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Pine Tree
835 Keeaumoku St. #102B
(808) 955-2828/951-6969
Open 24 hours
North of Ala Moana Shopping Center & south of King St.
between Rycroft St. and Liona St., on the east side
It’s in a run down looking Korean plaza in the very, very back. If you can find a path that leads you toward an area that looks like a dark carport just keep going in.

Milky Way (formerly Sakura)
1344 Young St.
(808) 591-0669
Open 24 hours
between King St. & Beretania St.,
Near the intersection of Young St. and Keeaumoku St., just west of Keeaumoku St.
It’s in an apartment/motel looking building, there’s parking in the back.
$50 for the house and $100 ~ for the girl (they seem greedier than girls on Mainland).

New Rainbow 7
350 Ward Ave.
(808) 591-9180
Open 24 hours
between Ala Moana Blvd. and Queen St., on the west side

Sophia Sauna
1350 S. King St.
(808) 597-8075
Open 24 hours
just west of Keeaumoku St.
enter from north side through Young St.

New Tokyo
435 Atkinson Dr. 2nd Floor
(808) 947-3660
Very close to Ala Moana Shopping Center and Honolulu Convention Center.
Across from Ala Moana Hotel on the east side

Smile Spa
754 Ilaniwai St. 2nd Floor
(808) 593-8500
Open 24 hours
West of Ward Ave. and just south of Queen St.
closer to Cooke St., on the north side

China Spa
825 Keeaumoku St. 2nd Floor
(808) 942-0858/942-0928
Open 24 hours
North of Ala Moana Shopping Center and south of King St.
near Rycroft St. on the east side, above Crystal Palace and across from HMSA Building

Evergreen Relaxation
1687 Kapiolani Blvd.
(808) 945-7779
Open 24 hours
On the corner of Kapiolani Blvd. and Atkinson Dr., behind 7-Eleven

Mika Relaxation
1700 Kalauokalani Way
(808) 946-1333
Open 24 hours
Near the corner of Kapiolani Blvd. and Kalakaua Ave., north of Kapiolani Blvd.
south of Makaloa St. & west of Kalakaua Ave.

King Massage
1507 South King St Suite 101
open 24 Hours
Between Kaheka St and Kalakaua Ave
1/2hr $40.00 1hr $50.00 tip $150.00 fs

I have several places where I often go to: Fuji’s Relaxation and Rakuen are located on Young Street. New York EZ Relaxation and Pine Tree Relaxation are located on Keeamoku Street.

All places listed have an entry fee of $50 for an hour service. Majority of these places are staffed with Asian women. Sometimes you may find a few non-Asians but Asian women make up the majority. In these places you will get a body shampoo followed by a body massage. EXTRAS are available at a price. Watch out—the girls will try to get the most they can from you. You may be quoted a price of $120 to $150 (some girls may even ask for $200). Always negotiate. I usually pay $100 for every thing. She goes down on me and I go down on her. I eaten some good pussies –really wet and sweet! And when I am all fired up I fuck with them. Some are tight, real tight and know how to squeeze your cock wit their pussies.

For some fun and sex, drop by one of these places. If you don’t see a girl that turns you on, go to another place. Within these four places, I am sure you will find one that you would like to get it on with. Remember, negotiate and get the best possible price. As I had mentioned, I usually pay $100 for everything ( these girls think they are worth their weight in gold and will try to squeeze you for high price. Just stick to your guns, “I only brought $100.” She’ll accept it and tell you next time bring more money! Have a good time and enjoy

I miss the Lollipop (behind Stargazer) The girls there gave the nastiest lap dances….the last time I was home,I went to Misty II. Jessica gave me a reminder of the old days…tell me ur stories!

Waikiki this month was dead as far as really hot girls goes. And Waikiki is known for it’s high caliber freelancers. Well, I guess it depends on your taste. I know it’s a rip-off (too expensive) to do these girls but I have had some great lays in Waikiki in the past. But while I was there recently (late May to mid April) the girls were a mix of skanky blondes and brunettes from Vegas and LA hoping to make money off some big spending Japanese tourists. I passed on these ho’s. Instead I went to a Viet “exotic dancer” bar across from the convention center and met a cute and nasty viet girl and had her after closing time for $100 f/s.

