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In Slubice and Kostrzyn, located close to the German-polish border, you will find several night-clubs offering excellent and affordable services. I stayed in a hotel at Frankfurt/Oder and crossed the boarder in Frankfurt at the Stadtbruecke. You can go by car, but driving in Poland is not too safe. So you better walk and take a taxi in Slubice. Taxis are waiting on the Polish side of the bridge. Local transfer is about 10DM.

Katowice is great because were ever there is a rest area there always there waiting for you I tried it twice remember be careful most expensive thing in Poland is a night in jail.

-Second are brothels there are allot in Poland there strip clubs but 2 thing 2 remember about those is don’t go in if there parking lot is not full of car risking being mugged and car stolen. Brothels are cheap but remember till you cum!!! Biggest bull shit ever I can fuck and fuck and fuck I’m young dammit and I can produce baby. What I do is tip here so she does great work and lets you keep on going more.

Best idea ever is to tell a cab that you want to go to agency and they will take care of you say if you really want to go to good one expensive I guess never been but the regular ones are great fun.

Try these links (But take care there are rip offs)

I was in Katowice the beginning of November with my car.While traveling I always look for cheap hotels, restaurants and transports since I do not want to spend much money for lodging, eating and so.
I Spent the night at Hotel Olympic. It is on the main street of Katowice: going from the center to the big roundabout always jammed with traffic you must continue toward north and after about 500 meters you will find it on the right, close to the stadium. It offers guarded car parking which in my opinion is a must in Poland if you drive with your car as I do. One night costs 150 Sloty+14 Parking. 1 Sloty is about 0.26US. For a dinner in Katowice it can cost as little as 20-30 Sl.
In Poland the girls are working in night-clubs and prostitution is tolerated. The best clubs are Casablanca, Styks and Hades. I always prefer to go there by night with a taxi, because these places are difficult to find, (the streetlights are very dim) and I do not like to leave my car in the parking lots unattended.

Casablanca and Hades are in Dubova Ul.: take the big roundabout in the center and go west; after abt. 3 Km Dubova Ul is a small street on the right, just after a streetlamp. Stycks is in Boczna Ulica (Ulica means street in Polish) 12, behind a Supermarket. Follow the same direction from the big roundabout (west) and continue for about 5 Km. You must exit at the first suburb of Katowice and ask for directions.
At Casablanca I meet Anja very very beautiful, tall blond with long legs. We had sex (oral + 2 different positions) on a water bed. After this experience, which is new for me I must say I prefer the traditional beds. Anyway she was very friendly, but she does not speak English so I manage to talk a little bit in German. 50 minutes in the room cost 350Sl. Another girl I suggest is Agnieska, also blond and tall, top model figure. The good thing about these places is that you can also choose only hand massage if you do not want to spend a lot; this is a good way to stay with a girl in the room and know her better.
Stycks and Hades offers the same prices but at Stycks only for 40 minutes. These last clubs have more girls, they are bigger but the quality is not so good as at Casablanca.

Lublin, November
I was Lublin during one of my business trips. I stayed at hotel Victoria, which is a good Hotel but not very cheap, 220 Sl. per day room. Guarded parking if you have a car. Walking around I found another possibility for the future, to spend less money: hotel UMCS, ulica Sowinskiego 17, double room with bathroom at 70 Sloty, tel. 5251081.1, with restaurant and guarded parking.

Looking at the yellow pages under “Masaze” or “Erotic Klubu” or asking directly the taxi drivers I found the following clubs:
Afrodite, ulica Bandtkich, lateral of ulica Mikolaja Reja, lateral of ulica Wladislava Kunickiego; was closed unfortunately that day.

Club in ulica Gen. Zajaczka (most of them has no name); was also closed unfortunately that day.
Club in ulica Cosmonautau; went insideand I was introduced by an old lady in a very dark room where abt. 6 girls was sitting on sofas. I was offered a beer and then after 5 minutes they ask me in an approximate English to choose a girl; since no one of them was at least a 7, I left. Club in ulica Maya 1: here there was a familiar atmosphere, the 3 girls (students) were actually living in this apartment. They offered me a cup tea and leave me aside, since no one of them were speaking English. During 20 minutes they kept on chatting between them. One girl a 8, the others 5/6. However they were dressed like at home (jeans, pajamas) so not really attractive. Since my purpose was more exploratory, I left thinking I could come back the day after.

