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Studio of Massage
On 9th st south.
They ask for $35 upfront. After the massage they will ask if you want any thing else. $100 for full sevice, $80 for oral and $40 for hand. The girls here are ave-good looking, friendly. they also do out call for $100 upfront.

Tokyo Massage
On 10th ave south.
For one reason or another they are getting expensive, the last time I went there they wanted $200 upfront, which incluse full body shampoo and massage. Then they ask for $100 more for full service. Like I said that the last time I went there. The girl are avg-ugly looking and are pushy.

I just had the wonderful opportunity to visit Tokyo Massage 2 weeks ago and as in the past, it was very wonderful. Mimi is the 1st lady of choice, Ann is also very special. First thing you get is a body shampoo that can’t be missed. They wash in all of those special places and make sure they are extra clean. Next comes a very good massage. The massage alone justifies the trip to Tokyo Massage. Mimi works you over top to bottom on your backside, first with a firm massage and then a feather touch massage that will drive you mad. Especially when she accidentally touches inside your thighs. Once you turn over, then the massage gets very specific and its a mind blower. For this much massage and body shampoo, it costs you $100.00 for an hour. Then for an additional $20.00 for hand, $40.00 for a mouth massage and $80.00 for the whole enchilada, you can’t go wrong. Be discrete and treat these ladies like ladies and you will get a fantastic experience you won’t forget soon. It’s my favorite place to go when in Montana and I’ve tried them all in Great Falls and in Billings

Touch of Class
On 11 Division Rd # 5
$45 for an hour, $100 for full, $120 for half and half, friendly and talkative.

After reading the MP reviews, I thought I would set something straight. The are three MP’s that are jointly owned in Billings, Montana, Great Falls, Montana and Casper, Wyoming that all go by Tokyo Spa (or Sauna). The girls rotate between parlors, and are mostly from Korea or Japan on temporary work visas, so don’t expect to see the same girl in six months. I have gotten full
service at ALL of these MP’s. At times there is only one girl available, but generally at least two are around. You don’t necessarily have to take the girl that meets you at the door. Girls are mostly in their 20’s, but range in age from barely legal to 35 or so.

I had one very young girl at the Billings parlor on her first night at the MP (or in-country for that matter). I have spent time in Korea, and spoke with her in Korean (limited vocabulary, but enough to make her smile). She told me she had been instructed to do whatever the customer wanted, and I was her first customer. I told her I wanted sex. She pulled off her short dress and
panties, and crawled up on the table and started straddling me (without a condom). I asked her if she was going to get a condom, and she
said, “oops,” and ran over to a table to get one. I asked her if she had done this before, and she shyly said no, only once with her boyfriend in Korea before she took this job and came to the US. Turned out this girl hadn’t worked in clubs or anything, and I was going to be the second guy to bop her.

Well, sometimes an opportunity falls into your lap you just can’t pass up. I asked her to go sans condom, and she agreed. It was hard to get my cock into her tight snatch to start with. I don’t think her boyfriend had completely opened her because she bled a little at first when I popped in. I did her in about every position imaginable. God, she was tight. I even shoved my cock into her virgin ass (with the help of baby oil squirted up her butt) and finally came inside her there. Even though it was obvious she was sometimes in pain, she was caressing me and trying to kiss me through the whole experience. I was there with her for well over an hour, and nobody bothered us or tried to hurry me. She hadn’t even brought up the subject of money
beforehand, but I gave her $100 tip, and she gave me a kiss. Now, that was a girlfriend experience. When I came out of the MP, the mamasan had washed and dried my car. I gave her a $10 tip. Talk about great service!

So the question in the MP review on the Tokyo Spa of whether you can get full service…is a resounding YES. In the Tokyo Spa in Great Falls, I had a double one night, where one girl gave me a BJ and I balled the other. Tips have ranged from 80 to 180 for full service, depending on the girl(s).

California Massage Studio
321 South 2411, St. West Billings, MT 406/656-6669. Rates: $30 1/2 hr, $35 3/4hr and $40/an hr. Tips are accepted. Small American staff but there are some very cute girls, usually in 20’s. No Jacuzzi, whirlpool, showers but the full body massage customers get is supposed to be terrific. by Rimrock Mall. Directly across from a Mexican restaurant and the mall parking lot and no appointments are ever necessary.

Shangri-La Spa
1291 Weil St. Billings, MT 406/256-1147 Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. American and Oriental girls, usually about 3-4 a shift. Sauna and hot springs spa available and no appointments are necessary but they are hard to get on the phone. Customers get a body shampoo before a full body massage and manual and oral is available for tips around $30 to staff with. Take the Mullowney exit off 1-90 West and go past a Holiday Inn and Ramada Inn and turn left at Holiday Ave. Go two blocks to the end of Holiday Ave and take a left onto Weil St. They have a large sign on the third building on the right and aj open 24 hrs a day, 7 days.

Sunset Bay
I went to Billings, Mt for a business trip. Went to a couple of massage places and walked out because they were overpriced old hags. Although I did go to Sunset Bay and had a awesome rub down by two HOT young babes. Boy did they know how to have a good time. Nothing like eating some young juicy pussy while I’m having my fat cock sucked. The girls like it any way you want to give it to them. They are hot and horny and ready to give good service! I really liked there attitudes. All those girls at sunset bay have good personality and treat the men very well. I had the best time I’ve had in a long time and cant wait until I can go back for some more fun. one thing is for sure, they know how to give a GOOD rub down, rubbing in all the right places!

Tokyo Sauna
1810 First Avenue North Billings, MT 406/252-2429 Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr he This place is a rarity as it’s an all Oriental establishment. It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has a sauna steam room, hot tub and Jacuzzi. Customers can get a full body massage here from the girls, most of whom are attractive but a little shopworn and seem to have worked other places before landing here. Extra tips can bring both manual and oral service but no reports of full service action. Accept all major credit cards and walk-ins are welcome. No appointments are ever needed here and this place accepts all major credit cards. Take the 27th St. exit and they are nine blocks east of the Sheraton hotel.

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