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Here are the rules if you are staying in a hotel in the local area. The hotels will not allow single women into your rooms after 11:00pm. They are very strict about this. If you plan to bring a girl up to the room past this time she must be registered in with you as a couple. If you decide that you can not wait after coming from the bars, you will have to sneak here in. Now, the security guards in these hotels find this, so how, like you are committing murder. I have had them personally break the door in to verify that you don’t commit the very act. But, ironically they have a 80% homo rate there in the country. Unfortunately, my girl was on the balcony when they made a fool about of themselves.  If caught, do not lie or manipulate the conversation and they will escort the lady out onto here can. If a fuss is made they will arrest her, and that would probably mean deportation.

Places to go that I have succeeded. If you go the local clubs…
Safari Club – Hyatt Hotel (Chinese Girls)
The Cellar – Radisson SAS (Ethopian/Lebonese Girls)
Sheridan in downtown Muscat (Ethiopian Girls)
Irish Bar in Inter-Continental Hotel (Chinese Girls)

Prices that I have experienced… Things run on a all night basis. Every girl that I have asked/propositioned was in it for a longtime thing. Now this must be to extract more cash from you or that it poses problems for them leaving the Hotel in the middle of the night. Prices ranged from 30(OR) to 100(OR). This would mean that at the time the currency conversion was $2.68(US) to 1 (OR). So the price could range between $70 to $260 for a all nighter. Now, do they go all night. It depends when you get them into the room. On average, I got them into the room about 12:00 to 01:00am. I usually got (now this is the Chinese girls) some good foreplay, a long fuck, some talking, a blowjob/hand job, a fuck again, and then some sleep time. In the morning, if you were a kind and passionate fellow and not a ignorant fool, you would get a nice shower, massage and another pleasing to you r liking. I always bought them breakfast, and you will find that if you are nice to them and treat them like human beings and your girlfriend or wife, them will shower you with affection. I never tipped because I bought them food in the morning. I also treated them like a long lost girlfriend. My friends treated them like crap, and they were out the door as soon as they were done. I also got a lot of discounts and recommendations from their friends. So you get my point.

About the service… Well they are expensive but they are full servicing beautiful women. I have never tried to get the Ethiopian women, as I always went after the Chinese girls.

Now to end this…… When you go into the club, you will be able to spot them. Muscat is very hard up for women. There will be British, Sri Lankan and a variety of nationalities there in the clubs. These girls will more than likely be talking to someone or in a group. They do this because Omani men are pigs and they are scared to be alone. The WORKING GIRLS will be talking to no one in particular and usually will not drink alcoholic drinks. If you approach a women like this,,, all the straight girls know what they do, so your chances of rebounding after the talk will be slim to none. So if you decide to pay,,, don’t do it in front of Female friends or girls that you know in the area. They are usually negotiable on there prices, but don’t be a cheep bastard. Hope that you enjoyed the report..

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