Sri Lanka

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Visited Sri Lanka for business a few months ago and found some addresses with local girls at your service for pretty reasonable prices:

Try the Green Inn on Galle Road near the junction with Vajira Rd in Bambalapitya. When you go up the stairs from the side-entrance you’ll come to a room with about 10/15 girls waiting to help you with whatever needed, ranging from a massage with hand job, a great blow-job to full service for about Rp. 3000.- (USD 40.-). Tried a cute Singhalese girl first who was really not worth the extra money she demanded for every extra service, then had a great encounter a few days later with a big older mama who lovingly massaged me, got me all set with her mouth and finally helped me to get off by lowering herself lovingly on top of me…. Good experience and very much worth the money + some extra…. The place is open from 9AM-18PM

In Unawatuna – apart from some freelancers – the only regular place seems to be the Colonial Holiday Villa, a rather rundown old hotel on The Strand not far from the Galle Main Rd. Only 2 girls available ; Bargained the price down to only Rp 1250 (USD 17) for about an hour with the sweet younger one, about 20 years old and very dark-skinned. Had quite enjoyable sex, unhurried and pleasant, the girl a little shy but eager to please.

The same girl will also come to your hotel in her own time (at night) if you can arrange this through a taxi-driver. She will stay about 3 hours and will only charge about Rp 1000.- ; didn’t have time to try but seems a more relaxed setup.

Colombo – Ambassador Club
The scene for “jiggy-jiggy” in Colombo is just barely passable. A stable recommendation is the Ambassador Club. It is a duplex penthouse apartment located in the Liberty Plaza apartments – part of the Liberty Plaza Complex near Galle Road. At the front of Liberty Plaza you will see an HSBC Bank ATM. Follow the stairs down to the elevators to the apartments (don’t get confused with the shopping center!), which will have a guard standing by. Nod politely to him and go up to the 7th (top) floor – there will be a guard in the elevator as well who – if you are a foreigner – will know right where you are going. Once you get out of the elevators, there will be another guard (don’t be intimidated, they are really okay). Just go to the left and you will see a gold placard on a door saying “Ambassador Club.” Just ring the doorbell and someone – usually the bouncer guy – will let you in. The benefit of all this security is obvious – the police won’t come barging in during your session and they can obviously afford to pay for lots of protection!

There are two types of product available at Ambassador – local Lanka girls and Russian girls. The Lanka girls are usually lounging lazily on the couches and the Russian girls are usually grouped at the bar chatting. There is often a mama-san who is sitting at a small desk near the stairs to the lower rooms. You can feel free to sit down wherever you want… one of the girls may approach you to ask you if you want a drink or a girl. You can order a beer or coke – price is high but not a total rip-off.

The number of girls available really varies. Ambassador is supposed to be open 24 hours, but I think the best time to go is either late afternoon (you will get part-time girls who are working after school/work) or mid evening (the regular crowd). I once went during holiday season and there were only 4 low-quality girls because all the other girls had gone off.

I usually like to chat with the girls. If you see a girl you like who is across the room, just mention it and they will bring her over. I usually like to ask which girl is fresh/new. I also like to ensure that I am not getting a girl who has had a baby. Most of the regular girls are working to feed a family, so beware of potential stretch marks.

Once you have made your selection, tell the girl you are ready to go with her. She will then call the mama-san and you will be asked to pay. The prices are “fixed.” SLR3000 for Lanka girls and SLR6000 for Russians. All prices are for short time… once you cum, you are done. DO NOT ask the papa-san/bouncer about prices… he will test your ignorance and quote you SLR5000/SLR8000 and keep the extra SLR2000 for himself if you accept. Always talk to the mama-san and just hand over SLR3000/SLR6000 depending upon your choice. (All nighters/take out is possible as well, but costs USD150 for Lanka girls and USD250 for Russians. Forget it! You will not get this option if you are new.) I also saw some poor Indian guys getting fleeced for USD100 for a Lanka girl… first time I saw somebody ripped off more than a Caucasian!

If you have selected a Lanka girl, she will take you to one of the downstairs rooms. There are about 5 short time rooms – none of which have locks (for the safety of the girl, so they say). She will prop a table in front of the door. You can then strip and take a shower in the bath… make sure the girl does the same (freshness is important). Don’t expect anything too thrilling… the girl will just lay down on the bed and wait for you to poke her. Condom policy is quite strictly enforced… if you can bring some lube it makes things go smoother! The girls are usually accommodating. In the baths of the Lanka girls I always see the toilet full of condoms, so just keep in mind that this is a volume business! I have never gotten a decent blow job and sometimes like to blow my load onto the girl’s chest if she has a good pair of tits. Since Lanka girls are very dark-skinned, a blow of white cum looks great! Oddly the Lanka girls never seem to expect a tip…

If you have selected a Russian girl, there is definitely a better environment. You will be taken to the large well air-conditioned room next to the bar. This room is exclusively for Russian girl use and has a bigger queen-size bed. My friend took the newest Russian girl and had a really great time with her… he came back the next night and had her for a second round. Generally the longer they have been around, the less service-oriented they will be. Once you are finished you will generally need to clear out in order to free up the room. You can wait in the lounge or just go on your way.

There is also a Club to the right of the elevators on the 7th Floor. Will try it next time. Also have heard of a similar place on the 4th Floor, but no exact verification of its location (with 20 units/floor, you just can’t knock on doors, can you?) ENJOY!

Colombo – Sellamutu
A hit-or-miss possibility is the Moon Night Club on Sellamutu. Go to the Hotel Renuka, follow Sellamutu Lane down to the beach and MNC is in the alley behind the Tropicana Beach Hotel. MNC has 5-6 Chinese girls on staff, offering either massage or full service. It is supposed to be open 24 hours, but I have only visited in afternoon or evening.

Massage is SLR2500 and full service is SLR5000. Fairly fixed price. You can take the girl back to your hotel or use the upstairs rooms.

Quality of the girls varies… definitely skewed towards the older side in age. But the girls I have had were quite good… nice blow job and quality shag. Condom required. If the service is good, you should give them a few hundred SLR as tip.

Another possibility in the same area. In the evenings, there are usually guys in the dark doorways along Sellamutu Lane who will whisper to you “do you want a girl?” Don’t be afraid to listen to them. These guys are freelance guides and will take you by tuk-tuk to any nearby lady house. I went once with one of these guys… he took me to a run-down brothel up the beach with fairly run-down girls. They expected me to pay SLR6000 and I told them to fuck off… ended up taking a girl for a still expensive SLR3000 – much more than the SLR1000 that a Lanka guy would pay but wanted to blow my load and get out.

On the way back the guy wanted a tip. I gave him SLR200 and told him to be happy. The tuk-tuk driver got SLR100 to bring me back to my nearby hotel.

The final possibility in this little area is the guys hanging out in front of the building on the corner opposite Hotel Renuka. My friends and I were returning one night from MNC and they asked us if we wanted girls. We feigned interest and they took us down the alleyway, where 3 girls came out of the shadows. Had I not been shagged out, I might have given it a try. They quoted a price of SLR2500, but would have surely accepted SLR2000. I would be tempted to ask them to bring a girl back to the hotel for a video session!

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