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Capitol City
Ottawa (population 774,072)

Location and Climate
Northern North America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, north of the conterminous US. Climate varies from temperate in south to subarctic and arctic in north.


Roman Catholic 46%, Protestant 36%, other 18%

English 59.3% (official), French 23.2% (official), other 17.5%

Canadian dollar (CAD)
1 CAD = approx. 0.89 USD (September 2006)

Internet Country Code

Other Information for the Traveler


Citizens or permanent residents of the United States do not require passports or visas but identification is needed—a birth certificate, proof of citizenship, voter’s certificate or other identifying papers. If under 18 and unaccompanied by an adult, you must bring written permission of parent or guardian to travel in Canada. If you are a citizen of another country and a resident in the United States, bring your Alien Registration Receipt Card.

If renting a car, note that the speed limits and distances between cities are posted in kilometers (1 km = 0.62 mi). Gasoline is sold by the liter and costs about 70 to 80 cents Canadian per liter, depending on province and city.

Both Toronto and Montreal have extensive subway systems that are efficient and inexpensive.

Telephone Information
Country code: 1
International dialling code: 011 1 + number

Provincial area codes:
Alberta 403
British Columbia 250
British Columbia (Lower Mainland) 604
Manitoba 204
New Brunswick 506
Newfoundland 709
Nova Scotia 902
Ontario (London) 519
Ontario (North Bay) 705
Ontario (Ottawa) 613
Ontario (Thunder Bay) 807
Ontario (Toronto Metro) 416
Ontario (Toronto Vicinity) 905
Prince Edward Island 902
Quebec (Montreal) 514
Quebec (Quebec City) 418
Quebec (Sherbrooke) 819
Saskatchewan 306

Emergency: 911

Same as in the US 110V AC

This won’t be anything new for you. You’ll see many of your familiar restaurant chains serving the type of food you’re used to. Still, there are some regional specialties [seafood on the coasts, beef in the Prairie provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba)] as well as some uniquely Canadian dishes, such as poutine, which consists of French fries covered with gravy and cheese curds, that may interest you.

Legal Status
The thing to remember here is: if it happens in private between two consenting adults, it’s legal. This situation describes an Out call Escort arrangement, in which the sex worker agrees to see the client in the client’s home or hotel room. Out call services are advertised in the Personals section in print media. Still, authorities in some areas have conducted sting operations on escort agencies, so seeing an independent, who is not employed by any agency, is the safest route.

Living off the income of prostitutes, soliciting, and keeping a brothel (called “bawdy house”) are all illegal. Recently, the provincial government of Quebec toyed with the idea of allowing brothels, but so far, that hasn’t come to pass. Massage parlors are not considered brothels, because the customer just pays for a massage, and anything beyond that is between two consenting adults. Still, police stings happen, sometimes to clear out undocumented workers.

Other related topics:

In 1997, Canada made it illegal for citizens to have sex with children in foreign countries. Those convicted of this crime face five years in prison.

In 1999, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that lap dances can be included as protected speech, as long as no masturbation, sodomy, fellatio, or penetration takes place. This reversed a ruling that the Court had made two years prior. Still, many municipalities have chosen to ban or limit contact between dancers and patrons in strip clubs.


It’s not hard to get a taste of home while visiting our neighbors to the north. For instance, you have your McDonald’s, your Pizza Hut, and your Subway, among others. It’s interesting: the signs for all these establishments include a little maple leaf worked into the logo. It’s as if to say, “Yes, this may be an American chain, but it’s a Canadian franchise!”

But, Canada has a number of home-grown fast-food chains that are just as good and greasy as the ones back home. Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones.

Tim Horton’s
You’ll see a Tim Horton’s franchise at practically every highway rest stop. Primarily a donut shop (it was named after the hockey player who founded it before he died in an auto accident), this chain also offers good and inexpensive sandwiches and soups. Even better, franchises are usually open 24 hours. We ended many a late night by scarfing sandwiches and soup at a Tim Horton’s.

Very popular burger franchise. Like Tim Horton’s, there’s a Harvey’s at practically every highway rest stop.

The Keg
Slightly upscale steakhouse chain.

St. Hubert
Ontario/Quebec-based chain specializing in rotisserie chicken.

Swiss Chalet
Sit-down chicken and ribs place.

Other popular Canadian chains include
Mr. Sub and Pizza Pizza.

Now for some uniquely Canadian fast-food delicacies:

Sounds exotic, but what it actually refers to is French fries covered with brown or onion gravy and cheese curds. (Not exactly something I’d go out of my way to order.) Originated in Quebec, but popular all over Canada. This picture shows a club sandwich served with poutine as a side dish.


Poulet chaud (hot chicken) sandwich
But not the hot chicken sandwich you’re used to. If you order this, you’ll get two slices of white bread stuffed with chicken breast pieces, covered with gravy, and topped with peas, of all things. Usually served with French fries. See picture below.


