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Samuel Leong Sex Scene in Singapore

The Bukit Bintang Area of Kuala Lumpur – BE CHOOSY – that is what I would like to say to those of you who frequent the marketeers guys along Bukit Bintang Road areas in Kuala Lumpur. These guys play ‘middle men’ to some big time pimps and you may find yourself having to dish out the extra cash for a lousy service.

One will be approached by the usually Chinese guys – old and young – along the Bukit Bintang Road in the prominent busy area of KL. They will offer you the girls (young, foreign, local) at rates of RM160 – RM 200 per hour equivalent to about US$40 – US$50). A one nite affair will probably cost between RM550 to RM750 (US$120 – US190) depending on what they term as ‘beauty’. I managed to try out their criteria for ‘beauty’. Depending on how horny you are that night. Usually you will be taken to a parking area along the Sun City Complex and hat happens is that the pimps will drive the ladies to you for the picking and choosing. There will be 3 to 4 ladies in a car and probably 2 to 3 cars will come to you and the ‘middle – men’. The nationalities are mostly South East Asian descent – Burmese, Cambodian, Thais or even ‘locals’.

So you do get to choose and that will be within 2 to 5 minutes of viewing so make sure you do take your best pick or you will regret it. After that the exchange of cash happens between the middle men and the lady is yours – either you go to their allocated Hotels or your own hotel if its a Night session.

But be very sure of the type of ladies you choose when you are there. They will be wearing heavy duty make-up, so do not be shocked when you reach the hotel and discover that they are not what they look like. In addition to that also be very careful of the nationalities (whether they command a little bit of English) you choose unless you do intend to have fun using sign languages.

If you are at Kota Kinabalu at Sabah, there are a couple of choices. If you’re feeling rich, I’ll post one on Starberries. For this one, I’ll talk more to the budget conscious audience. Head on down to the old Shangri-La Hotel, there are quite a bit of touchy-feel bars around there. The most famous one goes by the name of California. The modus operandi is as thus, the girls sit with you in exchange for you buying them drinks (RM15 a pop; 1 USD = 3.8 RM). If you really like the girl, you can rent a “massage room” upstairs for RM60. The girl costs RM100 per pop. If you really like her, you can “check out” the slut and bring her back to your room for RM300. Enjoy.

Executive Spa in KL – by U.S. standards the regular services (massage, reflexology, pedicure, manicure, etc) are very reasonable priced. Your shoes even get cleaned and polished while you’re being pampered!

Massage is actually very good (interesting when they pull down your shorts to work on your butt). But I got a feeling that some discreet inquiries would have led to something more fun… but I also got the feeling I’d have to know a lot of Chinese to get to this level.
Anyone else have any experiences here?

In this particular place, they give you very comfortable silk shorts to wear. I wasn’t sure how far the whole experience would go – the masseuse soon put that right!

Tried a few other places to find regular, non-working girls. Hard Rock cafe and Beach Club cafe in golden triangle area are full of girls who’ll ask for money.

Bars in Bangsar (on the city fringe) are much more interesting – cannot fail to find a few friendly locals.

My goal is to hook up with a Chinese redneck girl! But they always travel with the redneck boyfriends.

I actually didn’t get a girl for money from any of these places, so I can’t really tell you how much RM it is. The one time I asked for a price (in the beach club cafe), the girl told me RM400 for an hour (about $100). That seemed way too high, and I wasn’t that interested so I didn’t push it.

But these places are full of part-time and full-time working girls. The usual scene is that they’ll approach rich-looking, white expats, who’ve apparently proved to be a good source of income for the girls. But again, many are shy and need to be talked to and wooed just like a regular girl, except, unlike with a regular girl, the end result is less uncertain.

In the beach club cafe, I saw this good looking older white guy, sitting there for hours (yes, I was there for hours too). At one point he found himself next to two lovely Chinese girls. He got into conversation with one of them, so the other girl, not as pretty, immediately distanced herself. The girl in the middle kept talking to the guy, but didn’t want to make her shy friend feel left out so would talk to her as well, although they were a couple of bar stools away.
Eventually the guy ordered pizza and fries, and
they both cajoled the other girl to share it with them. She obviously wanted to, but was too shy. It certainly seemed like the guy wanted both of them, and they did all leave together, so maybe he did get what he wanted.

It’s better later at night, then the girls are less picky about who they go with.

To get to the Bangsar area from center KL, it’s best to take a taxi. There’s other public transportation but it involves some changing of buses and all that. Any pub or bar will do, really. Sit outside, and you have better chances of catching the eye of some cuties walking by. Make a motion for them to sit down with you. It takes very little to persuade them to sit down with you. And even if you get rejected the first 5 times, the sixth time will work.