Club in ulica Letnia
(very close to my hotel, by the way): again an apartment more then a club. At the entry I was invited in by a big man which I knew afterward is the boyfriend of Margareth. In the waiting room (Lounge) there were 2 girls watching TV. Here I met Margareth, (an 8), small, 5’ 5”, 20 y.o., very nice. After ½ hour of discussion in an approximate English I accepted to go with her to a room. 1h for 140 Sloty. I was told by Margareth I could also come twice during this time. I payed one beer 5 Sloty. I got BBBJ, very slow sex with no rush; I payed 1 h more and I got also a striptease from her. She seemed really to enjoy when making love.
I returned the day after and I spent 2 more hours with her, again BBBJ and doggy style sex.
In the end a very good experience.

there is an other great place in Warsawa called Loch. lots of nice looking and striping lady’s. you can touch the girls whilst doing some private strip shows. for $100 you can take her with you to the hotel for over night stay.

KROKOW There’s place I’ve been too a few times right near the main train station and very close to Old Town…where you’ll probably be if your a tourist. Don’t remember the address think it was maybe 14a w….. street? Anyway here’s how to find it leaving the main train station (go under the street to the left…when you come back above ground the park will be on your right, across the street, as you walk down the street you’re on. Not very far less than 1-3 city blocks you’ll see a sign for sex or message (sometimes I’ve seen 2 places something 1)). Anyway you’ll find it…you go in, downstairs, look at a menu (sex/massage), then enter I room with 5-8 girls, sitting around (there’s a pole for dancing but noon were dancing). I choose the the best looking girl (turned out to be a mistake) I’d had good experiences here before and actually this one turned out ok but here’s what happened so beware and get everything straight ahead of time. I showered and the waited in the room (watch you stuff when in shower) then she came in and stood there smoking a cigarette. while I was lying naked on the bed (the room was nice) seemed strange that she wasn’t joining me, anyway she said I needed to pay more if I wanted to fuck. I’d paid 120 zloty for 1 hr (only $30). I asked what do I get for the 120 z and she said BJ, asked her if she’d get naked and i said OK lets start that way and see what happens (figured then she’d at least try and please me obviously she wanted money and that was it…but i think i had the last laugh because i had no intention of giving her more money I hate that stuff when they take some money then try and get more and this girl started with the “more money” before she even touched me. She got naked (had a beautiful body and soft skin), she wouldn’t let me touch her pussy and was trying to get me to cum quickly, so I said to her if I paid for an hour why would I want to cum in 15 minutes. To make a long story shorter I had her blow me and them masturbate for an entire hour and then came after around 59 minutes. She wasn’t really into it while masturbating but she was sweet to look at and had a clit ring. Turned out she lived in NYC for a year so I guess that’s where she got the attitude. Not great but for $30/hr. and if you discuss services ahead of time you can have great sex (as i had had on previous visits) and it’s only 5-10 minutes walk from the big church and all the cafes in old town…very convenient.

The other place on the same street was kinda of funny because when i went in there were no girls just a guy selling sex book, videos, etc. I asked him where the girls were and he asked did i want sex or a show? I said sex..so he rang a bell and all of a sudden girls started appearing…that was a first. Anyway i picked a girl (in this place you pay for the room (50 zloty….then work out sex with the girl)..remember directions are the same as previous post…it’s the first you’ll come to of the 2 on the street across form the park walking away from the train station toward old town. Anyway she wanted 50/z for BJ or 70/z for bj and sex. I choose the BJ. She showered then i showered the shower was in the room. She was Polish spoke NO English or German and i speak no polish so trying to communicate was funny but she was very nice. She was thin, small breasts, natural blond…around 5’6″. After a long BJ I hadn’t cum she said we should fuck but it was 20/z more I said no just continue with the BJ…well she mounted me anyway and fucked my brains out on top then pulled me on top of her…I worked so hard i felt i should have been getting paid…finally after around 45 minutes i came while on top with her legs wrapped around me, and her reaching around and playing with my balls. I got up, she cleaned me up and i handed her 20/z, she looked at me funny and i told her it was the extra 20 for fucking (but it was nice she wanted to fuck even when i didn’t want to pay the 20). Anyway if u read this post and the last you’ll see in Krokow YMMV but for $30-$40 go for it. Hope this helps anyone visiting Krokow…it’s a GREAT city like Prague. Beautiful Old Town, lots of students (girls) walking streets and cafes…one of the nicest cities in Europe…just be sure to stay around Old Town and also visit the Salt mine and underground cathedral nearby.

