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Check out the Domitiana near Villagio Copalo,$15-$20 for service. Note: car is needed.

Also check Piazza Garibaldi to the south and the east.

The surronding area of Naples is mainly street action. No downtown clubs. Only some garbage club around the harbour.

But there can be some fun, especially around the industrial areas north of Naples where you can find some round the clock business worth a visit.

You need a car. Not only to reach the place, but also to assist your chase. The area I am referring to is north of Naples (Caivano) on the way to the ‘Caserta Sud’ highway exit (Napoli-Milano – A1). The easiest way is driving from Naples to Caserta Sud and, once out of the highway, then follow the signals in the direction of Naples again.

Offer: mainly African girls, some Slav girls (mostly Albanians). Drive back and forth several times before you make your choice (everybody does so there). Girls are on duty from 10.00 am until 2.00 am. 6.00 pm is the shift time.

Some black girls are gorgeous: tight ass, long legs. Most of them are very open to your wildest desires. Unfortunately they change quite often, meaning that this report might well be obsolete by the time you read it.

I report my general experiences. Useless to say that you might be ripped off by some of these girls, but the price you pay is always worth the risk.

Pricing List

Black girls ask for 20.000 LIT (about 11 $) for a fuck’n’suck in your car. Not a very pleasant place to fuck, but, weather permitting, you can even enjoy vintage fucking in the coutryside!!

Sometimes you can have some anal activity for 20.000 LIT, too. Some others will charge you some extra 20 to 30 thousands liras. Greek action is rather popular.

Always use condom. Some girls are well skilled in sucking, some suck even without a condom; but they need to know you better.

White (Slav) girls charge 30.000 LIT for such and fuck. Some ask even 50.000 LIT (about 26$). Action in the car. Generally white girls attitude is less exciting than black girls. No emotion, no talk, ‘do not touch here, “come fast”, “I have to go” attitude. Even know the best fucks I had was with ?? (I do not remember her name), a real nymphomaniac, she sucked at 100 pumps per min, liked to be rode hard, screamed like hell and, rare to happen, allowed me to have a mouthful of her huge tits. She was from Slovenia, but she got married to an Italian customer now!

Since the prices allowed me to do so, I often chose two girls, but it is less enticing. No lesbian action, you just fuck one and are sucked by the other, but you pay twice as much.

Giulia was the best black girl I ever fucked. She goes crazy for dicks. She is absolutely nice, long legs, nice face, 1.80 m tall. I have not seen her there in my last trips, hope she is still around next time. She is just in front of the Caivano industrial area entrance. Great blow jobs and how great was taking her from behind! What a great ass. Still one of the few allowing sucking her small but firm titties.

Lessons Learned

Do not bring too much money with you. There is fierce competition there, if you negotiate well you will get great services at reasonable prices.

The area is not 100% safe, especially at night, so beware!

Police patrols goes back and forth, be careful if you see the same car passing by more than once! You may get a painful fine!

Use small size banknotes. Girls often claim to have no change and take it all!



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