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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Lisbon (Lisboa)
Main Cities: Oporto
Population: 9,877,000 Area [sq.km]: 92,390
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Languages: Portuguese
Religions: Roman Catholic

There are lots of places to found sex in Porto, it depends of your taste and the money to be expended. First at all most of them don’t speak English, you have to know a little Portuguese or Spanish. Street whores are VERY CHEAP (1000esc/5 USD) for a BJ without condom, with 3500esc/16 USD you can have sex in every way you can think of, with or without a condom, but the quality is very bad, some are fat, ugly and old. You have to search a little to find a nice one.

To find top quality girls you may buy any newspaper or ask any taxi driver and you’ll have the time of your life, for 15000esc/ 70 USD (most expensive there is). The cab driver took to a house with 8 gorgeous girls (20 to 25 yrs old) they have special rooms with saunas and Jacuzzi, for more 10000esc/50 USD) you can take 2 girls and do whatever you want with them. For 70 USD they gave me the best BJ of my life (with condom) and sex for 2 hours in every position I asked.

I’ve tried 3 years ago a very good place and very cheap compare to Switzerland. 80 euro per night . The name ” the white elephant ” hundreds of nice girl you offer a drink you dance a little and you can return to your hotel or apartment with the girl. All taxi driver know this place.

I travel Europe and the only place I have been really let down was in Lisbon. Picked up a street hooker near the Liverpool Bar, big big mistake. The price was EUROS 150 for 1 hour, never got that long as she spent most of her time in the shower, talking of her children on the phone or in the toilet. Joking apart she had the hairiest pussy I have ever seen – never again, will watch a hotel movie next time.

I spent a few days in beautiful Lisbon lately. Following a strong suggestion of a friend of mine (“go there and only there, it’s the best place”) I went to ELEFANTE BRANCO. This is basically a disco-club filled of beautiful girls from Brazil, Eastern Europe and some locals. First night I really wanted to shag a Brazilian. I had this idea on my mind that a few hours with a shocking girl from Bahia would have restored my body, and my mind too.

So I went there, once again following my friend’s tip: ” go there late. If you go there at midnight you will find too many men competing for the best girls, but if you go there late, say after 2,30am, you’ll mostly find good bargains”. So I did. I showed up at almost 3,00am.

Around 35 girls were dancing and drinking. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The ugliest was a good 6, most were over 7. I went straight to the bar and started talking to a girl from Poland. I offered her a drink and had one myself. Like 5 euro per drink, quite cheap.

She was nice and funny, she said “I am from the Pope’s land but I am into sin!” and similar things. So we chatted for a good 20 minutes then she asked me if I wanted to go deeper with her. Why not? well, we can go to your hotel – she said – and stay there till the morning comes. We can do whatever we want for as little as 150 euro.

Baby, forget it, I went. 150 euro?? You mean 50! We had another drink and made negotiations in a very realized way. We closed at 70 euro. I had to buy a couple of condoms at the reception (just a way, for the club, to get another 10 euro) and jumped in one of the taxis waiting outside. She started to kiss me while in the car.

Five minutes on, and we were in my room. Another 5 minutes and I was eating her shaved pussy. We had a deep 69 where she showed me how to suck a dick properly. Then a put a condom and started to ride her from behind. I came after 5 minutes and she did the same or at least pretended well.

Had a shower together, a drink and she started to use her tongue on my dick. Oh God how good she was. We moved to penetration in a few positions, then she wanted me to get out of her, she took the rubber out and started to blow-job me until I came on her tits.

I was dead. She asked me if I wanted more, but I couldn’t almost talk. She left, not before leaving her mobile phone: call me in the afternoon if you want, she went. Useless to say, I did it. We had a tee at around 5 in the hotel lobby, then up to the room again. She stayed with me until 2,00am for 100 euro. Then she left to go to the Elefante Branco for some new business.

The day after I spoke to the concierge guy, and he told me that place is really the best in town. Not only you find gorgeous babes, but normally they are very friendly and make you feel a king. He also added that other clubs like Elefante Branco tip the hotel’s people to send customers there, but only Elefante Branco is the place to go to. The club is very famous that every taxi driver knows it. And generally the hotels have no problem to let you go upstairs with the girls.

There are many high class clubs in Lisbon, some names are (ordering from best looking girls to lower) Elefante Branco, Gallery, Night and Day, Hippopotamo Azul, Fontoria ect. At any of these clubs if your staying for a couple of days and want to visit these clubs more than once you should probably buy a bottle of whiskey or vodka or whatever you drink. It is much cheaper in the long run and you can use this bottle to serve drinks for the ladies. You must buy a lady a drink when she sits with you even if you don’t want to leave with her. Usually a bottle of John Walker Red Label is about 17000 ($85). Don’t fall into the trap of ordering champagne for the ladies, they all ask for it, but it is over priced and the women get commission on it. I think the only club that doesn’t allow the purchase of bottles is Elefante Branco, they only allow their regular customers to buy bottles. Usually these clubs ask for 5000 or 10000 ($25-$50) entry fee that can be used to buy drinks. However you should ask if you can purchase a bottle with the coupons they give you. Dress nice to these clubs because the better ones have strict door policies for customers. All cab drivers know these places and they are centrally located so transportation isn’t very expensive.

In the clubs most women start getting there around 10pm but you can go earlier and have dinner there, Gallery and Elefante Branco are actually very good places to eat. Elefante Branco is the fanciest and women are more expensive. The women here are mostly from eastern Europe and Brazil and they range from 7-10 and charge anywhere from 30000 to 60000 ($150 – $300) or more. However in the clubs everything is negotiated and if you buy champagne make them lower their price and negotiate what you want. I’ve never stayed with one girl all night so I don’t know how much that costs. This rate is usually for 1 to 2 hours. 99% of the girls have cell phones and you can ask them for the numbers so you can call in the afternoon and get cheaper rates.

At the Gallery the women are mostly Brazilian and they range from 8-10 and charge anywhere from 20000-50000 ($100 – $250). Never, never accept the first price always negotiate prices are not fixed. The other clubs I mentioned the women range from 6-8 and charge about the same prices as Gallery, maybe a little less.

The way it works is once you enter you are directed to a table and order drinks. The women are usually just hanging around, sometimes dancing on the dance floor and trying to make eye contact with you. When you see someone you like call her if you can or ask the waiter to call a girl for you. Once she comes you buy her a drink, make small talk, discuss what you want, her price and when you want to leave then you leave. YOU DON`T HAVE TO LEAVE WITH ANYONE IF YOU DON´T WANT. If you don’t have a hotel room then there are pensao (motel) across the street from Gallery with rooms for 2000-4000 ($10 – $20).

If you want to visit several clubs then Elefante Branco, Gallery and Night and Day are in walking distance. There is also one other club next door to Gallery but I don’t remember the name. My suggestion is Gallery. Personally I think the women are better and it is a little cheaper. Elefante is known as the best one in Portugal but I think its called has decreased in the past few months.

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