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Passports and Visas
Every nationality except New Zealanders need visas. Tourist visas and Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visas are valid for three months. ETAs are free; standard visas cost US$35. Longer-term visas can be applied for.

English and Aboriginal languages are spoken, plus numerous European, Arabic and Asian languages. Local Aussie sayings are colorful and expressive. Here are a few of the most common or applicable:
A bit strong = A hurtful remark or action
Aerial Ping pong = AFL (Australian Football League)
Barbie = A barbecue
Battler = Someone who has lived a hard life
Blowie = A blowfly
Bludger = Layabout
Bulldust = A lie or fib
Cadge = Beg, borrow or steal (friendly)
Chunder = Vomit
Dero = Derelict, bum
Dinky Di = True blue, the absolute truth
Duff = Cattle theft
Dunny = Toilet
Fair Dinkum = Fair go/really/the truth/good
Furphy = A lie
Galah = Idiot
Grouse = Good / great
Hoon = Rev head, car enthusiast
Kiwi = New Zealander Knockers = Breasts
Larrikin = Mischief maker
Nipper = Small child
Oldie = Anyone over 20 years old
Pearler = Something that has happened superbly
Pub = Bar / hotel
Sanger = Sandwich / sausage
Sheila = Australian female
Sickie = Day off work due to invented illness
Smoko = Break from work
Stubby = Small bottle of beer Tinny Can of beer
Troppo = Crazy
Ute Utility =vehicle
Wanker = Someone with an ego problem
Woop Woop = Middle of nowhere
Yarn Long = conversation / story
Youze You = (singular or plural)
Zambuck = A first-aider present at a sporting event

Christmas is part of the long summer school vacation, and much of Australia is on holiday during December and January. Easter is also a popular holiday. Accommodations are almost always booked during these times. However, if you want to avoid holiday chaos, don’t arrive in Australia at Easter or just before Christmas.

Australia Day, Monday 28 January
Canberra Day (ACT) Monday 18 March
Anzac Day, Thursday 25 April
Queens Birthday (except WA) 10 June
Queen’s Birthday (WA)30 September
Boxing Day, Thursday 26 December
Australia Day, Monday 27 January

International country code [61]
Selected city codes: Adelaide (8), Brisbane (7), Canberra (2), Melbourne (3), Perth (8), Sydney (2)
To reach Australia from overseas, dial your country’s international dialing code, then the country code (61), then the city code and finally the number. Remember that when dialing from outside the country, omit the zero preceding the area code. If you were dialing Brisbane from the United States, for example, you would begin with 011, then 61, then 7 (the city code for Brisbane), and finally the number of the person or office you are trying to reach.

Local Calls
Australia has one of the most advanced telephone systems in the world, and you should have no problem making calls. Because the country is running out of telephone and fax numbers, every number in the country now is eight digits plus a two digit area code.

Long-Distance Calls
If dialing from inside Australia, all area codes begin with a 0, which is dropped when dialing Australian numbers from outside the country. To achieve a uniform eight digits for its phone numbers, Melbourne has added a ‘9’ preceding all of its numbers.

International Calls
To make a direct call overseas, dial 011 + country code + area code + number. From hotels, one may have to dial a zero or nine first to access an operator or a line. But in doing so, remember that your corporate coffers will also have to be accessed to pay off the often incredulous hotel surcharges. International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) is available from the gold phones found in post offices, airports and hotel lobbies. Australian telephone books list all information regarding rates, charges and codes. Economy rates happen between 6p.m. and 8a.m., Saturday to Monday, and between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. daily.

Pay Phones
Public phones are colored red, gold, green, or blue. Red phones are for local calls only. Green, gold, and blue phones support International Direct Dialing (IDD) and Subscriber Trunk Dial (STD) services. The minimum cost of a local call is 30c.

Calling Cards
Cards are available at newsstands, supermarkets, and drugstores, and can be purchased in $5, $10, or $20 increments. Credit card phones, taking most major credit cards, are available at airports, city center locations, and most major hotels.

Cell Phones
Australia has several cellular phone providers in the digital GSM format. Optus Mobile Pty Ltd, Telstra, Vodafone Pty. Ltd all fall into this category. Check with your cellular phone service provider to find out if a roaming agreement can be set up with one of these companies.

International direct dial access 00
Directory Assistance 013 (local only); 0175
Time 1194
News 1199
Translation and Interpreting 13-1450
For fire, police, or ambulance, 000

Fax machines are available in most hotels and post offices, except in the outback, where they may be difficult to find. The telephone system is excellent in Australia, and there should be no problem with the transmission.

