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There isn’t much on Maastricht on this sight either no one goes there or no ones found much to report. Well there is one place I know of right in the centre of Maastricht, can never remember the name but it is on Jodenstraat near the river end of the street (you can’t miss it). I have been there on several occasions in the past 2 years. The place is quite clean and the rooms are okay, showers and baths available.The women are a bit rough but pleasant enough. For about 120euro you get an hour that includes a BJ, sex, massage and more sex or BJ. It depends on the girl and it also depends on what you want. The menu is quite varied and the good thing is the menu is on the door so you can see whats on offer even before you enter. I usually go on a Sunday, maybe there are better women available during the week. I don’t know if they offer BBBJ or anal I was going to try last time but the women on offer weren’t very appealing, but I plan to make another visit soon.

When visiting the Netherlands you should try to find “prive huize”. These are brothels in all cities big and some small. Prices are around 75 Euros for 1/2 hours and 120 euros for an hour. Most have menus with items like jaccuzi where the women joins you, BJ zonder condom (BJ with no condom), anal, SM, tit fuck and zonen(kissing).

Based on my experiences its always best to get bbbj and zonen. The women always are more friendly to you when they provide these services and they get right into the action. If the women was clean I would always ask for and get the 69 position for no extra charge. This was never a problem. Closest thing to GFE experience that I have found in The Netherlands.

I’ve visited Club Elégance in Amsterdam
Prices are 75 euros at the door, 5 drinks are included. 300 euro/hr for any of the women on duty during your visit (not obligatory, you may leave at any time), and we can attest that there was quite a numerous and varied assortment of ladies available, we counted at least 10; someone for every taste. At random intervals during the night there is also a brief, not too interesting, strip tease show…it seems that if any of the women feel like it they perform.

In Zundert, near the Belgian border between Antwerp and Breda, you can find La Reserve, a very famous sauna club.

Leeuwarden – Red Light districts – Walhalla – Room 5 – Nikki from Slovakia
On my way through the northern province Friesland I visited Leeuwarden the provincial capital and looked at the small redlicht district.. It is conveniently located in the centre of town at the side of the canal Weaze and consists of 4 buildings. You can walk through the buildings and look into the small windowed rooms with the girls. Not many rooms were occupied but I was amazed at the good looks of the working girls there, mainly eastern Eurospeans in their twenties only clad in nice lingerie.

I visited NIlkki in room 5 in the Walhalla building. She is blond (dyed), slim, about 175 cm, with a pretty face, a smooth soft skin and soft cup C breasts.
We undressed and started a standing up caressing session, which she enjoyed, she even put one foot on the bed to allow easier access to her shaved genital area. We then proceeded to the bed, she slipped a condom on my penis and gave me a long slow fellatio with plenty of variation. We then cohabitated in missionary style and I climaxed beautifull.
It was a lovely session with a very friendly young lady who was eager to please me and charged me only 30 euros for her good work. Nikki is in her late twenties , she is a doll both physically and mentally.

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