Escorts (Agencias)

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Ask a local for advice in finding a good pay-for-play session and he’d probably tell you that if you couldn’t go to a terma, then you should call an escort agency. There are several in Rio. Consult our list for ideas. Prices are normally 150 BRL for 1 hour and 200 BRL for two, unless the agency is offering a promocao (reduced session rate). You should also give the lady 10-20 BRL for the taxi. Tips are discretionary.

Here are some common terms you’ll see on websites or advertisements.

Completa = complete service – oral, anal, intercourse
Dupla = session with two women
Festinhas = 2-hour session with 5 women
Pernoite = 24-hour session
Promocao = promotion, reduced session rate

In a nutshell:

  • Call the agency.
  • Request one (or more) of the ladies.
  • Decide if you want a 1- or 2-hour session.
  • Pay her up front, when she arrives.
  • Wait for her to call her agency, to confirm she arrived and received the money.
  • Get down to business. BBBJ and DATY is common. Completa sessions may cost 50 BRL extra.

Sounds pretty easy, but there are some things to be aware of. Such as:

  • Escorts tend to be slightly less attractive as the better Help or termas workers, but have better dispositions (college girls, etc.). Of course, YMMV.
  • Call early in the day for an evening appointment. Escorts usually don’t work weekends, however.
  • Verify the price in advance, especially a promocao.
  • Sometimes, escorts work for different agencies under different names – and different pricing scales.

Finally, learn some Portuguese, so you can give your wants to the agency operator and the lady when she arrives, and, just as important, deal with any problems. Such as:

Bait-and-switch: Sometimes, the agencies will agree to send you the lady you want, and then another one shows up. If you like the substitute, no problem. If you don’t, then you don’t have to accept the situation. Send her back, but give her taxi money. Better still: make it clear when making an appointment that you won’t accept a substitute.

Completa? Que?: Even though a lady’s profile says she’ll do anal, she could refuse it after the session starts. (Standard excuse: “You’re too big!”) You need to clarify that up front, before you give her the money. Same goes for mouth finishes.

EEEK!: Although the pictures are usually accurate, the women often do not show their faces in their ads. There may be a reason for this. If you don’t like what you see when you open the door, you can send her back to the agency. But be nice about it: give her taxi fare for her trouble.


Web Site

Agencia Cris
(21) 2205-7787/2256-6744
Web Site

Agencia Mil Faces
(21) 9885-6645/9885-6646
Web Site

Barra Queen
(21) 3387-7303/2497-5928
Web Site

Cassia Scort
(21) 3181-8291/8845-8741
Web Site

Cia Plus*
(21) 2545-4547/2545-4546
Web Site

Company Girls*
2522-6978/2513-1867 (Matriz Zona Sul)
2494-0197/2454-5497/3287-3494 (Filial Barra)
Web Site

Desejo Rio
Web Site

(21) 2259-3526/3185-4955/9686-5201
Web Site

Encontros On Line
(21) 9445-5980/9728-2077
Web Site

Fetiches Online
(21) 8712-0650/9302-5067
Web Site

Independent escorts, info. on termas and massage parlors
Web Site

Karla Models*
(21) 2502-4290/2504-4810
Web Site

Linda’s Models
Web Site

Malu Models
(21) 3287-7849/3903-1809/9921-3583
Web Site

Web Site

(21) 8878-9168/9756-1411
Web Site

Scort Show*
Web Site

* = These agencies seem to be the most reliable. Of course, YMMV.

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