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Just returned from a few days in Edmonton. Not many girls on 95th st – one or two at most, even on a Saturday evening in June, although the weather was cold. Visited Sinderellas on 109th St with Tabatha, a sweet 20-something blond with a big boobs (if they aren’t natural her plastic surgeon should get a Nobel prize!), cute face and nice personality. I’d definitely go back, in fact I did the next day.

On the drive over to Sinderella’s I saw two girls working on 106th Ave around 105th St, exceptionally pretty but they looked very young.

I also hit Chez Pierre’s on 105th St, a nude dancing club unlike any I’d visited before. If you go expecting to pay the cover and minimum to watch the stage show, you’ll be disappointed — more than half the time the stage is empty. The action is the table dances ($13 each and more like lap dances than table dances). To really enjoy the experience bring $20 for the cover, $7.50 for the 2 Pepsi (no alcohol served) minimum and $130 for table dances each hour you plan to stay. The girls are pretty and very friendly. After 5 or 6 dances from Katrina, she asked if she could just sit in my lap and cuddle a while — how could I say no? Katrina is a 20-something blond with average size boobs, but the finest ass I’ve seen (touched, too, since touching is allowed). Helena is why I kept going back. This dark-haired Quebecois really knows how to turn a guy on. Her sexy French accent only adds to the experience. Sinderella’s and Chez Pierre’s are my two recommendations for Edmonton

I’m quitting and dammit before I retire, I’ve got to give back to the community. Edmonton has a very healthy massage industry that gets better all the time. I salute the women who, by providing excellent service all these years, have kept me away from the dangerous street scene. Here’s a decade of experience in a nutshell. Stay with these ladies and you won’t go wrong. The best Edmonton SP’s in no particular order are: April (Pleasure Point); Jade (Deja Vu); Monique (Fantasy); Raven (Mirage & 99st Studio); Nikki (Cove); Natasha (Divas); Kayla (Fort Rd); Crystal(Cloud Nine); Sandy (Head to Toe); Eva (Aristocrat); Sky (Mirage & 99st); Jamie(Xtc); Jewel(Fort Rd); Taylor (Cove); Julie-Ann (Mirage & 99st); Sam (Fort Rd); Anna (109st and Electric Touch); Diana (Fantasy); Carrie (Wild Rose); Tamara (Divas).

Avoid the following SP’s and save your money: Jennifer (Pleasure Point); Molly (Head to Toe); Lexus (Mirage and 99st); Maria (Wild Rose); Savannah (Xtc); Tess (Mirage); Angela (Pleasure Point); Holly (Aristocrat).

Massage Parlors to avoid totally: South Side Studio; Angel’s Touch; Escape; Southern Comfort. Watch out for my next list in FAREWELL REVIEW

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