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Damascus, I have been there last year, it was very nice experience, English language is not too common. there r two type of villas to be rented for, one is family type one is single type, that’s why for the sex purpose u have to rent a single person villa, just ask to any cabs driver about that. here in these villas I have experienced that that owner of the villa or manager came to me and he asked me that sir what do u want I tell him straight and after just one hour a beautiful babe was there.

here is shoot system (straight sex just one time)is famous I gave her for one time 2000 lira but she was ХХХХХХХ beautiful, but these girls are always in hurry. These girls always ask for tips but don’t give them a tip before sex ask her if that ok I will give u, but after the sex, this is a good tip.

Always bargain with the villa manager he will arrange every thing for u like beer, whiskey…..but for these things may be he will be little costly but safe. always change the currency from exchange the outside brokers will give u more lirras but it is very dangerous there some brokers r c.i.d agents.

Nice commercial girls are widely available in many Arab countries. However, it is not easy to get them unless you are Arab or speak Arabic well. You need to have good /open Arabic friends. That is the best way)

It was the same in Damascus. I was there late October, staying at a five star hotel. Luckily, I got a nice taxi driver who speaks English very well. He arranged me two girls. One really sexy. the other big but still quite sexy. We went to a some lady (different lady – looked like she made some side-job by renting her flat). We had really a hot session for 2 hours)) BJ, kiss, 3-some etc. used condom (they had). I spent $80 in total and gave $10 to the taxi driver. Wonderful experience. I went there again in January, but I could not find that taxi driver.. What you need is just good luck.

I went to an office (most offices or agents would know you’re looking for sex) and rented a flat for a couple of days, the guy at the office will ask you if you need the servant or not, which you will have to answer yes for. directly after you’ve sorted out yourself the servant will come to you asking you whether you need girls or not. you can describe the looks you need and in most cases you will get what you’re looking for. girls would be rated 7 on average, although you can find some 10’s. prices are as low as 1000 S.L = $20 for cumming once up to S.L 10000 for the whole night. quality of the girls in the sense of action, vary a lot from girl to another, anyway ask her for the anal and BJ’s before paying the cash, so you can assure yourself that you’ll have a great experience.

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