St. Maarten

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If you are ever on the Dutch side of St. Maarten, go to a place called Le petit maison. It kind of hard to find since you have to go down a dirt road and, I actually missed the first couple of times. This place is a bar and starts working at 7pm. the ladies are mostly Colombian and black. But there are a few pretty ones. You get your Heineken…sit down and a woman will approach you, if not interested buy her a heine and she’ll the get the idea. If the girl you are interested in comes to you, you go in the back and pay $3 for the room. Now they will quote$30 to $60 as to what you want. trust me, just be persistent and they will do all for $20. sometimes there are a few girls that are extremely good looking, yo can actually take them out of the establishment for $100 and have your way with them the whole night. Oh by the way brush up on your Spanish….

The place if you go to St Martin is Casablanca. The girls are beautiful (8-10). For $40, you can get a quickie, but the real trick is to take one of these beautiful ladies home. For $220-$180, you will have a lady who will treat you like a king and more than satisfy your every desire. I prefer the ladies from Santo Domingo. They will treat you like their boyfriend. I just returned (10 July 2000) and I’m still on cloud nine. HINT: go ear

I know all the clubs in St Martin but they are hard to find. I was there only 2 weeks ago doing a photo shoot. I can recommend Amelia at Le Petite Chateau. I even have photos of her if you want to see them. She’s a shapely tanned blond. Language is a common problem at Casablanca. Amelia’s English is fair to middling.

Casablanca is now the best club on the island the girls cost an average of us$90. Carolina’s is also good, they have Jacuzzi there

Seaman’s Club
just out of Philipsburg. To get their take the road from Philipsburg toward the French side by staying on the east side of Salt Pond. You will be heading toward the Sucker Garden Region. About two miles out of town on your left will be a white building set back from the street with a relatively new sign. There is a string of lights over the front door that makes the place look a little like a used car lot. There may be several girls sitting outside or one guy watching the parking lot depending on the time of day. As you enter, get a drink at the bar and have a seat. Two televisions playing above the bar. A girl will approach you and here is where you may need some Spanish to break the ice will begin to talk. Most of the women were from Colombia, with several women from other islands mixed in. For $40 you get up to 20 minutes with the girl of your choice in her room. Everything is covered and some girls offer anal for an extra fee. The place was never very crowded anywhere from 10 – 12 girls working at any time, they start at 11:00am and go until 4:00am Seaman’s Club is fairly famous and any local or cab driver can get you there if you can’t find it.

Casa Blanca or White House
On the road toward Oyster Pond look for the large White House on a hill with “Casa Blanca” painted on the side. It looks like a large apartment building. Up the dirt drive and find a place to park. There were as many as 40 girls there and never fewer than 25. The only real difference is the girls were more aggressive and you had to buy a condom from the bartender. The Girls here are always Spanish speaking mostly Colombian. For $40 you get the girl of your choice in her room. Again, there is music, no TV and cheap drinks to be had.

Defiance Hotel
I stop by the Defiance Hotel it was about 9:00 on a Friday night and only 3 girls working but about. 9:00 is early in St. Martin standards. After a while several more girls came out from the back and asked if I wanted company. Found a cute one to go with She was 5’6″ 120 lb. Colombian, with nice natural tits. The service was good and worth the $45.00 plus the room.

Le Petite Chateau
I decided to go looking for some daytime action. I checked this place out at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon because it was identified as a possibility for daytime action. There were about 15 girls working here.

Was here over the summers Defiance and Haven are still two of the hot spots for girls. You can find all the hot Colombians girls here. Seamens Club caters to the cruise ship crowd and anyone else who will go into the place. I found the place to be a little sleazy little where porn is shown on the TV sets above the bar. You know what the goal in this place is they make no bones about it.

Found myself in St Martin for a week while waiting to be reassigned by my company. So I used the time to have lots of fun. Went to the following brothels: Casablanca, Borders, Le Petit Maison, Seamans and Defiance. I found Defiance and Seamans to be my two top choices on the Island. Most of the girls were from Columbia and a few from the Dominican Republic. The drinks in Seamans are $3 but they don’t have a bar fine to take the girls to the rooms. In Defiance the drinks were only $2 plus you have to pay the bar fine of $3 so it worked out to be almost the same. Most of the time the girls all started at the same price $40 but it was not any work to get them down to $30. These girls speak very little English so unless you can speak Spanish you will be at a disadvantage here.
Defiance is a big bar with

I was there last year. There are a few casas on the Dutch side where service is available at $30 for 15 minutes. These are located about 20 minutes by car from the major hotel area. Most of the women were from the DR, Columbia, and Jamaica, but no local women. The strip clubs there are not worth a visit.

Platinum Club
Maho Beach Resort
Entrance $10 and your first drink is included. Most of the girls speak English fairly well, but it is a second language for them. A girl will get up on the stage (which is fairly large) and do two songs, one clothed, the second song topless. Afterwards, she will try to hit you up for a tip of a dollar or two. Private dances can be had in the “Jungle Room” where there is much grinding and teasing but not real extras.

Sex in St. Maarten

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