United Kingdom

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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: London
Main Cities: Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast
Population: 57,956,000 Area [sq.km]: 244,880
Currency: 1 pound sterling = 100 pence
Languages: English, Welsh, Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic (all official)
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Judaism


Recently, I visited London and the tips I received on the 21orover.com on apartments on Market Mews right behind Hilton Park Lane turned out to be valuable. Specifically, in the Shepherds Market area and on the street leading to Mews Hilton, there is independent activity where each lady offers a variety of options from 40 pounds to all inclusive which is about 70-75 pounds for half hour. I counted about 7-8 apartments on that street. The service I received was OK in general especially considering the price for London.

I recently visited Play Girls (playgirls1.moonfruit.com, 0118 926 0960) in Reading (Addington Road) – around 40 miles from London with a fast direct train service. A discreet private house in a safe residential area (15 minutes walk from central Reading). Friendly receptionist, very clean. Only one bedroom – so you get whoever is on duty at the time (ring in advance to check).

Kelly was on that day. She is a gorgeous looking babe. Young (around 20), long brown hair, slim body, long legs, firm breasts. She chose her name because she looks like some soap star (Kelly Brock), and I can believe it. Delicious! She’s a very friendly girl though her attitude is more like a sister than a girlfriend. She has an easy manner.

I went for the house special “cum twice” service (which was Ł120, rather than the Ł90 advertised on the web, but for that I got an unhurried service for as long as it took rather than the advertised 30 mins).

Kelly doesn’t really go for kissing, and claims to be ticklish if stroked, but when it comes to the business she is very enthusiastic. An introductory “massage” that was more like fondling, really, then she gave me a great BBBJ – and watching that gorgeous body as she did it was a real turn on, her long hair stroking my body and good eye contact. She clearly didn’t want me to eat her pussy, and dislikes fingers in her cunt, but after that preparation it didn’t take me long to come as I fucked her (missionary position). Then she offered a pert tits to be sucked (she didn’t encourage it too much as they are “sensitive”) before settling down enthusiastically to getting me hard again. Her BBBJ technique wasn’t quite up to making me cum that way the second time (I don’t easily), but then I wasn’t complaining about fucking her twice – this time doggy style. Believe me I had no trouble cumming at all once I was inside her tight pussy!

Several of the other girls at Play Girls have really great reviews (Tara as a great GFE, and Melissa), and I certainly plan to return to Reading to try them out even though there are also several other interesting places to try to Reading (www.263club.freeuk.com, www.dominiques.moonfruit.com, Tokyo Girls – 07733 137694). More competition than many places outside London.

I was recently in Manchester and decided to try out the talnet. Found a useful website Little Black Book and made some phone calls. Most places are willing to tell you who is there and what services are offered offer over the phone.

First up was the Bunny Club in Bolton. This is a funny place: entrance is at the back of a derelict looking shop just outside the center in a street full of gap sites. Friendly receptionist who made me a mug of tea very British while I waited for one of the three girls to return. Having seen two I went with Kelly who was about 22 quite heavily tattooed on her back and plump with medium tits. However she had a friendly face and a nice attitude. I paid Ł40 for half an hour. Once in the room she gave me a very relaxing massage, then a BBBJ and then a long 69 (trimmed but not shaven). We had a long, sweaty and very enjoyable session with her appearing to come. She did CIM for an extra 10. Very enjoyable and I ended up relaxed.

Second up the Directors Lodge in South Manchester. Receptionist told me they had three girls when I rang, but when I arrived there were only two there. This seems fairly typical, as most places are small and so they will always try to oversell themselves. Having seen both I chose Paris, who was about 30, fully shaven and tanned all over, medium tits. She had a nice face and was quite chatty and friendly, but was very businesslike. I paid Ł45 and she put me in a room, and then disappeared for what turned out to be half an hour actually she was doing another client – and then came back. I had been told that she often did A, but she wasn’t that day she said as she had been doing it the day before. Sex was businesslike massage, oral, then a couple of positions and then I was told it was time to come. Effective, but businesslike.

Finally at 11pm a bone in my pocket took me to Dolly Mixtures in the city center. This is a 24 hour place and realistically you have to be pretty stupid or pretty desperate to go to one. Five girls there the receptionist had told me on the phone that Sonia was an 18year old Indian girl. In fact I would say that she was South Eastern European (Romania?), but she was young with a very nice figure. Unfortunately she also had a major attitude problem and I could hear her complaining outside the door about having to do another client. Eventually she came in, undressed and did a BJ, and then basically just lay back. I enjoyed playing with her very firm and shapely natural tits and giving her a good deep stuffing before I came, but audience participation was nil.

Overall Manchester is pretty ‘mom and pop’, but it’s possible to have quite a bit of fun if you phone around and travel to places outside the center. Next time it’s Sandy’s Superstars which seems to be recommended elsewhere and Pandora’s which is open 6pm to 6 am, so must have something going for it.

I often go to Rio Naturilist Sauna 170 kentish town road. On nudist night which is Wednesday night. A few husbands bring their wives so they can watch them have sex. Sometimes too many men get in the game, but still fun anyway. Met a pretty wife two weeks ago who gave us all BBBJ while her husband enjoyed himself


Swiss Cottage Sauna is good for horny wives and husbands.Right near smiths paper shop. Great BBBJ two weeks ago but you have to be lucky.Its not a brothel it’s more of a swingers club. Location for both sauna’s are north London. Swiss Cottage Sauna is on Finchley road a block from Swiss Cottage station. Turn right outside the station towards the shopping center you can’t miss it

Swiss Cottage Sauna and Rio are in north London. Swiss Cottage shopping center is on the Finchley road a block from Swiss Cottage station. Turn right outside the station after you exit.

Swiss cottage is a block to the right of Swiss cottage station. Both saunas are in north London


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