Info posted here is no longer accurate, at least according to my recent (within the last two weeks) experience. I was glad to get to Berlin after this!

1) Boa One hour was 150 slotzys, and I tipped the girl another 50 in advance. But she spoke no English (not that I expect it), did sex only in one position (her on top, crouched close so no real “action”), and did not do BBBJ. Body about an 8 but face about a 4.

2) Sindy At least when I went (about 1 AM), this was more of a pick-up joint than an escort service. It looked like a disco, with more men than women hanging around and dancing. Looked like a lot of gay men, too. Since I couldn’t figure out what or who was for sale, I left.

3)Place at 12 Westerplatte Girl offered “massage” for 1/2 hour for 100 slotzys. Was not offered shower before entering room. Once in room, girl stripped, proceeded to give (covered) BJ. I thought she would move on from there, but it eventually became apparent that she was basically going to do this and only this. I had almost zero physical contact with her other (other than the obvious). I did not tip her in advance, but there wasn’t really an opportunity and I sensed (correctly) that it would be money wasted. Girls ranged from 4 – 6 in appearance.

4) Hotel hookers Initial offer was 500 slotzys, negotiated down to 400. Still passed on the offer; my radar was telling me that I wouldn’t get much more than a handjob. The hotel girls ranged in appearance from 2-9 (at least if the 9 I saw was for sale…she would only briefly make eye contact with me so I never approached).

5) Massage place on Warszawska nice facilities but a little bit of a scary street…street hookers outside opposite this place. Six girls available, all 6-8 looks, two bottle blonds, one bottle redhead, one Latino looking. I asked if any spoke English and the Latino said “all the girls speak English” with some major attitude. Price was 240 slotzys for one hour. I chose the redhead and tipped her 50 upon entering the room. She started with a minute of body-to-body and then moved to a covered BJ (I asked for BB, she said no), and after about a minute or two said that we could have sex in missionary position only for the first one. She was a good actress and round one was over reasonably quickly. We sat and talked for a while (warning signal, she sat on the couch across from me)…when I was ready for round two, I moved to the same couch and started touching her. She asked if I wanted to have sex again (duh!), and then -demanded- another 50 slotzys for a second round. I was pissed, but OK, that’s only ten quid, … but I was out of slotzys. She would -not- take UK Pounds or US Dollars, both of which I had and would have given her. So, that pretty much ended that. No remorse, either. How sad. Oh, and I tried to find ads in the classifieds of the paper. Bought three different Krakow papers; two had no ads, the third had the category, but only phone numbers. No addresses, descriptions of service. So, my experience was totally different, and much less enjoyable, than those reported here. I am a decent looking guy, clean, shaved and showered before going anywhere. I do not know why my experience (no intimacy, no BBBJ, extortion) was so different from reports here…maybe someone can help me understand.

You can have a lot of fun in Warsaw, but it takes a little planning and effort. If you’re prepared to spend the time, you will be rewarded with some very enjoyable experiences at bargain prices. I should mention that I don’t speak polish, and while it didn’t help, you can get by in a mixture of English and German.

The majority of the brothels are located in apartment blocks. You can get addresses from the local newspaper (Z…. Warsawa) and from cards stuck on just about every car in the center. Individual places seem to come and go, and to go up and down in quality, so the best thing to do is get a map and plan a route passing several. Numbers of girls working, and demand, seem also to vary a lot with time of day. Don’t expect an unhurried experience on Saturday night!

Addresses are given as the street name, followed by the building number, followed by the apartment number (eg Bracka 20/12). Many of the apartment blocks have several entrances, so you first have to find the one with the apartment you’re looking for. The bell at the bottom is usually painted red or marked. You ring it, and when it’s answered, say ‘Doh studio’ and they buzz you into the building. You often have a bit of difficulty finding the right door in the dark – expect to climb a lot of stairs – but normally it will be open or pretty obvious.

Once you go in, you are shown into a bedroom and a minute or so later the girls who are working come in, dressed in their underwear. Number and quality are highly variable – it could be eight or more, it could be one or two. Nationality varies as well, Polish, Ukrainian, Belorussian and all points east. You then have a minute or less to make a choice, so it helps to have a sense of what you are looking for – and what you will accept. If you don’t like what you see, you thank them and leave – I did this several times and there was no problem. If you choose one, she stays with you in the room.