WestJet Airlines
Tel: 403 250-583Toll Free: 1-888-WestJet
Fax: 403 571-5367
Address: 35 McTavish Place NE
Calgary AB T2E 7J7
WestJet offers low cost, no frills air travel to many major cities throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. WestJet has competitive fares and offers a relaxed, fun approach to air travel.

Via Rail
Tel: 514 989-2626
Address: Suite 500
3 Place Val-Marie Montréal QC H3B 2C9
Via Rail is Canada’s Rail network. It operates transcontinental service from Montréal to Vancouver and Montréal to Halifax, as well as fast commuter, business and leisure service within the Quebéc City-Windsor corridor. There is also service to remote locations in Ontario, Québec, Manitoba and British Columbia. In conjunctions with major bus companies Via Rail offers bus connections from many centres that do not have rail service, to the nearest point on the Via network.

VIA Rail
298 Walker Road
Windsor, ON N8Y 2M9
Telephone: (519) 256-5511
Web Site:
or toll-free 1-800-361-1235 (Canada)
1-800-561-3949 (US)
(Schedules, fares, agent)
Windsor’s VIA Rail station is a five-minute drive from the border, just off of Riverside Drive East. VIA provides direct service from Windsor to Toronto, stopping at points between and connecting to points east and west from Toronto. VIA tickets can be obtained directly by calling them, or from your travel agent.

Acadian, Nova Charter
Regularly scheduled service in Atlantic Canada with connections to the rest of Canada and the United States.
Tel: 506 859-5122
Toll Free: 1-800-688-5353 (North America)
Fax: 506 859-5106
Address: 100 Midland Dr Dieppe NB E1A 6X4
Transit Info: 1-800-567-5151

Greyhound Canada
Long-distance bus service across Canada from British Columbia in the west to Montréal in Québec. Inter-provincial services are also available. Connections to Greyhound service in the U.S.A. Buses are modern with air-conditioning and restrooms. Passes are available for unlimited travel across the country for specific time periods.
Toll Free: 1-800-661-TRIP
Address: Corporate Head Office
877 Greyhound Way SW Calgary AB T3C 3V8

A growing number of cruise lines visit Halifax as part of the New Atlantic Frontier itinerary. There are a number of ferry links to Nova Scotia:

Bay Ferries Ltd.:
Bar Harbor, Maine, to Yarmouth, NS (June to October) 1-888-249-7245 /
Saint John, NB, to Digby, NS (year round)
1-888-249-7245 /

Northumberland Ferries Ltd.:
Wood Islands, PEI, to Caribou, NS (May to December)
1-888-249-7245 /

Marine Atlantic:
Port aux Basques, NF (year round) and Argentia, NF (mid-June to mid-September) to North Sydney, NS

Prince of Fundy Cruises:
Portland, Maine, to Yarmouth, NS (May to October) 1-800-341-7540 /

Pay Telephones
Local calls throughout Canada vary form 25 cents to 35 cents for three minutes at a pay phone. For operator assistance, dial 0, emergency 911, directory assistance is 411. For long distance directory assistance, call 1+ the area code, if you know it, + 555-1212. Directory assistance is free from a pay phone.

Entry Requirements
If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. you don’t need a passport or visa. It is advisable to carry evidence of citizenship i.e. Certificate of birth, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship or state birth certificate. (Providing only a drivers license or social security card is not considered valid proof of citizenship). A drivers license may be combined with any of the above to establish identity. It is imperative that you have photo identification. Permanent residents of the U.S. who are not citizens should carry a resident alien card. You must have a valid passport if you are visiting Canada form another country other than the United States. Visitors coming from certain countries will be required to present a visitor visa. It must be obtained at a visa office outside Canada. To know if you require a visa to enter Canada, contact the nearest Canadian Diplomatic Mission.

Tax Rebates
Most goods and services you buy in Canada are subject to goods and services tax and Harmonized sales tax (GST/HST). You are eligible for a tax refund if: you are not a resident of Canada, you purchased eligible goods and accommodations, you paid GST on these purchases, you have validated original receipts, each eligible receipts for eligible goods shows a minimum purchase amount (before taxes) of CAN$50; and your purchase amounts (before taxes) total at least CAN$200. Mail your original receipts along with your refund form to: Revenue Canada Customs, excise and Taxation Visitor rebate Program Ottawa, ON K1A 1J5.
You can get the complete information and application forms at border-crossing points, most duty-free stores, most tourist information centres, and online at the Revenue Canada web site. You may be able to get your GST back on the spot in cash at a duty-free store as you leave the country (but not if you leave at an airport).

As a visitor to Canada, you can claim a refund for some of the 7% “Goods & Services Tax” (GST) you pay on accommodation, as long as you stay less than one month in that accommodation. You can also claim a tax refund for eligible goods you take home.
As a visitor to the Province of Ontario, you can claim a refund for some of the 8% “Retail Sales Tax” (RST) you pay on goods removed for permanent use outside Ontario.

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