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A New U
Oriental/Full Body 16 Bank St. Morristown, NJ 973/984-0309. Rates: $50 1/2hr, $60/an hr. Modern, ultra-clean place, 6 large massage rooms. Each room has a padded table, a chair, a clothes rack, piped in music. You can definitely get a hand release for tips in $40 range but this can also include a prostate massage for no extra cost. 3-4 girls on duty.

Asian Massage Therapy

0riental 135 Washington Street. Morristown, NJ 973/927-7200. Rates: $40/an hr, plus tips. Very good oriental massage parlor, which has about 4-5 cute girls Chinese girls. Basic rates get a customer a nice shower and bathtub hand wash but tips in $40 range can also get a very sensuous manual release. Oral and complete service may also be available. Located across the street from an A&P market and they have their own parking in back as well as meter-less street parking in front. There is a front door street entrance and they, are located on the first floor.

Morristown Massage

Number 9 Washington St.
Morristown, NJ
$50/50 minutes. Basic low keyed massage parlor. Place has 3 small cubicles and a bathroom and you get a massage and manual for the basic rates and a $20 tip. Friendly, not pushy, while there are only a small amount of girls, 2 a shift, they range in age from late 20’s to early 30’s says writer Jon Sheen who has been at this place several times. You are buzzed in from a small reception desk and customers are given a code number. Standard but satisfying if you are looking for nothing more than an inexpensive manual release.

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