The only pub name I remember is Modesto’s, and I think it’s a chain in KL. There are also a couple bars with 3 floors, towards one end of the street. I had a lot of luck picking up local, non-working girls here, after many, many drinks (I have to be careful how much I drink, I don’t stand to attention as readily as I used to many years ago). There are regular girls in Bangsar who’re just there for nothing more than an innocent drink, but many of them are there because the chance of hooking up with foreigners is high. And they are much cuter than the working girls, which is why I tried the harder route.

I have two reviews to write. One for Orchid Spa Center at the Mandarin Court Hotel and another for the Health Club in the PJ Hilton.

First, I will review The one I went to today at the Mandarin Court Hotel on Jalan Maharajalela. Go to the 7th floor and tell them what you want. The guy or girl may ask you “if you want a good massage or a young good looking girl”. If you say good massage, you may get a 45 year old lady who is all burned out, but has perfected her massage technique over the years. I told the guy that the massage part was not that important. A Chinese girl showed up that was in her late 20’s or maybe 30. She was cute and had an okay body. I showered first and she started to massage and I asked about extra’s. She said sex would be 150RM($40 US) more. The massage was 62RM($16 US) paid to the front desk after the massage and the 150RM was paid to her. She started to massage my legs and I told her that was enough. She asked if she wanted a “sexy massage”. Ok with me! She got naked and rubbed my body with her nipples and finger tips. That’s my kind of massage! She pulled out a rubber and asked if I want her to go down on me. I declined and she put the rubber on me. I fucked her doggie style and came on her back after asking her if that was ok. She showered and then I showered. I gave her 20RM($5) as a tip. She was nice and spoke some English, but not much.

The second one I will review will get a bad review. PJ Hilton has a Health Center on the ground floor. I went here last night and the lady asked me if I wanted young and good looking or a good massage. I think there were only two girls working and I saw them as I walked in the door. I should have just taken the $20US massage and called it a loss and moved on to find a better place, but I didn’t. The room was hot and the girl was old. Older than me. I’m 31. She must have been close to 40. She had a slim body and smooth skin, but her hairy stink pussy was a big turn off. I almost couldn’t cum. Anyway, you win some you loose some. I should have walked away from that massage. It was 150RM($40US) for extra service. 80RM($20US) for the massage

The Blue Apple Health Center at the Holiday Villa Hotel in Petaling Jaya on Subang Jaya road. Yesterday I went to The Health Studio in the De INN Hotel in Petaling Jaya near the PJ Hilton.

I will start with the De Inn Health studio. It’s in the Penthouse, The elevator will open to the front desk where you will be greeted and asked what you want. Massage will be offered 78MR($20US). I asked what kind of girls were working and the guy told me there were 6 Chinese girls working. He lead me to a clean room with a table and a shower. I waited for the girl to show-about 4 min. She was good looking and friendly.  She was half Malay and Half Chinese. Good mix! She has me get naked and lay down on the table. Good massage, but I wasn’t there for that. I wanted to tell her she could skip the massage, but didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I asked if she offered “special massage-full service” and she said “sure”. She said that she would make me feel real good- everything for 200RM($53US). Sounded good to me! She said that was a set price and standard. I don’t like to bargain and it sounded fair enough to me. After about 30 min of massage, she had me put on a condom and she laid down on the table. I started off this way, but ended up in three other positions. She was willing to do it in any position I wanted. She even started to talk dirty to me “fuck me darling” and “fuck my pussy” came out of her sweet mouth! OK, I came right back at her with my dirty talk. I asked if I could fuck her in the ass and she said no, I offered 100RM($26US) more and she was willing to give it a try. I got the tip of my dick in and she stopped me and said it was too much. I asked if I could cum on her chest and she let me take the rubber off and do so. We showered off and got dressed. I gave her the extra 100RM-$26US for being such a good sport about the back door thing. I paid for the massage and the sex to her. I’m staying in the De Inn (100RM or $26US/night) and she said she can come to my room if I wanted., but I didn’t take her up on that.

