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Istanbul has many many different neighborhoods of which visitors, new to the city, see only two or three. First of all, the Lalei district is closest to Sultanahmet – or the neighborhood most tourists will end up visiting. It’s also the least Istanbulish of all neighborhoods, packed with new immigrants from the Ukraine, Russia, and Romania. Several of the streets in Lalei on my last visit in March 2001 were emptied of prostitutes, which I think is the result of a crack down in the Islamicist run city government. Ironically, the last post left by “II” is probably commenting on Slavic or Romanian women from Lalei and not Turkish women at all. The other likely neighborhood where businessmen are likely to visit is Taksim. There are a couple spots run by the Mafia trying to haul the uninitiated into their traps. I’ve never been to these places in Taksim, but from what I’ve heard, I recommend taking the 30-minute walk (or 5 minute cab ride) to Nisantasi to visit club Nadide.

Nylon’s post from September 11 still holds true. Club Nadide on Valikonagi cadessi in Nisantasi has a variety of talent – including several beauties who absolutely trample the monobrow skunk-monster stereotype into the ground. However, English is not spoken or not spoken well at Nadide. If you go, bring an English-Turkish dictionary (that is if you don’t speak Turkish). Also, bring a good attitude and an empty bladder to prepare for the unending flow of tea.

All I can say is that I wish I were capable of accepting II’s sympathy and that I were “stuck in Istanbul” a truly magnificent city.

Istanbul Massage parlor in upscale Nisantasi district called Nadide… Located on the first street on the right from Valikonagi street. There is a sign outside with phone numbers on it. (212 – 2417582 / 2416382) It is open from noon to midnight, 7 days a week. About 8 to 10 girls between the ages 20 and 30 work in this place… The setting and the rooms clean and are decorated like a real massage parlor but I doubt any of the girls know how to give a real massage. Condom a must for FB but BJs are w/out it. An older lady opens the door and you are taken to the main lobby where she asks you if you’d like tea or coffee – no alcohol! – while you “examine” the girls. You can chat with the girl of your choice for a while before she takes you upstairs. Turkish hookers invariably begin talking about their private problems such as their kid’s illness or a fight with their landlord, etc. as soon as you get intimate so one may have to be blunt about the topic and the direction of the conversation. At Nadide, first you have to pay about 15-20 million Turkish Lira (aprrx. $30) at the desk. Upstairs you tip her first about the same amount or a little more. They have clean shower facilities for before and after. You can have double as well, which is what i went for after becoming a regular with this girl named Buket (excellent service, a bit rubenesque and a 6.5). During my last visit, I asked her to invite another hot blond number who caught my eye at the lobby. The second girl came in the room (can’t remember her name but she is a 7.5 on my scale) while we were at it and watched us for a while, then joined the action. (I arranged to pay her share – $40 – to Buket to make matters less complicated.) Although I made myself perfectly clear against it, #2 kept insisting on sticking her finger in my butt, telling all kinds of stories about how even her most conservative clients love it. Buket did not interfere but was pissed when #2 become dominant for Buket considered herself the real host and the 2nd girl our “guest”. Nonetheless, I came quickly for a new girl is always my biggest aphrodisiac but I was irritated about the whole negative circuitry, too, and instead of getting double, I can say I only got half the pleasure. After I came I told #2 she should not insist on such things, and after she left the room, Buket gave me one of the best BJ’s I ever had for an apology. She gave me her private cellular number and said she could come over to my apartment discreetly but I didn’t have the time/chance to call her, yet. Lastly, I hear there are many other nice massage parlors but I don’t know their locations since they are not listed in the yellow pages

The information in this guide is correct. Try Lalei/Asakary area On street “Mustafa Kamal Caddesi ” In Turkish Caddesi means street. and on a side street of intersection “Mustafa Kamal Caddesi ” & Mesipha caddesi. There are some Night Clubs ads Disco These are Rip off people will try to take you in But again that is a rip-off . Instead go to any BAR the drink costs 2$. There are lot of girls there in the BARS they will approach you the Drink for girl is also 2$ You can fin 8 or nine there also . If you do not like the girls in one BAR just go out & try other BAR there are lots of BAR there all full of Girls . The main thing cost US$30 for a few hours to a night it depend on the bargain. Most important Discuss & agree every thing ( Time , what to do, how may times, every thing) in advance with the girl. DO NOT tip the girl in advance tell her if you like the service then you will tip her also. Have a nice time

If you are unlucky enough to be stuck in Istanbul, you have my sympathy. The women of Turkey are not what you would call “attractive” by any Western standard. I find the joke about “why Turkish boys want to grow a mustache? So they can look like their mother. . . . “ The reviews here are flattering and completely overrated. With the financial disaster now underway, there may be many more amateurs out, but even then they all will have one large eyebrow all the way across their forehead and smell bad.

Try “Bakardi” Bar in Aksaray. Excellent place. Lots of good looking free lance girls, mainly Ukranian, Moldovian, Russian, Romanian and some Turkish. Clean place, reasonable rates. The action picks up at 11:00 and good lookers (8-9s)disappear by 01:00. (unless you are really unlucky)

It is on the main road, right at the entrance of the underpass of AKSARAY. Any taxi will take you there. Very safe. Go into the building. As you enter there are wide steps leading down. Take them. You will see a couple of bouncers, where they will check you for guns and other stuff. The “vestier” is also here. Just be courteous and they will be courteous as well.
Go down the stairs. It is a huge place. lots of girls. 20-50 at a time. Usually more girls then men. girls are between 5 to 9.