The Prostitutes
(a term not widely used, ladies, girls, workers, sex workers more usual) Australia is a wealthy country and most prostitutes come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Single mothers are very common; others include drug addicts, a few university students, and occasionally girls seeking to save to travel overseas; another significant source is Asian girls, most of them being in the country illegally or at least not being legally able to work here. There is not a strong tradition of women being prostitutes for their working lives, most go into it from economic necessity and get out as soon as they can – maybe only weeks or months – when their circumstances deteriorate they will often come back for another go, but you rarely get “washed up old hags” in the industry. Ages range from 18 upwards, severe penalties are imposed for brothel operators allowing underage girls on their premises. The 18-20 age range not very common; most girls in the 20-27 age bracket; with plenty in the 28-33 bracket. Be wary of telephone descriptions, particularly age and bust size; age typically understated by 5 years, bust overstated by 5″ or 2 cup sizes common.

Most are Australian residents, which provides quite an ethnic-beauty mix in relation to prostitutes. This typically means Anglo – Celtic descent predominates, with quite a few European descendants as well. Blondes (from genuine all over blondes – golden blondes – to out of the bottle blondes) quite common, many Brunettes with Red Heads not very common and in demand. Stunningly beautiful workers not common but typically range up to 7-8, some much less attractive who don’t last long. Probably a propensity to slightly overweight with some, particularly the younger ones. If you like robust arsed, thick thigh, busty young maidens, then you can be readily catered for. There are some workers from New Zealand white and a few Maori half casts; the occasional working tourist from UK-Europe; a few Pacific Islander and African girls; Indians and Australian Aborigines are quite rare. There are also Asian workers some are residents – there also seems to be an organized importation of workers (Thai, Singapore, Japanese and a few Indonesians)into some establishments, probably illegally working on tourist permits.

Some dress and makeup very well in some brothels, others much less well presented, which most likely correlates with their service. Tipping is not common in Australia and not expected in brothels, although a small money gift to a talented lady you might want to see again can be well received. There are plenty of customers who either don’t treat the ladies very well or who arrive clean/ unshaven/ dirty clothes etc.- if you want a good time, then be pleasant and treat her well from the first moment of introduction – you will usually be well rewarded.

The Brothels – (a term not used very frequently – Massage Parlor, Studio, Escort Service etc. common terminology) Prices are typically in the range of AUD$80-90 30 mins to AUD$130-$180 per hour “full service” (USD$105-$135)- Prices have dropped a bit over the last year and are cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne for comparable establishments; with the price drop there has been an increase in ladies charging extra fantasy fees of $30 / $50; ensure you understand beforehand what you are getting and complain to the receptionist-manager is you are genuinely deceived by the girl.

The selection method in most establishments is that there are 2 or 3 meeting rooms where the workers will individually enter and introduce themselves. This can be quick, so if one that comes in might interest you, be ready to quickly start talking with her to get a better idea if she suits you. Some will just stand at the door and state their name; others will enter, sit beside you, shake hands and introduce themselves – unfortunately few of the workers are very skilled at introducing themselves; why the brothels don’t improve these skills I can’t comprehend.

The service you get will range from lazy, mundane to excellent, you have to try and judge the girl by your short introduction and won’t always get it right. I find the younger, prettier girls a greater risk of poor service. If there’s none you really fancy, then inform the receptionist you might come back (she knows you’re going to look in other studios) be pleasant and there will be no hassles, and you will be quite welcome to come back if on reflection you desire on of their ladies. Shop around, get the feel, then enjoy.

Full-Service means full nude intercourse, usually with some prior massage (often not very talented), French (often not very talented by the younger girls), there might or might not be a spa available some places add $20 for such; ladies will usually join you if you book same. Any form of kissing not common (particularly with the younger ones) although the occasional surprise occurs.

Timing is from when the worker enters the room after you have showered, to when you are expected to be dressed and leaving the room, a warning buzzer, flashing light or knock on the door is typically 10 mins before this time. Brothel attitudes to extended times are unfriendly – the added cost from a 60-min booking over a 30-min booking is about $50, yet if you want to extend or even pre-book the additional time from 60 min to 90 min they will charge the 60-min rate plus the 30-min rate of $90 – not rational. The usual procedure is select a girl from the introductions, inform the receptionist, the girls will take you to a room, collect payment and request that you take a shower (contained in the room) if you want a drink then ask now – asking later will cause the drink to be collected during your paid time. You can cum more than once in the time and the lady should stay with you and chat, fondle, cuddle whatever until your time is used. Asking for a spa will often tell the lady you are after sensuous service rather than hard sex. Credit Cards Visa, Mastercard, Australian Bankcard regularly accepted, most accept Dinners Club and American Express- a credit card commission of 5% or 10% can be applied so be careful. Check the Yellow Pages under Escorts for phone numbers and addresses. The workers are not employees of the brothel, even though you make one payment for both room and lady – she is an independent contractor, and this limits the control the brothels have on them. Some Western Sydney brothels hold the ladies earning for the shift; if she leaves early (even if sick enough to go to hospital, say) or misbehaves, she won’t get any of her earnings.

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Perth Escorts at Ada Rose, Fremantle Gentlemen’s Club. We are a boutique bordello offering VIP Services for Gentleman in Perth Southern & Northern Suburbs

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