The best girls are at Oriental Relaxation, close to Waikiki. Mostly young Korean girls. You can ask the mamasan to see ALL the girls and they will one by one walk within view for you top check them out and make a choice. I paid $80 for a great handjob. I had to bargain her down from $100.

went to Honolulu for 3 days Bussiness trip. I came across a sigh said “relaxization” on Eim St.
I paid $50 for Mana-san and Coffy baby showed up.
$150 for fascinating FS. I fiddled with her high-end body.

I didn’t have a car or a good map of the area, so I relied on the phone book escorts. I actually had to make an appointment! (all mainland activities of this type had always been eager to come over whenever I said). Was looking for young Asian girl, long hair. Got 2 out of 3: she wasn’t so young. However, she was very friendly. We talked about a lot of things, including rather deep, philosophical things. Nevertheless, I hired her for a reason, and I really had to talk her into the perfunctory HJ I received. While I got the desired result, it made me wonder if I should have picked up the blond streetwalker I’d seen earlier in the evening. This episode was months ago, and I don’t recall what the price was, but I do recall that it was too much, and too much effort for a HJ.

I just spent 5 days in Waikiki… There seems to be a very active sex worker scene here. All the hookers that I saw were escort quality (with escort prices too!). $300 for FS.

The circuit that they seem to hang out on is along Kuhio Ave. and also on Kailauni Ave.

If you’re staying in one of the nicer hotels in Waikiki you will not be able to bring a girl into your room (hotel security keeps an eye on things). But the girls have their own room that you can go to.

What’s interesting is that the police in Hawaii do not hassle the girls. One of the girls told me that as long as they respect the police, the cops will leave them alone.

Sun Spa
On Lower Main street. $60 1/2 hr. + $100 hj, $160-$200 FS.

Pearl City Relaxation still in business? If so, go and see Miya. A bit chunky but will give you that GFE (girlfriend experience) The punani is sweet and tasty. Better than spending all your $$$ at the KBs downstairs for nothing at all.

Far East Relaxation
1901 Kapiolani Blvd #105A (808) 944-9665
You won’t be disappointed. The one and only time I checked this place out was a few weeks ago. I saw an ad in the Pennysaver and choose this place because of the gorgeous women in the ad. I called ahead and asked if those girls were available. The woman that answered said no but there were several oriental girls there that looked just as good. I figured why not at least check it out, so I did. When I got there the woman who was in charge asked me if I had been there before. I said no and she told me that there was a $40.00 charge for a body shampoo and “”anything else”” would need to be negotiated with the girl I selected. I said I wanted to see the girls and she said there were only two girls there at that time. One was with a customer and the other was in a room right next to the front door. She knocked on the door and this gorgeous Korean woman in a short mini came out and said hello. She then asked me if I wanted to go with her and I said “”absolutely””!

She led me to a room which contained a king sized bed. The room was very neat and clean. She then told me to get undressed. She explained that this was not a massage parlor. It was a “”relaxation”” facility. She also explained that she was going to give me a shower massage to help me relax and then I could come back to the room and “”relax”” on the bed. She then instructed me to take off all my clothes. I did so and she led me down the hall to a tiled bath. There was a padded table there which she proceeded to rinse with warm water I assumed so that it would not be cold when I lay down on it. She told me to lie down (face down) and then wet me down with the hand held shower massage. She then proceeded to wash me down thoroughly from head to toe. It felt great, especially when she ran her soapy hand up and down my ass crack. She then asked me to turn around and face upward and began washing my front side, paying close attention to my now rock hard cock! After the shower, I dried off and followed her to the room with the bed. She told me to lie down and relax and left the room. After a few minutes, she came back and lay down next to me on the bed and asked me what I had in mind. I told her that I was hoping to make love to her and began stroking her long black hair. She said it would cost $200.00 and I balked a little saying that I only had $200.00 to begin with and gave the woman $40.00 of that. She thought for a while and said it would be ok for $160.00. I said great and handed her the money. She left the room again and came back in a few minutes with two hand towels. She turned the lights down low and I asked her to turn it instead up brighter so that I could see her pretty face. She did and then got on the bed and I began taking off her dress. What an incredible body! I had forgotten what a 25 year old looked and felt like! Silky smooth skin, perfect firm breasts (no effects of gravity here boys!), gorgeous toned legs, an ass to die for and the sexiest pussy! Very little pubic hair. It tasted as sweet as it looked! ХХХХХХХ incredible!

