Catania Strada

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Just afew lines about Catania. Now the famous San Berillo is more or less defunct, action is not so easy to find. I like to have a run along the Catania-Gela road and often meet some sexy black girls and Colombian girls. I find the Colombian girls more willing and more enthusiastic. Last month I went there and picked a Colombian women. She was not so young but very dirty looking which I like…very short mini skirt and large tits. We went to a site under a road bridge..many cars there and you can see quite well some of the action. Anyway..we stripped of complete..I prefer..and she soon went down on my condom..until it was rock hard..I nearly came at this point. At the same time I was fingering her asse and pushing a finger then two inside. She seemed to like this and we decided to do anal sex. My car, being small meant it was better to go outside while she went doggy across the front seats. I put a condom on while she put some lube on her asse and I slid gently into her “culo” (asse). She puched back into me until I was completely inside. I started to push and pull with more cock then came out. To my amazement she pulled of the condom and asked me to cum into her culo. I re-entered and the feeling was super..after a few frenetic minutes I felt the tide cumming and I spurted my load into her culo. I know this is naughty without a condom but the temptation was to much (ps I have checked myself out and no problems. I have since been back with a friend and we took the same woman and her friend together..not bad ofr 50.000 lira each (about $20). She is a very kinky woman..she even wants my friend and I to perform sex for her..we a re both no problem.

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