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Beautiful Korean under 30 yrs old gave me a wonderful New Years present. She first offered me around the world for $140 but decided that she would give me everything for just 100. She was a real doll but she was tall about 5’6” but had lovely breasts and a pretty bad tasty tight pussy. I don’t know the name of the place but it is very near train tracks and west of exit 128. Also on other trips visited the one you can see from I-70 it really was a waste of my time and money. One near exit 125 across from an International Auto sales was good but the woman was about 40-55 and she got about 140 from me. The good one had a coupon in one of the papers I picked up in St Louis.

I was in Columbia a few days ago and decided to stop by Lynn’s. I had been there several times before and usually had a wonderful time. The usual fee is 40.00 for the room for 40 min. For full service it is 100.00. There were 4 girls available and I chose Tess because she looked great in her skin tight outfit that turned me on as soon as I saw her. She gave me a wonderful back and front massage paying special attention to certain areas. She didn’t do anal but made up for it with a sweet tasting pussy and a suck-the-balls-off-you blowjob. It was one of the better time I had there and I recommend it to anyone.
Hong Kong Sauna
3502 I-70 Drive SE Just Off 1-70.
573/814-1968 – 800/923-5554 Rates: $40 1/2 hr, $60/an hr. Sauna, steam bath and whirlpool. Girls are cute, give a good quality massage. About 2 girls a shift, small but clean place. Open 24 hours 7 days. Major credit cards.
Hong Kong pros and cons: 1. They cost a little more. I have never gotten out of there for less than $160 and that is for a half hour. 2. All the ladies I have tried have given me a great massage if you like that. 3. Only oriental ladies. depending on your interests, this could be a plus or a min use. 4. They try give you the lady who is next and they only have a few to chose from. Be sure you ask or they will not offer a chose and I have never seen more than 3 ladies available. 5. All the ladies have had a good attitude, and make sure you have a good time. 6. The prettier ladies try to charge more. I wish I remembered her name, but there is an average looking lady that normally wears a green swim suit. I bypassed her several times, because the other ladies looked better. One day she was the only one free, so I took her. You have heard of the ladies with the special talents that make you feel like you are being milked during intercourse. Well she is one of those special ladies. If I was single, then I would have asked her to marry me right after our session. She had the best attitude I have ever seen. The only lady that has given a better BJ is Catherine in KC. I am over 40 and that is the best intercourse with or without (of course I had to have one on) that I have ever had. If I could not have seen that my cock was in her I would have guessed that she was squeezing it with her hand. She could squeeze that hard. If I see her again, then she is going to be on the top of my list. The last couple times I have been in they tell me she still works there, but it is her day off.

Seoul Sauna Massage
1117 Vandiver Drive Columbia, MO 573/874-1014. Rates: $40 1/2hr $60/an hr. Basic rate gets clients only a hot steam sauna, table shampoo and Swedish or accupressure massage. Open 24 hours, 7 days.

Tokyo Sauna
3627 N Glenstone Springfield, MO 417/833-0688. Rates: $60 1/2 hr, $80 3/4 hr and $100/an hr, full service for a total of $120-$150. Some very pretty Oriental girls, and they seem to be hired for this. major quality. Age ranges from 20’s to their mid 30’s and while more expensive than most in the area, our readers tell us that the quality of the girls makes it well worth it. The basic rate also gets customers a hot sauna, body shampoo and massage. Major credit cards accepted. Open 24 hours, 7 days

Lynn’s Body Rubs
On Interstate 70, exit 127. It is across the street from the NSA Oil company at the 3300 block.
1-800-817-4333. The place is secluded in a house that is surrounded by a privacy wood fence. Inside it is very clean. The selection of girls is great. They are young and attractive. Maybe college girls from Missouri University. Its $40 at the door and another $40 to $80 goes to the girl for the tip. There is a lineup. She has 12-25 girls on duty. They also have a fantasy shower.
The pros and cons of Lynn’s are: 1. I go there when I want white women. They normally have a black lady or two also. 2. Most of the girls give a half ass massage. 3. Pay for the shower. You and the girl get in together naked. They have always gave me a good shower and have let me put my hands wherever I want except in them and have let me suck their breasts. 4. More time and cheaper. $140 for an hour and $160 for an hour plus the 15 or 20 minute shower. 5. You get to spend time naked with two ladies with the shower option. 6. Most of the ladies have a good attitude, but not always. 7. They have always done a lineup and you get to pick the girl. The only problem is, I have never had less than 10 girls to pick from and sometime it is a hard choice.

Hong Kong Spa
2309 East Kearney Springfield MO. 417/869-8338
Rates: $60 1/2 hr. Small staff of Orientals, mid-20’s-early 30’s. Basic rate gets you a hot tub, body rub and body shampoo. Reported to be very good. Open 24 hours, 7 days.

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