Karaoke Clubs

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Guam has many different types of Karaoke bars. They range from providing purely drinking and singing entertainment to full sex provided in the back rooms. The problem is that nothing is guaranteed and it can be a hit and miss situation going from bar to bar and even from girl to girl in any particular bar.

Based on personal experience, here is a list of few bars that will provide the most bang for the buck.

Ce La Vie: Has the prettiest oriental girls, the highest bar tab, from $100 to $700 on up. What you get ranges from BJ to FS. It is still up to the girl. You have a great chance, if you become a regular customer. If you enjoy a little bit of uncertainty and a challenge, then this is the place. For guaranteed results just go to the many massage parlors that are simply prostitution houses.

Bonita: Good selection of girls that will put out after buying $100 – $140 dollars worth of $20.00 drinks.

Yelow Rose: Slightly older girls and will put out after buying 7 $20.00 drinks.

Bonita and Yellow Rose are located on Marine Drive in Tamuning. Ce La Vie is on Hotel Row across the street from the Marriot/G-Spot.

Saigon Passion
Booths mostly Asian women,
clean,expensive on Marine Drive.
Open until 2AM
Tel 671 649-1050

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