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I’ve been to many of the places around. I’ll give reports on all but I’ll give my most recent visit. I went to this oriental place in Somerset. I think it was on Franklin Parkway. I almost couldn’t find the place. It turned out to be some steel door on the side of the building. I got in and was greeted right away. They had no showers so I stripped and laid down. A thin tall oriental came in and asked how I would like my massage. I said soft. She was doing a great job, especially tickling my balls. I turned over and she never missed a beat. She kept tickling me while we talked a deal. A blow job for $80. She stripped to the waist and pulled out a rubber. She started sucking me so good. I got her to let me suck her tits. That made her nuts she sucked me even better. Right in the middle another girl walked in. She scolded her in Chinese then just kept on sucking. It was great! It was one of the best loads I gave. See you soon! Come on you guys more NJ stories!

Body Care
660 Franklin Road
Somerset, NJ
$60/40 min, $70/an hr. Some real beauties, many young cute college girls from nearby Rutgers University earning tuition, don’t expect anything but manual or oral no matter how much the tip. Full service is never given and massages are so-so.

Japanese Acupressure
Corner of Kennedy Blvd. and Harrison St. in Professional Center, Building #5 -Suite 101 Somerset, NJ
$60/an hr. 1st rate. Large, clean. showers, no Jacuzzi or whirlpool, this place is upscale, around 5 very cute, young girls a shift. Manual and oral and FS. Take Rte 287 to exit 10 in Somerset

Japanese Acupressure
On Clyde Road, in a medical complex off JFK Blvd.
You’ll only receive hand-release, but the massage is great and they take good care of you. Ask for Mickey. She’s short, cute, and a little older (late 30’s?), but she’ll take good care of you and will even let you massage her. No FS, only HR.

I went to pines last week. Not a great experience. My firs time getting anything other than a hand job. Got a large Spanish woman, who gave a poor-to-mediocre massage. Then during negotiations (my first time) her English was so bad I had to rely on the Spanish “learning” cd I just got to figure out what she was saying. So I got Oral, way to expensive (like 100!) but I was so nervous and flustered I just did it. Ugh! The receptionist was the best looking of the lot.

On Easton Ave. in Somerset, the Pines Center. Nice location, set-back from main road. From what I saw of the women, they were all cute and all worthwhile! Primarily from what I saw, Latin ladies, but whew were they nice. My attendant was utterly gorgeous! Great body, really nice chest, and very well groomed. F/S was a little pricey at $150, but I couldn’t say no looking at that beautiful thang. Hell, I didn’t even haggle. In my opinion, a GREAT place to go for an hour or so. They advertise 2 for 1 specials, so I have to see what that is all about. If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely drop in. It’s worth it!

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