South Africa

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While I was visiting South Africa, I met a girl named Komisha. I invited her up to my room for some sex. She insisted that I take a shower first, so I did, but when I came out of the bathroom I found Komisha trapped on the bed. She could not get up because she fell on her hand.

South Africa, Pretoria, Sunny Side I know where to find the most beautiful girls for you, to make your stay an unforgettable experience. I started this as a low-budget type of accommodation, ZAR100/night (US$17). I furnished a few apartments in my block of flats and rented it out to travelers. Because many of these guys don’t know this area, they always asked me to find girls for them.

Because I have been publishing the Directory of Sex & Escort Services of Pretoria for the last 4 years, I have many contacts with the local clubs & escort agents. Face it, most clubs got 1 good girl and the rest are ordinary. But because I know them all, I can say I know where to find the best girls.

Most clubs in South Africa charge the same rate for all their girls. In the cheaper clubs, you pay ZAR 250/hour (US$42), the mid-class clubs charge ZAR 300 (US$50), the smart clubs charge ZAR 350 (US$59). You get what you pay for, but will I get you the best available for your budget.

Even so, I aim for the top end of the market. At the very top end of the market, there are real stunning girls (ex-models, ex-porn stars) who charge up to ZAR 1000/hour (US$167). You will never see them on the streets or even in the clubs. Many are work independently or on direct referrals only. My philosophy is : “Stay in a low-budget accommodation and save your money for a high-class girl.”

For Americans, these are ridiculously low rates. This is mainly due to the exchange rate between the ZAR and the US$ and not to the quality of the accommodation or the girls. The white South Africans girls are as beautiful as the Russian girls. But I think, with due respect, much better than the (also cheap) Thais, Filipinos and Latinas.

The apartments are not cramped little rooms like you get in most low-budget hotels. They are proper flats (37 square meters) with a separate bedroom, bathroom, sitting room and kitchen. Residential homes are spacious relative to European standards. This is especially nice if you stay for longer than 7 days, when you begin to miss the comfort of your own home.

R100 (US$17)/overnight, R625 (US$104)/week
1-bedroom flats (furnished, self-catering) + lock-up garages. Very private. Extras available on request!

I recently spent a few weeks in Durban on a short-term contract and had the opportunity to sample the local sex scene. Durban’s prostitution trade can be divided into 3 areas : High end – mainly white hookers who belong to “Escort agencies” or “Massage parlors”. Look in the telephone directory/yellow pages for numbers. Most are downtown along Smith/West Street. Better ones are Galaxy and Sonja’s. Fees are normally $30 to $40 an hour for a massage, blowjob and sex. Woman range from 5-8, maybe one or two 9’s. The places are very clean and safe. However, most of them will only blow with a condom and no anal sex and it’s quite mechanical when you fuck them. Low – these are the street hookers, located near the beach area, also on Smith street, Esplanade, West street, If you drive around downtown you will find them. Most Asian or African ladies who look terrible. Maybe you get lucky and find a decent one. Fees are usually between $10 – $15 an hour. They will usually blow without a condom and do anal if you ask – perhaps cost an extra $5. If you want a quick fuck or blow, then this is the way. Don’t go to their place – do it in the car or take them back to your flat/hotel. These ladies are desperate and will do anything for money. Mid-range – these are hookers who work in a private houses in and around town. You get all types – some really good-looking ones. Get a copy of the local newspaper – The Mercury or Daily News – they cost about $0.30. In the classifieds section, there are a couple of columns on escorts etc. Phone around and find what type of women they have, how many, the fees etc. Usually, a receptionist will answer the phone and give you all the details. They sometimes lie about the age of the girls or their looks, so when you arrive at the house, don’t be surprised if they all look like dogs. However, if you don’t like what you see, you can leave – there is no problem. There is usually a standard fee but when you arrive you can speak to any of the ladies privately, and you can negotiate with them. Usually about $25 will get you an hour which includes a blow without a condom, a massage, sex 2-3 times and most of them will allow you to eat their pussy (if you want that). The houses are reasonably clean and very safe. The house is usually rented or owned by their pimp, and the receptionist ensures that the ladies are not hiding any of their fees. I found a really great lady, early twenties, slim, black hair called Beverly (3038370) who was a great fuck. Since they usually have to give 50% of their fee to their pimp, you can sometimes phone them and arrange to meet somewhere else. Beverly, for the same fee, will spend a few hours with you and let you do what you want with her – anal, swallowing your cum. She brought a friend one of the times and did a genuine lesbian show – the girls fucked each other with a strap on dildo and I then got to fuck them both. Try also the following places (3037176) and (3093352) but the places close down after a few months and then open somewhere else, so the numbers might change. So I recommend this option as the best. However, you will need a car as many of the houses are just outside the city center. Hiring a car is easy, cheap and safe to drive. If you don’t want to drive them, going to the Escort agencies is your best option, but all you’re going to get is a straight fuck, nothing else.

