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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Vienna (Wien)
Main Cities: Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck
Population: 7,834,000 Area []: 83,850
Currency: 1 euro = 100 cents
Languages: German
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant


Vienna City Clubs Address
Vienna D&B Night bar Strahlenergasse 1 Sex 1250
Vienna Studio Phantasie 18 Bezirk Schulgasse 43
Vienna Babylon Liebenberggasse 2 M-F 17/4 SS 20/4
Vienna Studio 1 C 18 Bezirk Eichenstrasse 8
Vienna Petit Fleur 18 Bezirk Hetzendorferstrasse 150
Vienna Haus Miriam 3 Bezirk Juchgasse 11
Vienna Casa Piccola 18 Bezirk Würffelgasse 1c
Vienna Arbeitergasse 42a 18 Bezirk Arbeitergasse 42a
Vienna Funny House Floridsdorf, 18 Bezirk Prager Straße 114
Vienna Chez Christin Hernals, 18 Bezirk Hernalser Gürtel 25
Vienna The Big Apple 18 Bezirk Seilerstätte 5 (Near Ronacher)
Vienna Le Souterrain Rudolfsheim 18 Bezirk Hütteldorfer Str. 49
Wiener Neustadt La Notte Pottendorfer Straße 265 Sex 1200
Klagenfurt Bar Erotica Karfreitstraße 18 Kärnten Sex 1000
Linz House of Love Bäckermühlweg 20 Wegscheid
Linz Villa Ostende Eisenbahngasse 14
Linz Tinas Studio Exclusiv Dinghoferstrasse 55
Linz Tutti Frutti Graben 5
Graz Nuttenhaus Reininghausstrasse 61
Feldkirch Studio Linda und Lisa Bahnhofstrasse 29
Salzburg Babylon Wals Hinterfeldweg 57 Daily 15/3

Vienna, Austria with my tour guides the last week on Monday, they took me to an apartment brothel called Garden Sauna in Juchasse 11. No one was home in the morning or they were occupied except for Mona at Apt 3. She charged me 150 Euros for a full hour. I was disappointed in the sex because she only does cbjs. She does suck your balls if you ask her to. She also gives doesn’t watch the clock when you are with her which I liked. She was surprisingly gorgeous for a 41 year old woman. I guess European women don’t age as much as American women because at 41, most American women have cellulite but she didn’t have cellulite on her. The cbj did kill the mood though because this trip was after having all those great bbbjs in Germany so comparing this to Germany, this was not as good. Also for the price of 150 Euros, this was a ripoff. Germany FKKs are a lot cheaper and better. They only charge 50 Euros for a half hour or 100 for the hour AND the girls are much more gorgeous and does better service. Also I liked the gorgeous Czech border girls who are desperate and will even kiss your feet for your patronage so they too do great service.

Babylon Vienna in June and found it excellent. Some folks here on the board thought I was being over enthusiastic as they felt it expensive compared to Germany (which I haven’t experienced yet – but I am in Munich next week and looking forward to it) – from memory it ended up costing 500 euros for one girl each night. I found the service wonderful, the girls friendly, no pressure to extract extra money, and while not cheap, based on my experiences outside of Germany it was good value for money (look what they charge you for Champagne in clubs in Paris or Copenhagen before you even get to paying the girl). Interestingly, one of the girls I went with was German and up for the week from Munich! So it gets my recommendation if you are in Vienna.

I very often visit the MAISON DE PLAISIER in Salzburg, Steingasse (old town, but on the other side of the Salzach, 200m after the “Das Kino” Cinema and never have got disappointed. I love all the Brazilian girls there, esp. Katya. 75 € once, 150€ full hour. It is the oldest brothel of Austria and in use till the 17th century!!!

Unfortunately Katya is no longer in the Maison / Steingasse /Salzburg. But Patrizia, a well-formed Czech Woman gives her best to satisfy you ! Sometimes almost GFE with a fine massage after doing it…

Club Carmen
Sterneckstrasse 14
Salzburg 5020
10 – 15 women
270 Euro for one hour FS
free entry

Vienna Street Action, but the term street action is a bit of a misnomer. All the girls work in clubs so while they might stand on the street, you have to go back to the club with them. That action doesn’t start until after nine and I was jet lagged so I needed something earlier in the evening.

In zone 7 of the city, the Neubaugurtel (spelling might not be perfect) runs in front of the West Banhoff station. Many of the clubs are on either side of this street. If you want a quickie, you can try Kabinensex at #18 Neubaugertel. This place has little cabins, similar to what you find in peep shows. There are two holes in the wall, one to watch the porno flick on the video screen and one for your cock to be serviced.

