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The best places to get some action is one of the following nightclubs: 1033 at the Hyatt Hotel, Tural at the Grand Hotel Europe or Black Jack which is on May Street – about 10 minute walk from Fountain Square.

The Hyatt and Hotel Europe are out of town so I found that Blackjack is the most convenient. They are open 7 days a week and its best to go after 11:00pm. There is no cover charge, except on Saturday when they charge $4.50 but you get back half in a voucher when you buy a drink. There are plenty of gorgeous women, both Russian and Azeri women. Many of them are students or work in poor paying jobs and come here to make some extra cash. They are not aggressive. Just find a lady you wish to talk to and then offer to buy her a drink. Normally they just want a beer which costs around $2-$3. If you want them to come back to your hotel/apartment just ask them and if they say yes ask them a price. Blackjack is normally quite cheap – for 2hrs you should pay about $30 or for the whole night $50 maximum. Their are taxis outside which cost about $2 which will take you anywhere in the city.

Be warned though, that many of the women just give straight sex – no oral or anal. Many of them work on their own – no “boyfriend” hanging about so you won’t be hassled. I picked up a great Russian lady for $50 for the whole night. She gave good oral but no anal. You can have sex as many times with them as you want during the night – if you can keep up! Normally they will give you their mobile number afterwards so just call them next time and they will meet you somewhere.

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