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I’ve been in Lagos several times in the last years. It’s a really large, noisy city but if you have to stay there you can enjoy some very pretty girls. Casual prostitution seems to be the rule for many West African women living in cities, and Lagos is no exception.

If you go to one of the popular nightclubs – Murphis, Why Not, Towers – you can take your pick. If you dance more than one dance with the same girl, or buy her a drink, she’ll expect to leave with you. There is no negotiation. Ask her if she wants to come with you, she’ll spend the night in your hotel. In the morning give her something ‘for a taxi’, anything from US$10 to US$200 depending on how much you liked her. Niara are better because they make a thick packet, but USD, UKP, or FFR are fine too.

As a rule women won’t ask or insist that you wear a condom, but with AIDS in Nigeria at around 20%, it seems sensible. I’ve found it easy to pick-up women at random places simply by asking ‘where do we meet?’ Finally, you’ll get the best company if you remember that the girl you’re with is most likely not a pro, but a student looking for some spare cash.

I had a week in Lagos and ended up staying at the Ikeja Sheraton. The city itself is not too hospitable for most Westerners (Black or white) due to the almost cultural desire ‘to get over on you.” So hold your wallet close and keep to the hotel when not working for the most part. While my driver did say that the notorious Bar Beach would guarantee me a beautiful woman for no cost, I opted out. However, there were always at least 10 decent looking working girls in the lobby of the Sheraton every evening. At least one to three all day. All were between 18 and 25 with skin tones and features which ranged from light Ethiopian looking to the shiny ebony. I saw similar sizes of women in both the Le EKO Meridian and one other western style hotel that I cannot remember the name of.

They are well behaved and won’t bother you unless you signal them to come over but they’ll always be watching to make eye contact. Also there are usually guard on each floor and if you are lazy, you can tell one of them to send a girl to your room. I selected an attractive Ethiopian looking girl with tremendous breasts and asked her to come to my room in about a half hour. Just for decorum as I didn’t want any of my female coworkers catching my indiscretion. When she arrived after about 10 minutes she explained all night oral and ‘anything I wanted for $50. All I wanted was a quick BJ before bedtime so I told her and she said $30, I was able to negotiate the price down to just under $20 in Niara.

She was well worth the money as she quickly stripped down completely showing a beautiful body. I was ready and after a couple minutes I positioned her so I could rub my cock between her big breasts. She really thought that was novel I guess as she asked if that was appealing to me and squeezed them around my member for dear life and squirmed up a storm. After a little while of that I guided her back down on me (no condom for oral) and she swallowed like a pro. Honestly, I think once she was stripped down, she would have gone for the full sex for no extra charge but hey I was in Africa!

I lived in Lagos for a couple of years – and survived to tell. It really is a dangerous place to travel around but Victoria island is OK most of the time. Weekends are time for beach parties. Stay away from Bar Beach – BJ are only $5 in a bamboo hut but it’s down right deadly after dark for a white man. Places to go:

1. Lecky Beach about an hour up the coast by road where beach huts can be rented, along with a BBQ, chairs, etc. Just sit back with a cold beer and wait until a couple of pretty ones walks past and invite them in Get back to civilisation before dark and stop at Tarzans Boat Ramp, where a live Congo band with hard bodied girls shaking it on stage will entertain, again with a cold beer.

2. If you don’t have a car or a boat, jump on a water taxi near the US Embassy and head to Tarqua Bay at the enterance to the harbour. Rent a deck chair and sun shade, then sit back and watch the hoards of peddlers selling everything from swords to watches, carvings to cold beer. Very african with a euro flavour – ganja and young black girls in swimsuits.

3. If you own a boat or have a mate with one, head across the harbour and along the waterway about 5 kms up the coast. Most international companies have private beach huts along this streach of sand, so a couple of guys and a bunch of girls can make for a great party. Don’t forget the music machine – these girls can all dance and they shake it so well.

The question in Lagos is not how to find girls but how to keep up the pace. BJs on the beach are definitely the go and I never met a Nigerian princess that wasn’t into it

Not really a place to holiday but if you’re transfered there with work, never fear, the jungle bunnies are here.

I live in Nigeria while on a six month project for work, thought the assignment was going to be the pits. But I found I have a good experiences with the Prostitutes in Lagos. You can find Prostitutes on Victoria Island and Ikoyi. The ones of Victoria Island are prettier and more expensive than the ones on Ikoyi.
Price are between N300 (US$1 = N135) to N1500.
From N300 to N500 it is called Short time
From N800 to N1500 it is for the night.
These girls will do anything you want for as long as you want. Some pretty girls are working during the day for extra pocket money. These girls work in Banks, department stores etc but have no problem adding a few dollars in pocket money. The Best time to pick up these girls is around 3am, because they have had either few customers before or none, therefore you can bargain the price. And other time when the price is coming down is when it is raining. No one wants to pick them up, and you should be able to get excellent deal. The girls on Victoria Island can be found on Sanusi Fafuwa St, in front of Atlantic Club, and the Eko Hotel. In Ikoyi the girls are located: On Kings way Road, in front of the Ikoyi Hotel, and Glover Rd.

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