South Carolina

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Located next to Subway is a nice Oriental massage parlor in Columbia. Sixty dollars get you into the door for an hour. On my 2nd visit there with the same woman (older Japanese lady, but pretty and nice) received quite a nice package for an extra $100. Started with massage, then a table bath — she uses very hot water, so be prepared. Then, back for a long massage from her while she was in her panties only and then I returned the favor by giving her a massage, front and back, while she was completely naked. Then, she rolled me over, got me completely hard, slipped on a condom with her mouth and then climbed on top of me and fucked me quite well. After a nice fuck session, she cleaned me up with a warm towel and sent me on my way with a kiss and a promise for more nex time!!! Enjoy! (9000 block of Two Notch Road)

Relax N Ways
2518 East North Street
Greenville, SC
$80 hr. plus tips. Showers and body massage, girls are young and cute in 20’s with 3-5 a shift. parking in rear.

1437 Laurens Rd. Greenville, SC 864/271-3112. Rates: $60 Per hr plus tips. A very clean and neat place offers a table shower or bath along with the massage and your choice of a steam room or sauna during the session which will be with one of a large number of very pretty girls from Thailand who work here. Girls greet you in a small lobby before bringing you back to the massage rooms. First-rate place and the best Oriental in the area. Open, l0a 12a, M-Sa

I Just want to help any businessmen who are visiting Greenville, SC. There is a large exhibition facility in town, which has constant visitors through out the year. As Greenville is in the ‘heart’ of the bible belt, you may think that ‘Escort’ services are both hard to come by and risky to use. This can be true for some, but I can recommend ‘Executive Choice’. I have used them, on and off, for more than 5 years and have had superb service. They also trade under the name of Embassy II and one other name, which escapes me. The main person who answers the phone, Pat, is helpful, honest and reliable. Her descriptions are completely accurate and she believes the customer is number 1, not the girls (Although I believe she looks after them as well). If you have a problem with any girl she sends, give her a call and she will try and help. May be this review is starting to sound like a personal endorsement, and it is, I’m a customer, have had many happy times with her service, and think she deserves the opportunity to provide a service to others who may be visiting the area. It would be difficult for me to list my recommendations, as I have had many from her, and some are my special favourites. Also, I don’t want to piss off the other girls who I forget to list. But … Shay & Victoria are 2 of my all time favorites. These girls enjoy their job and are not ‘just’ in it for the money. Please remember, to treat the girls with respect, they are trying to earn a living, providing a service that is good for them and you. If you actually pay some attention to their needs (physical), then I have learned that the pay back is AWESOME ! I have never been asked for a tip by any girl that Pat has sent, though once or twice my legs were shaking so much, I felt obliged to provide one. If you call them (They are in the Yellow Pages), tell them that Steve sent you.

The place is called Four Seasons Health Sauna now. It used to be called the Golden Dragon, I think. Anyway, it’s right next to a Subway store located on Top Notch Road. All Asian massage with table shower and if you like, you can have a steam bath or sit in the sauna. The price is $60 for the massage/shower. For an additional $120 or $140, you get full service.

I have been there about 5 or 6 times and had 3 different women (ask for Koko). All 3 gave great massages and had fairly toned bodies. They unroll the condom on your dick with their tongue and give you a blow job for as long as you like. Then, you can choose the position. They will usually start by getting on top of you, but I usually request doggy style and they always accommodate. Nice, tight pussies on those Asian girls! Although I haven’t requested it, I imagine they’ll let you put it in their ass for an additional $20. Good luck!

Four Seasons
9153 Top Notch Road
Columbia SC
$60/an hr plus tips. Girls are average, all Asian, for the most part but very friendly and give good massages. Large well equipped and very clean place, has both steam, dry saunas, table showers and secure doors, not the curtains in the doors like many of the places. The price is $60 for the massage/shower.

Our Place
1168 St. Andrews Rd
Exit 160B:I20W]
Columbia SC
$60/an hr plus tips. Good quality massage parlor which has some cute girls, about 4 a shift. Sauna and dry sauna. Located behind the top of China restaurant. Their St. Andrews Rd. location is between Broad River and I-26. If you turn onto St. Andrews Rd. from Broad River they will be on your left- hand side in an adjoining building.

Myrtle Beach
Champions Spa
about $50 for a half hour and $400 for full service. Got a hand job for $100.00

Palm Tree
3158 Waccamaw Blvd
off US Highway 501
Myrtle Beach, SC
$95/an hr, plus tips. FS can be had. Has a sauna. In a very large bldg. Customers get 10 min in the sauna. Girls are very pretty, mixed asian nationalities. Su-th 10a-2a, F & Sa 10a-3a.

Tokyo Spa
Massage/Full Service 10127 N. Kings Highway Myrtle Beach, SC 843/361-8385. Rates: $95/an hr, tips are required. A new place, more expensive than most Asian massage parlors but they girls are said extremely beautiful with a good mixture of differentiated Asian ethnicity’s including Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The girl giving the customer the shower is not the girl doing the massage and she wants to be tipped also. Massages are mediocre. Open: Su-Th, l0a2a; F & Sa, 10a-3a.

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