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Rwanda Kigali is a special country. After the genocides in ’94 you should think it was like a disaster there. But people are really friendly and the nightlife is great. It starts a little late in the evening but then it goes on to morning. Clubs to visit: ‘New Cadillac’ a very nice ,noisy but good music and a lot of great action. The girls are very easy to get in contact with. And I tell you maybe the most wonderful girls in Africa are from Rwanda. Wow. ‘Maxim’ at Hotel Umubano is the most upscale club. It has a lot of people Fridays and Saturdays. Everything can had here. ‘Turtle’ is located in downtown Kigali where the Congolesian music is heavy. An absolute must to visit. All over there are places, and for a white man it is very comfortable to visit Kigali and Rwanda. People are nice and they do not push like in many East African places. I find Rwanda the best place for fun and a good time in Africa. If you’re looking for a girl for a night or even a week, they are there and provide a nice GFE

Rwanda is a special country. Kigali is like a big village: nice, calm and friendly. I came in from Nairobi in the morning and headed for a cafe. At another desk there were 5 girls chattering. It took some minutes, since we got in contact about something – I think I needed some sugar or so. Five more minutes, and the nicest girl set beside me and from that moment I had a wonderful girl (21 years) showing me the town and in the evening much more!! She was very passionate in bed, but refused to do oral action. I liked the kind she was, we met several times in the following days. She never requested for money.

So respect the girls, be sensual and give them a good sexual appearence and it will even better for you!!

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