My experience was less than pleasant. The price quoted was ATS 300 for a hand job, 400 for a blow or for 600 I could go to another cabin and play with her tits while she blew me. She was not the most attractive lady so I was reluctant to do anything but I knew I couldn’t stay awake for more interesting events. She gave me a lousy BJ and the video wasn’t even that interesting but you might do better with another lady. The concept is certainly interesting. Exchange rate ATS 13 = $1 US

Having enjoyed the postings from all over the world and seeing that my home city hardly has to offer coverage here some remarks:
1. street action: starting at 09.00 p.m. on the Guertel and other streets off Guertel. find your way walking from the Westbahnhof (train station) to the left on the big boulevard. On both sides many bars with girls standing in front or nearby. prices start from ATS 500,– for a bj in the car up to ATS 3.000,– for one hour full service in a room. girls are registered and have a very professional attitude but they are clean and you can feel safe.

2. Callgirls: Escorts, independent studios (“hostessen”): look them up in with many links, or in the classifieds of the dailies “Kronen Zeitung”, “Kurier” (look for “Kontakte”)or in specialised magazines as SOZ, BASAR, KOR. propably the best bet if you are lucky to find a girl that suits you. prices start from ATS 800,– for straight sex short time to several thousand. One hour full service will be between ATS 2.000 and 3.500,–. Some have their own studios, others make outcalls or meet you in a hotel (remember Hotel Orient and Hotel Goldene Spinne for renting rooms for 2-3 hours)

3. nightclubs: I only want to mention “Babylon” (, 1st district, near the Marriot hotel because it excels all others by far. There are 20-30 young beautiful girls from all over the world and no hassle. You pay deductible ATS 1.000 for being there as long as you want, drinking as much good stuff as you want (only champagne to be paid extra but then you are admitted to to the champagne bar with free havanna cigars), and chatting with the young ladies. You even can get hors d’oeuvres or a warm dish. when you have made your choice the girl will lead you to a spacious room with Jacuzzi, shower, wc and a big bed. the furniture is exquisite. girls in this house will kiss you and give head sans condom. they enjoy the action if you treat them kindly, your giving head will be appreciated. you will be charged before leaving the place ATS 4.000 for half an hour of room occupancy, 5.000 for one hour 6.000 for one and a half and so on. no need to leave after action, you will be served coffee and other drinks, your girl will join you again at the bar to thank you and chat with you. when you feel strong again choose the next one, most of them are very pretty and they all try to be charming companions. expensive but worth every ATS. they prefer cash unless you have a huge bill.- other nightclubs may be cheaper but you will be constantly pressed to buy ladies drinks and the girls will try to lead you to the room literally by your cock.
1 US$ equals appr. ATS 13.5

I was only in Vienna for one night, so I wanted to make the best of it. I did not have enough time to go around the prater, so I missed out on that. After checking into my hotel across the street from Westbahnhof station, I took the number 5 tram headed for the prater, but got off when I saw the “Peep show 69”. Inside, they have a sign that shows pictures of 10 girls. If the light under the picture is on, then the girl is there. You go into a private booth and push the numbered button for the girl you want. The girl I selected looked like one of the Barbie twins, and after coming into the room, she gave me a rundown on the prices.

The prices are in Austrian Shillings: Now Euros
Hand job 300, add 200 for touching her or sucking her tits
Blow job 500 add 200 for touching her or sucking her tits
Fuck 1000, everything else included.

I went for full service. She wasn’t the most friendly, but for that price I guess I can’t complain. She had the hottest body I had ever been with.

On my way to the station, and then back after I was finished, I noticed girls on the street waiting for customers. Most of them were pretty cute, a couple of drunk ones, but pretty much a good selection. Most of the street girls wanted 1000 shillings as well, but will do more and be friendlier about it as well. Have fun

Club “Babylon” and Club “The Big Apple” are located virtually around the corner from each other, and have literally 10-20 young women. Be warned ahead of time: There is a high standard of dress code.

Club Babylon has all the Young Babe’s.

Le Souterrain and Chez Christins, are worthy of mention.
Funny House is a Thailand Massage Parlor.

Also, the addresses quoted are not correct, as all being in Vienna Girdle Grid Number # 18.
The Street names are correct, but the Vienna Girdle Grid Numbers need updating.

The best thing to do, is to go to the VIENNA AIRPORT,
get a map from the magazine shop, and get to know Vienna by GRID SECTION.
It will take you a while, to correct all the mistakes, by looking up all the street names,
and cross referencing them, finding them on the map, and writing them down.

Club “Babylon” & Club “The Big Apple” is Located by the River

Variete Maxim Wien
Karnertner Strasse 61
A-1010 Wien
Tel 43 1 505 81 05
Monday – Saturday 21pm – 6am
Special Days
Every Thursday: Champagne Society
Champagne Special

Public Transportation
Subway U1, U2 or U4 Karlsplatz [thumbshot url=]

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