Cape Town, South Africa’s main holiday resort with well over 1.2 million foreign visitors a year, is making plans to increase its share of the world tourism market by promoting the city as a world-class destination for sex.

A new marketing organization, Cape Town Tourism (CTT), was set up last year as part of an effort to halt the recent slowdown in the expansion of the tourist industry. Two weeks ago, CTT announced a new initiative-to advise visitors to the city about the services of prostitutes. The South African newspaper Sunday World greeted the announcement with the headline: “City to sell sex tourism”.

CTT’s manager Cheryl Ozinsky denied this to the BBC, claiming that “all we are doing is trying to manage an existing service”. She said that her office was drawing up guidelines, which would focus on fair conditions for those employed in the sex industry, hygiene checks and access to regular medical tests. This would assist the fight against AIDS, she claimed, as properly run sex tourism outlets would have to abide by the guidelines. The alternative, she continued, was to sweep the issue under the carpet and pretend that the sex tourism industry does not exist.

Ozinsky admitted she was unclear about the current legal position surrounding prostitution. In fact, prostitution in South Africa is a criminal offense, under Act 23 of 1957.

Nevertheless, Cape Town’s plan to promote the sex industry clearly has the blessing of both the provincial and national governments. CTT works closely with another recently established body, the Western Cape Tourism Business Council, which aims to achieve a partnership between the tourist sector and the provincial government.

The claim that the new initiative has anything to do with addressing the AIDS issue in Cape Town or anywhere else in South Africa, (where the epidemic is spreading faster than anywhere in the world), is the height of cynicism. About 3.6 million South Africans now carry the virus-one of every eight adults. A further 550,000 new cases are expected each year as 1,500 people become infected daily. Within three years, almost a quarter million South Africans will die annually from AIDS. The figure is predicted to reach half a million per year by 2,008.

AIDS is a gigantic medical and social problem, which is not being seriously addressed by the ANC government. The millions of AIDS sufferers in South Africa have been effectively abandoned. For these people, there is no help, no proper treatment, no counseling. Families are devastated; children are left without parents.

Without any campaign to educate the population about the epidemic, all kinds of backwardness exists. Some AIDS sufferers believe that sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure their condition, and in some schools in KwaZulu Natal girls as young as six are subjected to “virginity tests”.

Under the apartheid regime, rich South African tourists had to travel to Mozambique and Swaziland to seek out the services of prostitutes. Today, there is no shortage of prostitutes within the country. With an unemployment rate of more than 30 percent, desperate poverty is driving women and young men into the sex industry in all the big cities. A recent survey in Pretoria found that more than 50 percent of prostitutes there carried the AIDS virus.

In Cape Town, where more than 600 children sleep rough on the streets every night, there has been a huge increase in the sexual exploitation of children. Last year, a conference in the city organized by the Network Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children was told that numerous sexually exploited children were coming to Cape Town from other parts of South Africa. The conference co-coordinator, Bernadette van Vuuren, said, “We have seen the whole continuum developing, from parents pimping their children for money, to sophisticated gangs prostituting children.” She said, “We need to look at how we can prevent South Africa from turning into a sex tourism destination.”

CTT’s announcement indicates that they and the government have taken the opposite view. Last week, President Thabo Mbeki was in Washington meeting with American businessmen, urging them to invest in South Africa. In offering his country as a production platform for the international corporations, he has also to be mindful of their leisure requirements. The aim of CTT is to create an “AIDS free zone” where international tourists and businessmen can be assured they will run no risk of being infected with the deadly AIDS virus.

From Bristol and visited extended family in South Africa. Spent a week in Johannesburg and 2 weeks in Cape Town. There are many so-called escort sites, some very dodgy while others had girls that looked like they fell off a Victoria’s Secret catalog (clearly bait and switch scam sites so be advised).

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