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I could recommend to of the best girls in the New York area, they are both independent and give excellent sessions and minimum BS. Anastasia, who also goes by the name Ana, she advertises on most adult entertainment websites like exotics or eros. Also in NY2000 the adult paper. Ana is an Italian girl, and she validates that old anecdote Italians do it better. This girl is absolutely amazing, I think it was the best sex in my life, she is beautiful(hypnotic blue eyes) and very well spoken. Looks a lot like Angelina Jolie but with nicer breasts and a better smile. She is becoming quite well known in the New York area(she was once on the Howard Stern show). She is on the pricey side (around 300 dollars for a session that goes on for more about an hour and a half). The other girl is Micky Lynn, who is a real porn star, she is amazing. A slender blonde she has a gorgeous body. Only thing is she does in calls in New Jersey only so you’ll have to meet her at a local motel(she pays for the room) Her rate is 250 cash for an hour. Definitely a sweet girl and has good attitude. I have had many girls in the Big Apple and these two are the best experiences I have had in the USA. They are both independent, so no chance of getting scammed. You can see ads for both in NY 2000 paper in most adult bookstores.

It’s a forgone conclusion that the street action is nearly obsolete in the Bronx (Savoy). Only two years ago the track at Hunts Point was filled with several hookers of every persuasion, shapes and sizes etc……But now, our good mayor has “shut •••• down” and we are now regulated to watered down strip clubs to satisfy our vice urges…..A craze across NY has hit and it’s called the “Brainfest” Several brainfests are given regularly across the city; notably the Bronx. It is a smorgasbord of naked bitches parading through the floor servicing thugs in excess of four hundred depending the size of the hall. The kings of the Bronx/Manhattan promotions are Big Dee and Cameo, who frequently promote the livest shows to date. The Savoy Manor (not to be mistaken for the old dance hall) on Jerome Ave, near Yankee Stadium has shows twice a month. Also, there is a weekly show given on Wednesday’s. Pimps in outrageous jewelry crowd the bar talkin “pimp ••••” and “coaching” them ho’s. The ho’s are really raunchy and range from the morose to the extremely beautiful. Regardless, each girl is there to be bought. So, put in your bid…’s just too fucking crowded…and too many young dudes who just started seeing naked pussy. An old vet like myself….who’s been on the booty circuit for more than two decades is oblivious to the norm……..Cameo’s show has a harder edge…giving you a fantastic floor show with big ass booty bitches sticking big black rubber dido’s up there ass and sucking each other…’s a fantastic show with a powerful energy…..My advice to you upon entering is find yourself a seat to the rear in either direction….Just chill, and the bitches will come to you. They will give you a lap dance….then make small talk…proceed to tell her what you want..and she will tell you the price…Try to find a decent spot to take her….cause usually the back is pretty congested…..

Another spot, which I feel compelled to tell you about is Harry’s Triangle in Hunts Point The spot where Big Diesel and them be reping Muhammed and them…..this spot used to have some real bomb ass ghetto booty. It has really slipped into the sublime class lately, displaying subpar bitches with shank cuts on their buts and ceasarrean slivers on their fleshy bellies…..Unfortunately, this was my lowdown spot on Tuesday’s . I have since been watching “Soul Food” on Showtime.

The Medallian still kicking on thirty eighth and eighth…..Korean cats own it…but the black cats manage the ever popular midtown haunt, where incidentally Patrick Dorismond was shot down across the street at the Kilamba Bar.

109 South 3rd Brooklyn, It. 618/271-9264
Rates: $60 1/2hr, $70 3/4 hr, $80/ an hr. For $125/an hr you can use the whirlpool. Girls work for tips. Full Body Massage. 24 hours 7 days. No hot tub or Jacuzzi. Cramped house trailer facility. Try one of the other houses. Follow Route 64 to St. Claire Ave, follow curie around to Route 3, this takes you directly into Brooklyn. They are directly across the street from Fantasy-land at 208 N Second Street in Brooklyn. A large sign out front identifies the place.

Russian in call in Bayridge which later was closed down by the police. It was very nice beautiful Russian women in there late 30’s. They had great bods. Well, the one I use to go to was great. Luscious bodies and great tits. The first time I showed up I got a woman called Olga. Which 90% of the Russian women are named. I stood at attention as soon as I saw her. She was very happy to meet me. She charged me the fee $130 for 1 hr. Great price. I asked her if I could take a shower, Sure enough she gave me a towel and showed me the way. Well, I came back to find her laying naked on the bed. What a body. Her pubic hairs hair where trimmed and nipples where at attention. She stood up and I greeted her with a huge. I began to kiss her all over and she me. She really got into it. It was like making Love. Although, I don’t think I’ve ever have made Love. It was like we both wanted it and we where at the right place with the right people. I was breathing deeper and deeper and she was also but, she was screaming things in Russian. That really turned me on. While I fucked her she would grab onto my butt cheeks and pull me closer at the same time she wrapped her legs around me like she never wanted to let go of me. Still screaming from pleasure she started shaking as you know when a woman comes to orgasm she Shakes feverishly and she was. I wasn’t ready yet so I continued and she welcomed it. I was surprised for women that I’ve fucked before become very sensitive around there clitoris. This was for the best though because we where to cum together. So, I’m pumping her faster and faster and she’s pulling harder and harder. Sweat is falling from my forehead and cheeks when suddenly I explode inside of my condom in her. She whispered Mr. Wonderful and I told her she was beautiful. From there on I was a regular customer. Then about a month ago the cops shut it down.

