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Kudo’s to the two girls I met on Congress Street in Portland last week-end! I was walking back to my hotel after a good night of drinking in the Old Port area of the city, when I noticed two young girls standing under a mushroom shaped bus-stop/phone booth thing. They were very talkative, and I asked them to tell me if they knew any type of after hours party-scene. They both said that THEY would party with me back in my room!! I wasn’t even thinking that I was going to get anywhere, but back we went, and we raided my hotel room mini-bar! We sat around talking for an hour or so. At one point, the two started whispering to each other and laughing. I asked what was funny and they said, ” We’ll fuck you for $100.00″. I almost fell off the bed! Let’s just say that I didn’t sleep that night, I got to screw TWO girls that were no more than 20 years old,(I’m in my mid 30’s), and only for $100.00! Definite fantasy come true! I live in Pensacola, and go to Portland on occasion for business. These two said that once in a while they do stuff like this for fun, but only if they see someone that they both agree on and they both like. They are college students at a local technical school.

There are several nude strip joints out by the airport on Columbia and on Sandy that are a lot higher class (and better girls than Mary’s downtown), for guys that are into that. There is also a pretty good club south of Portland (I believe in Tigard) one exit south of where O-238 joins up with I-5 (I think that’s right). I’ve gotten some great full contact lap dances from some very cute (8-10) girls there. They aren’t supposed to allow you to touch, but they sometimes do. I’ve also picked a girl up from this club at closing time, and taken her back to my hotel room, so I know it is at least possible.

By the way, Dale, it is a hell of a long way to Vancouver, British Columbia from Portland … unless you were thinking of Vancouver, Washington, right across the river. We’re not talking an easy afternoon jaunt here. I guess your advice would be great for locals, who can make it a weekend excursion (which I’m sure is how you meant it), but it doesn’t do much for visitors to Portland. I have been to Portland many times on business, and have never had really great luck there with working girls, although I too have stumbled on an occasional amateur around the downtown area. From what I know of the city, you offer excellent advice on the street scene. As in many American cities, cruising for street walkers can be a risky pastime.

Advice on picking up girls in a high risk area. Just ask the girl if she wants a ride. Generally, a police decoy won’t get in the car. Second, put your hand between her legs and feel her pussy without saying anything. Of course, a cop won’t let you do this. If the girl allows it, she is the genuine article, and you can proceed with your business. If not, pull over and drop her off. You haven’t solicited anything, and have broken no laws.

First off it is not always easy to find working girls in this town. The police are always looking and conduct very frequent stings. If they catch you in the “no prostitution zone” they will take your car. If you follow a few simple rules you should never get caught. 1) Never drive past the same point more than twice…if possible plan your route so you pass each point only once. 2) Only look for girls that are walking. Girls that are standing are usually cops. 3) Drive a little past the girl, come around the block, and try to get her as she crosses a side street. 4) If the girl does not get into your car, quickly drive away and do not come back. 5) Always be on the lookout for cop cars…if you see more than a couple per night go home… The cops are always watching and taking down license numbers so be careful. The best places are West Burnside from 1 to 23 ave NW Everett from 1 to 23 ave All of 82 Ave Sandy from Burnside to 42 Sandy from 72 to 122 prices are blowjob $30 – $50 If the girl is younger than 25 your chance of getting a blow job without a rubber is slim. Girls older than 25 will almost always be willing. Straight sex $50 – $100 All depends on the age/appearance…. most of the one’s on the street usually charge $50…if you are lucky enough to get a younger girl she will charge more. Escort Service Almost all of these are rip offs/ they find it is easier to cheat you than to risk having the police shut them down Lingerie shops Maybe if you visit a lot and get to know a certain girl you may have a chance…but don’t waste your money Other cautions If you are looking in the downtown area be very careful…some of the girls are runaways and underage…always ask…but if you think she is under 18 it is best to let her go…some of these girls will lie about their age…and they tend to look older than they really are… Do not take your girl to an adult arcade booth All in all Portland can be such a pain that it is easier to drive to Vancouver BC and get a escort…in call is only about $100 (US) and you get a very nice 40 min of doing what every you want with just about any age/race you can hope for. While paying for sex is technically legal in Canada almost all forms of soliciting for sex are illegal…the ways to do it is just make an out call/in call apt and pay the girl when you meet. Do not ask for anything…just take off your clothes and she will do the same…then just get busy…. No prostitution zone is All of East Burnside West Burnside from 1st ave to 23 ave Sandy from ease Burnside to 112 All of 82 ave in Portland city limits Happy hunting

Just moved to Portland from San Francisco. Feeling bored and tried to find some fun….. ended up totally disgusted and want to warn anybody….DON’T REPEAT MY MISTAKE, THERE IS NOTHING HERE IN PORTLAND. The following is a trip report…..

1. called a few escort agencies listed in the phone book….most agencies called back within 10 minutes…. extremely nice phone manner…. all quoted $160-$175/hour “full service” fee…..the girls were upbeat and expressed enthusiasm to see me….eventually selected a girl for an out call at $160- full service…… waited for 45 minutes and the girl showed up…… the look and the height totally not matching description on the phone…..she demanded me to hand over $160 cash before she could do anything…. money handed over and she called the agency and asked me to talk to her “manager”….her manager got on the phone and thanked me for seeing the girl but reminded me to have fun within the confines of the law…… ended phone conversation…. the girl told me that she only does dancing and nude show…. but for the show to begin she needs to get $100- from me since the $160- is only for the agency and she works off tips….. man…. i know this is a scam….. so i asked for my refund instead…. she stated that she would only give $60- back but not the full amount…..got $60- back and the girl walked out….. 5 minutes for $100-, not too shabby…FOR THE GIRL that is….before she left…. she told me that all escorts agencies in the yellow pages never offer full service….. no agencies in Portland offers full service in fact… man…..

2. went downtown on Burnside near Chinatown for private 1 on 1 show at Aja…… the girls are plain ugly and the joint is really a self hand job place…dirty place, ugly girls plus there is a 15 minutes wait time…. left the joint….

3. Went to Mary’s, a strip joint….. a bar serving beer and soda…. girls so so look but only offer nude dancing on stage….. tip the girl $1- plus $3- for a soda, stayed 5 minutes…..

Bottom line is…. Portland is a small town, in terms of play…. this is the worst city i have ever visited….. bottom line is….. save your money.

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