She reached over to one of the towels she had brought in with her and took out a condom. She put it on my throbbing cock and used the towel to wipe the lubricant off the condom. She then looked into my eyes with her beautiful doe like eyes and proceeded to suck my cock better than I’ve ever had it sucked! Not wanting to come just yet, I pulled her away and she straddled me, slowly lowering her super wet pussy onto my aching cock. Her pussy was tight, hot and wet! I began fondling her ample breasts and then her perfect ass as I sucked her erect nipples. I marveled at how beautiful she was and wished she were mine!

Her moaning became louder and more urgent as she increased the speed of her thrusts. I could tell she was going to come soon. She ground her pubic bone into mine furiously and grabbed onto my pecs. She moaned loudly and came hard! Her body convulsed and I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock as she climaxed! I held her for a while as she slowly caught her breath. My cock was still rock hard as I turned her on her back and mounted her in the missionary position. We fucked for a while like this and she even let me kiss her deeply. By now I was hopelessly in love! We finished off in my favorite position, doggie style! I could barely hold off my orgasm as I watched my cock thrust in and out of her sweet little pussy. I fingered her precious little ХХХand buried my cock to the hilt, exploding in an incredible orgasm!

After I caught my breath and gathered what few brain cells I had left, she walked out of the room, returning with a warm wet towel, cleaned me off and lay down next to me. Lying in my arms, I stroked her silky hair and dozed off to the feel of her warm sweet breath on my skin. Alas, like all good things, this dream session too had to end. The mama san knocked on the door and announced that my time was up. All I could think about was her for weeks. I fought very hard to stop myself from going back! It was that good! So good that I know I’d become obsessed and spend my last dime there! So anyway, if you are lucky enough to be there at the right time when this babe is working, I promise, the memory of her lovemaking will remain with you forever!

Fuji’s Relaxation
Young Street.
$50 Hr.  Asian women make up the majority. You will get a body shampoo followed by a body massage.

FUJI’S Located on Young Street: I visited Fuji’s no less than 30 times since the ownership had changed. The 4 out of the last 5 visits was the best. I had a girl called Ching-Ching. She’s about 5’5″, weigh about 120 lbs., small but firm breast.

The fee is $50 and the tips can vary from girl to girl. Usually $100 is enough but most girls would ask for $120 – $150. For Ching-Ching she refused anything less than $150. This is the first Chinese (from China) girl I’ve met in this type of establishment. Many places tell you they have Chinese or Japanese girls but when they send the girls in, they are usually Korean or Viet Namese girls. One time they tried to past of a Fillipino girl off as a Japanese girl (the girl told me she was Fillipino).

Getting Ching-Ching a Chinese girl was like a dream to me. She first asked me to undress and then led me into a room where I layed face down on a padded vinyl covered table which is about 28″ high. She soaped me from my shoulders down to my toes. She paid a little more attention to my lower buttocks dipping her hand down to stroke my balls for several seconds then moved her hand to my upper inner thigh for several seconds then back to my balls. I spread my legs a little further outwards and she now cups my balls in her hand and start to massage it. After my sac tightens she removes her hand and start to rinse me down.

She then tells me to turn over. My cock is hard and standing like a light pole. She soaps my chest and arms and work down to my navel and soaps my belly button. I stretched out to touch her crotch, she didn’t protest so I slipped my finger into her panties and played with her lips. She moved he legs apart giving me better access. She then brushes my cock as she moves down to my thighs, and down to my toes again.

When she’s over with my foot, she returns to my mid body and ask if she could touch my cock. How can I say no! It’s hard!! She strokes it several times then rinses me down and tells me to come off the table as she continues to rinse me down. She then towels me dry and leads me back to the where I had undressed earlier. She tells me to lie down on my tummy and she’ll be back shortly.
When she returns, she undresses and straddled my lower back then starts to massage my neck and shoulders. She then wants to know what else do I want. I tell her I want a complete job. She tells me it is $150 and she has to collect it first. She leaves again and returns within 5-minutes.

She starts off with a back massage, paying special attention to my upper-inner thighs, my balls and the area from my balls to my anus. She spreads my cheeks and licks my ass hole. She then tells me to turn over. She rubbed my chest and pinched my nipples, and worked down to my cock. She sucked and pumped on it with her mouth several minutes later I shot my load in her mouth. She gagged a little and I noticed my semen at the corners of her lips. She told me she loved the taste of it and layed next to me. I turned to cuddle and kiss her on the lips, face, neck. I tasted my own semen. It was a bit salty. I ate her pussy and she stroked me until I was hard. She placed a condom on my cock and asked. You on top or me on top. I told her, I on top and shuffled to get on her. She guided my cock to her love channel and I pushed my cock all the way in. We fucked and just before she climaxed I shot off my load in her pussy. I let her pussy contractions do the rest.