The Blue Apple Health Center at Holiday Villa Hotel in Petaling Jaya. It’s in the Parking garage of the hotel on the 2nd floor. The massage was 80RM($21US). I was asked if I wanted Malay, Chinese, or Indian girl. I picked Indian and was lead to a clean room with bed and shower. Cute Indian girl shows up named “Sharon”. She’s about 4 foot 11 and has a nice little body with big D cup tits. Really nice dark brown skin. She gave an okay massage and this time I told her that a 5 min back and 5 min front massage would be good enough. She stuck to her routine and didn’t leave any part of my body untouched. I asked about full service while she was giving her massage and she said she offered full service for 150RM($39USD). Sounded good to me!! After the massage she took a shower and told me I could take one after sex, She took out 2 condoms and put the first on and began to suck my balls and dick. I stopped her after about 60 seconds and told her I like sex more that BJ’s. She said “OK, no problem” and took off the condom and replaced it with a new one. These were flavored condoms. Smelled better than a regular one! Anyway, I told her I like doggie style the best. She said “OK” and told me to go slow because it had been a day or two since her last time. She asked what position I wanted to start in and I had her lay down on the table. The table was high enough for me to stand up with her on the edge of the table. Had fun like that for a while and had her go on her hands and knees on the table. I was still standing-on my tip toes! I asked if she has ever had it up the ass- “nope”. I asked if she wanted to try- “nope”, for 100RM more? “nope”. I pressed my thumb on her asshole while I fucked her and she had me stop that after about 1 min. I asked if I could cum on her back and she said ok. She was talking dirty as well and knew how to respond to my dirty talk. She said that she could go to my room if I was staying in that hotel -Holiday Villa. I asked front desk how much per night for a room-195RM-($51US)/night. Looked like a 4 or 5 start hotel too! She asked how I knew about the place. I told her the internet and told her I would write a review on her and to expect more people asking for her!. We showered after sex and I gave her the 150RM($39US) and I gave her 50RM($13 US) for such good service. Oh, she’s 25 years old.

If you look through the telephone books in your hotel room under I think it entertainment you will find listings for services in K.L. Usually run below 300 Ringgit. Local girl and foreign girls are different prices. Also you can ask for part-time or full-time girls, though I wonder if they really tell the truth. Most of the ones I called were very friendly and could even request the type of girl you would like. They will come to your hotel room. Hotels with card swipe elevators you either have to wait downstairs for them or tell the girl boss your name so the girl can ask the front desk to ring your room. If you want to be discreet it is a little more difficult with these types of hotels.

I was reading through the posts but did not find any of my regular places on it. So i figured i could give some reviews which might help.

For Malaysia, it’s very easy to get paid sex services. Just look for Health Centres as distinct from Fitness centers. Fitness centers are normally gyms while health centres have massages, saunas, sex. I’ll elaborate on other areas in later posts.

In the Bukit Bintang area, there are tons of places to go as well as pimps asking if you want a girl if you stroll around at night. Generally avoid pimps if you don’t want to get ripped off although you might get lucky sometimes.

Deluxe Health Centre in Federal Hotel on Bukit Bintang road is a good place to go. They are open from 12noon till 12midnite and have a large selection of girls. Girls I’ve seen and sampled include Chinese (some incredibly pretty ones here), Malay, Indian, mix. These are all local girls. They also have China girls and Russian girls too. Generally Malay and Indian girls tend to be more sexually adventurous. Chinese girls tend to be more shy and inhibited. As a guide to choosing girls, ask the mama-san/papa-san about which girls give better service. They generally give good advice. Then again, some of the girls look so delicious you’ve just got to have them.

Prices range from RM200 – 260 for local girls. This price range generally holds for KL. Russian girls are about RM350. I’m local Chinese and can speak the lingo so i’m not sure if the prices will go up for foreigners.

Another funny thing about girls here is that they will suck your dick, fuck you, let you finger and lick their pussies (o.k, so this is rare too) but won’t let you kiss them on the lips.

I’ve had threesomes as well and they just charge you the rate for two girls. However, not all girls will do this so you have to check first.

The whole affair generally goes like this. They take you to a room with a shower. Girl of your choice walks in a minute or two later. She’ll ask you to shower first and get in the shower with you. While you grope and feel her or make light conversation, she’ll be soaping you down and cleaning your dick etc. After that, you dry off and get on the bed while she showers. Normally she’ll start off with a massage followed by licking you in a very erotic fashion all over and then sucking your dick. After that, whatever style is up to you as long as she agrees to go along with it.

One disappointment is that I’ve only had one girl so far agree to let me cum in her mouth. Let me know if any of you have more luck.

Was warned by older SE Asian monger that KL was not worth a sparrows fart as far as getting it on with pretty young things, but i had to see for myself if that was true and i found that it was true, bukit bintang which is supposed to be a sort of red light area in KL has plenty of massage places which will give you a good massage & maybe a hand job, but that’s it folks! no suckee no fuckee, i saw a few granite faced 30yr Chinese sort hookers on the main street, was also taken to ‘health clubs’ by pimps a few blocks away from the main street, only to have 20yo gangsters try to stand over when refusing to want to fuck one of their very pathetic & very unattractive girls, there are many beautiful young ladies in KL but they are mostly not interested, a prick tease more than anything, but i was only there for 4 days, maybe there are other areas in KL.

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