Port Harcourt

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Basically, anywhere in Nigeria you will find willing girls. I was working about 60 miles north of PHC, in a remote oil installation, staying in an accommodation camp which had a small bar.

Most evenings several girls of 18 to 25 years old would hang around outside the camp hoping for a foreigner to pick them up. Otherwise there are several ‘bush bars’ where you will get many pushy girls asking to sit with you and have a drink. Many are just looking for a comfortable place to sleep for the night, but will be happy to have sex. In the morning they will leave and be happy if you give them a gift of the Naira equivalent of 5 to 10 dollars.

For the first two weeks I sampled about 5 different girls, before I found my ideal girl who is light brown skinned and a superb fuck. However, if a girl stays with you more than twice, they then consider themselves your permanent girlfriend, and start asking for more money for clothes, accommodation etc., although where else can you get a beautiful girl who will stay with you and satisfy you every night for less than 100 dollars a week!

The Nigerian girls are generally very active, responsive lovers who enjoy sex. There are no prudish hang-ups and many of them are very pretty. Be careful though, because most of the girls are happy to fuck you without condom .

Also, if you stay with one girl for a few weeks or so, and then want to finish with her, many will demand a ‘pay-off’ which can amount to a thousand dollars or more. Luckily I have not had that problem although I kept the same girl for several months, but regularly sampled a few of the others just for variety

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