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Try international girls at the downtown clubs. They speak English But they’re a bit more expensive. $ 100-200 per day plus expenses.

If your Spanish language capabilities are moderate. That means that you can have basic conversations in Spanish and have negotiations, you could get girls out of normal bars. This would bring the price down to closer to $ 50/day plus expenses. You may also find one that will choose to go with you for nothing if she likes you and wants to see the places that you are going.

Find a girl. Talk for a while and tell her that you’ll be there for a few days, then go sightseeing. If you get along, take her for the night and see if you enjoy each others company. The important part is to talk long enough to see if you think she would be fun for several days. If so, take her on a date the following night. At dinner, discuss the trip. If she’s interested, ask her to come with you. 1 out of 4 girls will accept. In Peru and Ecuador, the girls are not making big bucks. Most outside the international bars where foreigners pay big bucks are earning $ 100 or less per week. If you’re offering a deal that is better than that, you have a good chance of geting the girl.

In Lima, the economics are different from the Mexico/US border. A girl working as a dancer in a bar is probably earning less than $25 per week in the bar. If she does not dance, she is earning less than $ 20. Most of the lookers don’t get taken out more than once or twice a week at between $ 50 and $75 long time. Some of the girls don’t average one take out a week, or even one every two weeks. The supply of chicas is high and the number of customers is low.

Girls in Lima made the following comments:
1. The local men don’t have money. They will come in and spend $ 30 bucks, buy a few drinks and get some free feels. They don’t have the extra for take out.
2. The number of girls is so large that there are always more girls than guys. Bars always have more girls than men usually 2:1 or more.
3. There are a few girls who have regulars who have money, but most do not. This means that they always have to hustle to get business.

The girls need to earn about $300 per month to survive  just basic survival. That means that they need at least 3 customers per month. Most are barely making it. The economics are in your favor. If you’re a nice guy, you have a good chance to have a chica for your time in Peru or Ecuador.

Santiago Providencia/Las Condes area about a year December 01. Girls in the classifieds. Found several very hot girls, and most would give BBBJ and CIM. Chilean girls seemed very liberal on this point. No trouble at top hotels getting girls sent up to your room.

Providencia at the Providencia Hotel
Found these strip club names. I have always been propositioned within a few drinks at most South American clubs. When you don’t speak the language well enough to call escorts, these are the next places to try.
Platinum Club
3820 Candelaria Goyenechea
Local 1, Vitacura, Santiagol Chile
22:00 to 05:00 Monday to Saturday

Passapoga Night Club
1100 Providencia Ave.
Providencia, Santiago Chile
20:00 to 5:00 Monday to Saturday

Champagne Club
9607 Vitacura Ave
Santiago Chile
22:00 to 05:00 Monday to Saturday

Lucas Club
Grl. Holley
Providencia, Santiago Chile

Divas Club
Grl. Holley
Providencia, Santiago Chile

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