Payment is upfront, and the current rate is 100-120 zloty (about 35 dollars) for one hour. This covers one suck and one fuck. Other services may be available, but I wasn’t offered anything by any of the girls. What you do after you’ve come is your own affair: many of the girls, particularly the non-Polish girls, just like to chat. I had a long chat about Russian modern art with one girl from Belorussian! Know what the price is – one lace tried to charge me a ‘European rate’ of 150 zloty, but came down to 100 when I refused, and the service was still fine.

You then take a shower and get down to business. YMMMV; I had a range of experiences from very, very enjoyable to downright bad. But at that rate you can afford one or two mistakes and just put them down to experience.

Places seem to change rapidly, but my favorites were

Bracka 20/12 – had Maia, a beautiful 19 year old Polish girl with a lovely small body and a wonderfully small, tight; plus Nicole, a pretty 23 year old from Ukraine. There’s also a good cafe below.

Chmielna 10/36 – just around the corner from Bracka, at the back of the building. It seemed to have a good choice, and I had a lot of fun with Jana, a wiry Russian girl;

Wilcza 51/56 – good choice when I visited; for me a Belorussian (dyed) blonde.

Wilcza 33/12 and 32/102 – seemed to have a good choice, but insufficient time and fluids to test.

On the other hand I had read good postings about Orla 4/12, Bednarska 23/3 and Jerolozimskie 83/18, all of which were disappointing.

So all in all the thing seems to be to plan ahead, be ready to look around, and not expect to strike lucky first time.

My opinion in general about Poland

Polish girls are generally not cute as Serbian, Czech or Hungarian are but it’s not very difficult to hook someone in discos, pubs or even on the street (i.e. asking for information and so on) many speak some English (especially in Warsaw), the most speak German. Clubs and discos are crowded of a lot of stunning and young girls. Pros are located in hotels’ night clubs, brothels (burdle) and in night clubs (never saw any along the street, but the weather during this period doesn’t help. Rates are based on a 1 hour performance in Poland one hour usually means a 1 time fuck with some intercourse (just a BJ, condom mandatory) if you are able to speak some polish, or Italian/Spanish (don’t know why but many speak these languages) and you create a better feeling, you can have a better service at a better price
what I want to mean is: Poland is not a great place to whore mongering but if you spend some time to understand the situation and to find the best girl and place, you can have some interesting meeting…
IMHO hotel night clubs are to avoid (many ugly or average girls, just some cute but prices are generally high – 100/125 $ per hour) brothels/night clubs are better if you are patient and carefully in your choice
I think Poland is not the best choice among eastern European countries…though the scenery is not so bad as ever, it’s up to you

Alibi Night Club
Koryta trasa A2
50km from Swiecka
Tel 0 502 999 555
Tel 4 868 3416 027
Web Site
Close Circuit Camera watched parking
About 50km from the Germany Border

Hi guys next time you’ll stop in Warsaw take look here: http://www.nowolipie.pl

Night Club Eden
Rzepin Zachodnia Str 2a
Telefon: 607-154-704
E-mail: edenclub@vp.pl
Web Site

Wyposażenie: bar, pipe, drink bar, air conditioning, showers, fireplace, s-m equipment, pillory, places of captivity, saloon, bathroom
Program: striptease, lesbian show, company, massage, sex, domination
Open: mo-fr: Non-stop
sat-sun: Non-stop
Just over the border from Germany

Telefon: 507-444-333
Telefon: 502-999-555
E-mail: alibi@alibi-club.pl
Web Site
Wyposażenie: bar, pipe, drink bar, jacuzzi bath, showers, sauna, s-m equipment, gynecological armchair, pillory, places of captivity, bedroom, saloon, bathroom. Program: go-go dance, striptease, s/m show, water show, company, massage, Domination
Open: mo-fr: Non-stop
sat-sun: Non-stop

Full discretion – Good prices – Your Car is invisible from the route – Secured parking – Open 24H

ul. Boruszyn 37
Telefon: 0601809598
E-mail: info@hubertusclub.pl
topurl{www.HubertusClub.pl, Web site}
Wyposażenie: bar, pipe, drink bar, showers, fireplace
Program: go-go dance, striptease, lesbian show
Open: mo-fr: Non-stop
sat-sun: Non-stop

Passat Grzybowo
web site
tel stacjonarny:
(094) 358-14-48
Telefon komórkowy:
właściciel: 604-408-726

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