Try the Village Voice. In the back is a pretty plain looking ad for women in Brooklyn. It is really the same service you visited last time.

I went to a place called the “Cooko’s Nest” on 59th St and 8th Ave in Brooklyn this past weekend when my friend dragged me there for his birthday. He told me that this was a good place with decent looking women and they charge $75 for a 30 minute BBBJ and $100 for full service. This sounded good until I stepped into the door only to find a buffalo ranch full of behemoths. ALL of the girls there except the one my friend picked were 300+ pounds. I am NOT joking!!! These girls had more Chins than there are in Chinatown and had droopy tits, stomach and cottage cheese thighs. The girl that my friend frequents happened to work there that day and she was the only slim one there! When my friend took her to a room and paid her $75 for the BBBJ from her, I was left with the remaining choices of behemoths. 3 of them eyed me and approached me. I tried to back away but I was cornered at the bar. One of them took off her bra and her tits were so big and sloppy that they reached the floor and had spider veins on them. She picked the droopy things up from the floor, juggled them then being as cornered as I was, she managed to rub them on my shoulders. I hurled on her boobs being as grossed out as I was by this image and my mind blotted out my eyes in blindness from this horrible sight. She was so insulted that she called the manager and bouncer to escort me out. I also told that my friend was up in one of the rooms getting a blowjob. The bouncer got my friend from the room and escorted him downstairs. We were both escorted to the door and I had to be carried out because I was still nauseous from what I experienced. My friend yelled at me for stopping his action with the only decent looking woman in the club. This is one club I would steer clear of unless you like extremely overweight fat ladies.

The place is called Lucky’s nails. It is on Rte 112 off rte 83. They are open 10a-10p. The charge 150 in total for F/S. They will give you a massage and then sex and then wash you off. Not bad for the island.

Off Roosevelt ave. in the 100’s. Busy In call service and they operate rather stealthily so you gotta be slick to get in, it helps if you are or look Hispanic. There will be men scattered about the area that will point you in the right direction, just make eye contact and they’ll tell you what’s up. They mostly have blacks and Latinas there, don’t go looking for a white girl… you’re not gonna find one. I don’t know the name of the girl, but she was a blonde Latina with pretty big tits, she was nice and let me finish at my own pace. Typically they will suck you then open their legs, you’re in and out in about 10-15 minutes. They will try to rush you because of the # of people that they serve, but if you can get yourself done quickly its good. I would recommend these establishments for the caliber of girls (for $30 you’d think you get an elephant but mine was pretty good) and because its a good “bang for your buck” value, considering that an average out call girl is no less than $150

To all who enjoy $30 15 minute quickies. if you speak Spanish you can cruise Roosevelt ave around 103rd st. If your on foot walk with an open beer (otherwise they think you’re a cop if you are too tall, too white….)look for 1 or 2 guys standing on the corner with nothing to do. they are the lookouts and without an o.k. from them you cant get in. once he gives you a card you’re ok (the spot wont be too far away. when you get inside be patient (some of these places have 20 girls in them. most of these will try to take advantage of you. wear a watch note the time you enter the room the standard is $30 for 10-15 minutes. they will try to say times up about 5 mins. into it show her your watch and keep fucking it helps to tip at this point or mention that you will give a tip ($10 is more than enough).

Flushing Massage
43-31 165 street. 718-445-6850
asian girls, mid 20’s, usually 4. Anni, 26, 5ft 3. $40 for an hour. $20 tip for HJ. Basement 10-10 everyday. Call first.

In flushing there a lot of whore house you can go into. There all mostly ran by Asians. You can find these by 35th ave and northern blvd. in the night you will see men just walking around aimlessly make eye contact with them n they will let u know the info.

Decent and honest F/S oriental massage at Acupressure Health Club. Tel. 917-226-3967. 150 for an hour + 20 tip. You get a clean Chinese girl, a safe place, and 1/2 + 1/2 but one shot. It is in College Point Blvd. and 41st. Girls are young from 5-8

Angel Touch Spa
115-10 Queens Blvd.
Between 76th dr. and 77th ave.
Forest Hills, NY
$5 1/2hr, $70hr., $75 for colonics.Showers, saunas, jacuzzis. No FS. European masseuses, quality massages, totally pampered environment

Shiatsu Spa
581 East Boston Post Rd.
Mamaroneck, NY
Steam and sauna $65 hr., excellent massage but no reports of any extra goodies.

Delilah’s Spa
633 E. main Street
Niagara Falls, NY
$50 hr. plus tips. 10 young cute American girls. Manual or oral can be had for right tips.No FS reported. 2 girls an hr. for $100. M-W 11a-2a. Th-Sa 11a-3:30a Su 12P-12a.

Niagara Gentleman’s Lounge
6095 Buchanan St.
Niagara Falls, Ny
$45 1/2hr., $55 3/4, $65 hr. 10 girls, very clean, large space with 4 priv. rooms. Showers, lounge, pool table, parking in rear. Tips will bring oral and manual sessions. Hot oil massages bring more extras, no FS. 7 days noon to 2a.

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