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Stayed at Badala Park hotel for 2 weeks, in Sept (rainy season. Straight off being a single guy, I had guys offering to take me to meet their “sister” for jiggy jiggy. A lot of the hotel staff are willing to either go to your room (cleaners are best bet) or take you home to their compound. They’re not prostitutes though, they just want you to enjoy your holiday so you’ll come back and really it’s up to you what you give them as a “present”. Remember, that most only earn about £15 a month, so think African not European prices. Mostly very good screws, bbbj and an energetic fuck can be had for as little as £5 for an hour in your room.

There are some stunning and I mean stunning girls over there and they all want a white boyfriend, so you will have no problems finding what you want. I had girls ranging from 18 and up, after me.

Outside the hotels, almost all the girls you meet will be up for it, either invite them to your hotel or go to their compound. Some will actively pursue you, but if you see one you like anywhere, don’t be afraid to approach her and chat, they’re all very friendly and don’t take offence easily. The “spy” bar is a notorious pickup joint, with all sorts of girls, but they can be a bit pushy.

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