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Freylinhuysen Ave. near the Elizabeth border (near the McD’s) you can usually find street action. Most of the girls are addicts and are pretty ugly but you occasionally run across younger, pretty girls that are just out for some extra $$ (they don’t look like they’re addicts yet, but you get the feeling that’s the only reason they’re out). You gotta move quick – they’re usually a lot of other guys out cruising and if you think about it too much – she’ll get picked up

Look in the newspaper under “massage.” Found a place in a house out in a neighborhood not too far from the airport. Sorry, I didn’t save the address, and it didn’t have a name. Two girls working. Had a tall, thin, honey-skinned girl.
$60/hr. $80 tip f/s.

After Dark, on/off Rt.21N in Newark near the Belleville border. Dark, kinda sleazy bar but great action. Usually a $2 cover charge and drinks are average (about $4 for an import). The girls vary, some downright homely, but many are 7-8’s. Some of the best and cheapest lapdances around. Girl will grind you raw, for just a few bucks every once in a while. Also have heard of “side action” from some of the girls after they leave the bar if they like you (and you are a good tipper).

Sorry I don’t have the exact address – it’s downtown in the center of Newark. Used to be posted on another website of strip clubs.

Anyway, it’s worth searching out. Unusual format. Small stage that get’s almost no action. Rather, the only seating is along the bar, and the girls walk up and down the bar dancing for you, showing their boobs, and expecting about a dollar for it. Some stick around and give good contact. Still, they don’t seem to expect alot of money. Surprising.

One Hispanic woman named Francie, had a charming way of backing up to me (standing at the bar), expertly unzipping my fly, reaching in, and bringing out the old boy. I really thought we were going to be doing it right there in public. But no. A pleasant surprise.

Also, I met a delightful Brazilian woman named Paula, and exchanged phone numbers. We kept in touch for some time. Short with dyed blonde hair, enhanced body parts, and very little English. Very nice girl.

Top Spot

Full Body/Full Service Intersection I-280 & Sussex Ave Newark, NJ 973/466-3200
Rates: $30 1/2hr, $40/40 min, $50/an hr plus tips. Fairly clean. Oriental spa, about 2-3 cute but not spectacular girls in 20’s to early 30’s a shift. Some give a very good quality Accupressure massage. OK for some basic sexual fun, the girls do not try and get too much in tips in return for their services. 7 days, 9a-12a.

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