one of the girls had left. Since the manager and I had already made out extensively before she had to go on stage, her strip was amazing, because she basically made a show just for me, as a sort of foreplay for what was to come later. Then I took her to my hotel, and we went at it like a couple of animals for the rest of the night. I invited her to stay for breakfast, and she gave me her address and phone number. She wanted $50. What an incredible bargain! Any time I sit in a USA strip joint and wish I could bang the talent, I think back to this experience. It was like a dream come true.

Is it any wonder that Scotch Bar is my favorite? (By the way, this is also the only place in Rio where I have seen hetero sex as part of the show on stage. But they do not always do this part.)

You can also pick up a girl just by walking down the Copacabana during the night. Many of the talent tries to make eye contact. Often, the pros are not the only ones that do this. In the Ipanema Girl street bar I once picked up a girl (a real 10!), and I was convinced she was a pro. But the evening passed, we screwed, and in the end I did not pay. She wanted to meet again the next night. Alas, it was my last night in Rio for that trip.

Another time I picked up a not quite so pretty girl for a one night stand at the Ipanama Girl. This lady was a bit more heavy-set. But she was all the more appreciative. And she had a penthouse apartment on the Copacabana. Highlight: I did her from behind standing on the balcony, while she pointed out the Southern Cross constellation to me. Never thought astronomy could be so much fun.

Another good place to pick up regular girls is the disco Plataforma Uno. I have never been to a disco that was oozing sexual energy like this one.

Hotel: I like the Luxor. Relatively cheap, clean, and within walking distance to the Scotch Bar.

Food: All that night action makes a guy hungry. My recommendation: try one of the churazeria rodizio. All you can eat meat places, with incredible salad bars, and sides like fried bananas. You must try these!. Marius at Leme Beach is my favorite

The most beautiful girls of all Brazil “work” in Help Disco, initially they will require from you 70-80 US Dollars, but at 3.00 AM you can obtain everything with 30 US Dollars. You can find the same girls in the afternoon on Copacabana Beach in front of Othon Palace Hotel, here the business is easier and cheaper than in the disco

After an exhausting working week spent in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo (which keeps getting uglier and uglier) I had to relax a few days in Rio between the beach and the termas.

I approached Laura as recommended by Nana. Unfortunately Laura didn’t want to surrender her pretty ass so I said thank you and moved on.
Paola declares to be 21, although I bet she lies and seems more like 25 or 26. She is very nice, loves to talk and have some good conversation. She has a totally shaven pussy. Her tits are somehow revamped in that they show some scar signs, but still nice to see and fondle. She rimmed my hole very good burying her tongue inside it. While at it, she requested I put some fingers into her anal canal. I ended up with a (partial) anal fist. We went on fucking very hard, Paola likes it rough, she loves to be spanked on her cheeks and slapped in her face. I hate her asshole like an animal while biting hard her neck (ever seen those Discovery Channel programs where they show how lions fuck ?). She was into it so I savaged Paola brutally, at one point I inserted several fingers into her anal canal while my cock was already there, and shoved my other hand into her clam. This anal fuck was terrific and could only end by spewing my cream into her open mouth. I did Paola several other times in the following days and she always surpassed herself. She topped Luomo’s Samara as is now my favorite anal slut.

Did Estefan, a plumpy 24yr blonde. Extremely good conversationalist (we talked for almost 2 hours) but not as much in bed.

Met Raquel 24yr which I had done a few weeks ago, we were later joined by her stepsister Pámela who’s 19yr old, and went for a double. I did both assholes, Raquel clearly enjoys to be analed more than Pámela. I came into those little mouths.

Centaurus is located in Rua Canning 44 between Copa and Ipanema.
Meiacinco is in Rua do Rosario 65, downtown
Finally Monte Carlo is in Hilario de Gouveia, next door to right by Ocean Apartment Hotel.
Forget Help mostly “catracas” (ugly women), however music is very good.
Centaurus is supposed to have the best good looking girls, but I don´t go there because fo the not-so-relaxed atmosphere.

I had booked a room at the Oceano Copacabana Hotel because of its location. I inquired about bringing girls to the room and was told it would be cheaper to pay for a double instead of a “visitor’s” fee every time I had a guest. Well guess what? I paid for the double and the crappy hotel and the bitch at the front desk, Ivano, still charged me. In addition to that, the hotel sucked. The swimming pool was the size of two bathtubs and the A/C wasn’t A/C, but a cooling system that basically sucked. My view wasn’t of the beach but of the adjacent apartment building and the TV was about the same size as the airplane seat back screens. But nonetheless, I decided not to switch because I didn’t want the hassle and I didn’t plan to stay in the room that much anyway. However, when they bitched and moaned about bringing me more toilet paper, I had had it and upon leaving, decided to leave them with my calling card and I took a dump and used a towel and then hung back up the towel.  Don’t stay at this hotel.