I came back 3-more times and had Ching-Ching. I got a little more bold and even started down on her when we went into the bath. I had her on the table twice where I washed her body. I even sucked and fucked her on that table. Back into the room she let me fuck her again and again. I remembered the 4th time I had her.

She had just came on duty and I was her first customer for that night. I was on her as soon as we were in the bath. I pushed her on to the table and had her legs dangling over the edge of the “wash” table I dove my tongue at her pussy flicked my tongue several times and it tasted even better than before. I guess because I was her first customer for the day and she didn’t find the need to douched herself yet. I kept on sucking at her pussy getting as much out of it as I can. Just like licking at a good all day sucker (a giant 5″ diameter and 1/2″ thick lollipop).MMMMMMMM– GOOD. My cock got rock hard and I couldn’t stand it any longer so I stood up and rammed my cock into her wet pussy. She kept saying NO not here but I kept on plunging in her until I shot my load. I felt her pussy spasms and stayed in her until my limped cock slipped out of her wet pussy. We finished with a shower and back to the room. She was mad with me but I made her happy by going down on her and sucked and fingered her until she juiced. I then fucked her.

The last time I saw her she asked for $500 because I fucked her several times without a condom. She told me from now on $250 no condom. $200 with condom and I could only shoot once. I agreed on the condition that we meet outside of this establishment in the future. She agreed and I got her phone number. We have been meeting at my place 4 times and twice at her place. The 4-times at my place she charged me $200 a session which lasted between 2-6 hours and we fucked at least 3 times a session. The last 2 times at her place was free and I stayed all night and fucked as many times as I wanted. She getting better and better and really more enjoyable!!! She still works there but I hope she quits!

New Office
For visiting with pretty Korean girls. There are a few local girls as well. You can spend a lot of money quickly depending on the ladie’s drinks and if you get the VIP room. If you are from out of town, there is no reason to get the VIP room. Expect to pay at least $200 to take a lady home – some amount if you call in. Look under entertainers in the phone directory. Good luck.

New York EZ Relaxation
Located on Keeamoku Street. $50 Hr. Asian women make up the majority. You will get a body shampoo followed by a body massage.

Oriental Relaxation Therapy
I’ve been to three Honolulu Massage Parlors (Oriental relaxation type). The first one is Oriental Relaxation Therapy on Kapiolani Blvd. Typical rate is $50 to start, then tips for more service. I paid as low as $50 for a good hand job, also paid as much as $150 for full service. This place has been around a long time. New young Korean girls all the time. Always had a great time. I had one girl finger my ass while giving me a blowjob.

Another girl (without asking mind you) made me come twice, once fucking, then once hand job only $100. Next place is Rakuen relaxation on Young St. Same price at the door. Tips start at about $100. The girls will ask for more but stand firm. This place is a little different that the first one, they start by giving you a full body wash on a table. They scrub you from head to toe, paying close attention to your ass and dick.

First girl I had, I just asked for a handjob. I was able to eat her pussy, it tasted great! This girl cost $100 tip. Next girl I visited twice both times cost me $150. This girl was a beautiful young Korean girl, long legs, perky tits! I ate her out both times and tongued her ass too. Both times was full service, and both times I came twice. Last place is Evergreen, (don’t know the street name) Its near Club Rock Za. $50 at the door. This place is in a house, which is a little different. Girls are older (28 and above) I had a little larger girl this time maybe in her early 30’s. She started out with the body wash. Not as good as the other place. I was able to eat her ass real good. I had her on her knees and stuck my tongue from behind, getting in real deep. She tasted sweet. She had great tits too, Dark pointed nipples on a nice size rack. I only had $100 so I just asked for a hand job. She insisted I fuck her, so who am I to complain? And fuck her I did. Several different positions later…. I still like to finish with a hand job, so I asked her to do so which she did with great skills! She fondled my balls, tickled my ass a little. I shot a load that hit her tits.

Anyway, all three places are great! I would say most places cost about the same. These three places had nice girls. Clean too. This is much cheaper than Waikiki street hookers. And or Phone book Escorts. Not to mention you also get a pretty good massage to boot.

Pine Tree Relaxation
Located on Keeamoku Street. $50 Hr. Asian women make up the majority. You will get a body shampoo followed by a body massage

1334 Young Street Suite #214
Asian women make up the majority. $50 plus $120 for the full service. Call 808-593-0666

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