Take a seat at one of the tables, preferably one with a good view of the place. So you don’t miss any of the good looking ones. The place is big! after all. The waiters are friendly. They will ask what you would like to drink, order a beer or a whisky, and you will get that plus the fruit tray and the nuts. Don’t refuse for you won’t save any money.(don’t make a difference, you will still end up receiving the same charge on your bill.)

Now open your eyes, and chose one of the beauties, call the waiter and point at her, and he will go and bring the girl over to your table. Now you have to buy her a drink as well, she will drink something slightly alcoholic. NP, It is not expensive. Once you have ordered her drink, you can start discussing your evening plans. The girls come for either 3 hours, or full night. Agree on the duration and any specific requests you may have. Don’t be shy. Once the deal is struck suggest you leave. why wait? You will have to pay her at the table. She will take the money, under the table, and then will get up to go to the ladies toilet at the entrance. You may ask her to wait so you settle the bar tab, or you may tell her to go ahead, and she will wait for you at the toilet gates, with her clothing bag for the morning. Don’t make any difference either way, I have tried both at least 20 times, and have never been cheated.

The girls prefer to go to a hotel they know and they will suggest one. As long as you are staying at a good hotel, they will accept that as well. (At least 4 stars, you don’t want to have hassle at the reception)

The girls carry their own condoms. At least 2. They will usually insist.(if they don’t, i do!)Each have their own preference. I haven’t met any of them that hasn’t gone to take a shower as soon as she gets in the room. So you are getting nice and clean. I usually prefer to do the same myself. Fair is fare! (And boy, do they appreciate it) Have a drink from the room bar, or use the room service (another good will item)(depends on your budget)

Some have been so good, I have told them to stay longer (at no extra charge) and have breakfast in the hotel with me. (Price of breakfast is always included in the hotel room – Remember the 15-25 extra u paid for her double occupancy at the reception?)

Rates start at $150/night and some chicks ask as much as $200/night. You may argue about the price but doesn’t usually get you anywhere. Also, the best lookers don’t necessarily ask the most price. money don’t guarantee quality!!! Usually 30 to 50 less for 3 hours. You gotta give taxi fare in the morning. So count in another $6 (10 million). You may tip if you want, never tried it, and never been asked either.

Bar tab:
10 million ($6) for the table, 5 million ($3) per drink;
Girls drinks should be the same price, but never is usually count 10-15 million ($15-20)per drink for the girls. (Remember the bar doesn’t get anything out of this except the price of the drinks!!!) If you are like me and don’t want to jump the gun, and want to see the next girl before deciding, it will cost you a total of roughly $30. Well worth it, as that is a lot less then what you would have paid at any descent bar. And the view is a lot better here.

The hotel:
Well, this is the complex one. Usually say another 15-25 USD extra for the girl to be paid with your hotel bill, depending on quality of the hotel. Usually it is the cost of the breakfast, which she won’t be having anyway as she will leave at 6 o’clock.

There is some more action in Ankara than just the state run brothel in Ulus.

1) Street action: Try Cinnah Cad. in summer on weekend nights. There are several girls on the right side (when you go up the hill). The girls are between 5 and 7 and charge USD 100 per go. You can agree the full night, this would be around USD 300. You have to take the girls to your hotel. Lately there has also started some action on Baglar Cad. in the suburb of Seyranbaglari.

2) Bars: The best bar to pick up hookers is definitely ”Avlu Bar” (located next to the Dedeman Hotel). Don’t trust anyother information. Avlu Bar is usually crowded with up to 70 chicks after 22.00. You find girls rated 7 and 9. The price is USD 100 and 300 for the night. Great place. Again, you have to take the girl back to your hotel (no problem in Dedeman or the other big hotels). All other bars, especially the ones on Hosdere Cad. in Cankaya are rip-offs.

3) Brothels: The whore house in Ulus is disgusting. Don’t even think of going there.

4) Pavyon: A Pavyon is a kind of bar, restaurant, etc. with live shows. They are very expensive and you can only hold the hand of the girl you invite over to your table. Sometimes (but you gotta be really lucky),you might be able to persuade the girl to meet you the day after until 20.00. Keep away from these places, they are rip-offs

Action is centered around Kaleiçi area. Fİnd where the TUTAV and the Marina hotels are. both lovely. if you have are lucky you are staying there anyway. Now as you come out of TUTAV, turn left at the street, go down 2 streets, turn right at the alley. You will see the sign for a bar called “LADY”. Go in. Usually a couple of girls, caliber: 5 to 7. Price $60 for 1-2 hours. No all nighters. They take a shower, and have their own condoms. Tip a fiver or what the heck a tenner as she leaves. (not my money) You have to escort her back to the bar, after the business is done. Not too bad, who knows a better one may have arrived at the bar.

If LADY is closed (and it does close from time to time) walk the side streets in the hotels area of Kaleiçi, the darker the better. Try any place you see with neon lights. Don’t worry about safety until 1 o’clock in the morning, at least not overmuch. You are pretty safe in Kaleiçi, it is not NY. If you are not alone even better.

(I have never had any trouble in Turkish streets at night time anywhere in Turkey, then again I am Turkish. Warning: An American guy got stabbed in Taksim/Istanbul at 3 o’clock in the morning, coming out of a sleazy place, probably decided to be a dickhead, rather then a gentleman. Be POLITE, and not obnoxious)

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