I had emailed with Rio Escorts prior to arriving and had arranged to meet Geovana as she had been explained to me that she loved anal sex and would let me take photos. Great. I called and she was sent right over. About 30 minutes later the front desk called and sent her up. It wasn’t her. It was some cute but not the Geovana girl I had seen type that I was expecting. And then when I mentioned anal sex, she wanted to leave. Instead she called the office and I spoke with the lady there whom I had been speaking before. They also talked and then she agreed to anal sex. I told her only with photos or she could leave right now with no taxi money. She agreed to stay but made me agree not to show anyone the photos or post them on the internet. The photos are being developed now and will be posted soon. I really want to see if my cum dripping off her chin drips in a clockwise direction given that Rio is in the Southern Hemisphere. She was 24 and her name was Niva. Cute and GFE and took it up the ass but didn’t enjoy it. Who cares. She then tried to get me to pay 200 Real instead of the hour price of 150 Real and I refused. Overall she was nice and fun but the service did not live up to its promises. Do not use Rio Escorts. I was not off to that good of a start.
That night I had planned to visit the famous Centauras. Living up to it’s reputation, the girls were stunningly gorgeous but too pushy for my liking. I like to check things out and make a selection instead of being coralled by someone available at that moment. They also tried to pursuade me to take two girls, but the cost was high and I only wanted one. I blew off the pushy two and chose a 22 year old named Louisa. She looked like she just walked out of Playboy with a face 1/2 Vanessa Williams 1/2 J. Lo and a body like Pamela Anderson. Kind of bitchy at first but once in the room had a wonderful sweet personality. Already sporting wood, I had forgotten to inquire with her about photos and she flat out refused. I tossed the camera aside and she laid me back on the bed and thoroughly tongued my asshole then gave one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. We finished as I fucked her so hard yet she took every thrust with excitement. This girl was tremendous. Here is the first major difference between the girls in Rio and those in Thailand. The Rio girls will fuck you like there’s no tomorrow, while many times in Thailand you’ve landed an adorable cutie that is so sweet you want to keep her for life yet she’s not that experienced in the finer art of fucking. But given a choice, I would personally stay with Thailand for several reasons, many of which have nothing to do with sex.

Later that night I went to see Help Disco but wasn’t allowed in for wearing shorts. I grabbed a cab and went to Barbella. Another ripoff. Because I didn’t take a girl I ended up paying $18 for one coke. F that. Back to Help Disco with long pants now the place was jammed. Didn’t plan to take anyone but for people watching, it’s great. The girls dancing on the floor along with the world’s second worst dancer (I take first prize here) were fun to watch, yet a more hardened group of girls I’d say.
The next afternoon I was determined to do better. I went to Monte Carlo Termas and had a great experience. Chose a 20 year old named Tatiana. Took some good photos and and she rimmed me and I fucked all three holes. She gave great service and afterwards she gave me some “advice” about Help Disco. “Not go there, girl go there si prostitutes.” Thanks for that insight now lick my ass somemore Tatiana. The only downside to the place was having to listen to a bunch of ill informed Europeans complain about America yet there were wearing Reeboks and Nikes and drinking Jim Beam. What a bunch of dicks.
That night I returned to Monte Carlo and met up with a 19 year old named Laura. She was almost an identical twin to my Thai girlfriend except for the slanted eyes. I was stunned. She was doing the samba dance when I saw her. Her English was quite limited. In fact, I think she could only say “I want suck dick” and “You want fuckie bumbum?” I told her yes and off we went. She agreed to photos with no face in it and we fucked like animals. Her pussy was so tight that I stayed in there and didn’t explore her garage. I asked her how many times she had done “fuckie” that day and she smiled and said “4”. That’s one tight pussy. She suggested me to go to Solarium Termas the following day because it is one of only two open on Sundays. She was very sweet and I highly recommend Monte Carlo.

Leaving on Sunday I went to L’Uormo Termas and was there when they opened at four pm. I saw this incredible ass dancing it’s way toward me. I went for broke and asked if not if she did anal but if she loved anal sex. Her reply with a big smile was “yes, I love fuckie bumbum.” Off we went with my camera. Me and 20 year old Sarima, lover of ass fucking. Well, we’ll see or not. From what I’ve learned and garnered over my life time, I’ve been told that I’ve been blessed with a decent sized package. I was harder than Corca Vado when I entered this girl’s asshole. Then it happened. She went wild and fucked my silly. I was standing and first she was bent over the bed and eventually she was on her back on the bed while I still stood up. My cock was completely buried inside her asshole and my pelvic bone was slamming into her while my balls were slapping her twat. I pounded her for a solid 20 minutes and she was so loud yelling “oi, fuck my bumbum more oi oi”. She began to furiously rub her clit and soon came and when she came her entire body tensed up and I thought her asshole was about to rip my cock off but I kept fucking her harder and began spanking her ass. I pulled out and roughly pushed her down toward my cock and spewed my batter all over her face. She was licking it off and I noticed that she had stuck three of her fingers up her asshole and was finger fucking her asshole some more. This girl was insatiable and could have gone for round two but I was finished. The trip had concluded successfully with photos for everyone to see.

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