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Hawiian Spa
On Woodford, across from CEFCU
$60 for the 45 minute session, and another $120 will get you FS. Safe place.

Kiku Health Spa
1011 W Eldorado St.
I rang the bell and was greeted by an Asian women I would guess to be around 30 y/o. No other employees were visible and I did not ask because she was good looking and had what appeared to be nice braless breasts under her t-shirt and her shorts accented a nice firm behind. I was taken to your standard room w/ massage table and told the rates were $40 for 1/2 hour and $60 for a full hour. Both included table shower and massage.

She asked if I had been there before, where I was from, etc, and asked for an ID, apparently to satisfy herself that I was telling the truth and that I wasn’t a cop. I could hear dishes rattling in the background, and concluded her co-workers were eating supper as it was around 7:30 PM.

I made my selection and after disrobing was taken to shower room and given a full table shower w/ no part of my body neglected. Upon returning to the room, the girl suggested I could get a better massage if I were to give her a tip. I laid $60 on the shelf and she instructed me to lay on the table on my belly. She proceeded w/ a very nice massage that really felt quite nice. Eventually she suggested for another $40, I could have “everything”, otherwise only a hand job. To make sure we were speaking the same language, I sat up and put one hand on her ass and the other on her tits and fondled w/ both hands thru her clothing while I thought it over. Hearing no protests, I put an additional $40 on the shelf, and she left to get “protection” as she put it.

When she returned she locked the door, and quickly removed her t-shirt and shorts, revealing a nice pink thong, which also quickly disappeared. As I stood leaning against the massage table she put both arms around my neck and I put my hands on her naked ass. I had positioned myself so I could look over her shoulder at the full length wall mirror, and from the view and my feel, her ass was indeed fine.

Eventually she dropped to her knees and started to stroke my manhood and massage my balls. A condom was rolled my hand on to my member, and she began to suck. I reached down to feel her hard nipples as she sucked me. After a few minutes she indicated she wanted to lay on the table, which she did cross-ways putting her ass on the very edge w/ her legs spread. I attempted to touch her pussy and clit, but she wouldn’t allow me too. Instead I bent over to nuzzle her nipples, and eventually entered her pussy.

She seemed to enjoy herself as I stroked in and out of her reasonably tight snatch, and allowed me to take my time. I suggested she roll over, but she refused, apparently afraid of my interest in her ass. Eventually I came, & she removed my condom, dressed and returned w/ a hot towel to clean me up.

On the way out, I saw 2 additional Asian employees, one in t-shirt and tight slacks and the other in a sun dress, both of which appeared to be an acceptable alternative. Again, I would guess them to be around 30 y/o as well.

Hours I believe were 9 AM to midnight, so do yourself a favor when in Decatur and get your “stiffness” adjusted • Kiku Health Studio..

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