Trinidad & Tobago

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Buy a local newspaper,look up the Classified ads under “penpals”lots of ads saying “be my penpal now”.

Try a place called Goldfinger for about $100 you get FS.

In the Port of Spain check out Caribbean Isle where you can get FS for about $30-$50 inthe back room.

The best place in Port of Spain is “Pelican Inn”, prices run about $50 for a couple hours of fun. go after 9pm.

Also try the local hotels like the Crown Plaza bars for women. About $75 to $100

I stayed overnight in Trinidad Port of Spain before moving on to Tobago the next morning. English is the official language here. Stayed at the Pelican Inn Hotel, which has a bar located within it called the Pelican Club. This is big hangout for foreigners and on a weekend has lots of people flirting, hustling and just having a good time. Located below the Hilton Hotel, this is a bar, pool hall and pick-up place for the local amateurs. I was there on a Thursday night
Saw one girl who wanted $100, but she was average looking so I pasted. This place looked really good I believe it was just a slow night when I was here, this is a bar were you could pick up a companion for the night. I went to two clubs where the girls were in the 6-7 range and they wanted $100 for a couple of hours.
Next stop was to a strip club called Caribbean Isle, located within walking distance of the Holiday Inn but I took a cab, this is a whorehouse for the sailors or locals who just want a quickie. No pretense here, $30-$50.00 for doing it there or double to take back to your hotel. Girls I saw were 3’s to 5’s.
Last stop of the night was to the Copacabana Club, this club is a pick-up show bar were the girls walks up and down a stage . If you see one that you like you just wave her over to your table. Girls were from 5’s to 7’s.
Could have taken a taxi to San Fernando, on the other side of the Island but I decided to pass because I needed to be up in the morning.
The to Tobago took six hours and was a nice trip. Coming back I took a plane and that was only 20 minutes, take the ferry once if you want but the plane ride is much faster and worth the added cost.
Copratray Bar is a fun place to drink, play pool, and flirt. Every night is a different theme Reggae, Calypso, Blues, Salsa, Rock, etc. The night I was in the club they had a drum theme to the place. If you are looking for non-pros from Europe this is a place to try. It seems this island is a big vacation spot for European woman

Trinidad & Tobago is a relatively poor, former British Commonwealth country located only 7 miles north of Venezuela. Trinidad is larger, more industrialized and Tobago small and undeveloped. Unfortunately, neither seem to have anything unique which the other Caribbean islands don’t have or do better, with the possible exception of their remarkably friendly and accommodating people.

For after hours action, the only place I got to try was “Caribbean Eyes” located on Wrightson Road just across from a massive flour mill, maybe 10 minutes walk from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It has a black fence exterior with a steel door at the entrance with one of those slots to check people out. Overall the place looks pretty slummy and intimidating, but don’t forget that you are in a very mellow country with very cool people. I walked in.

“Caribbean Eyes” is a standard whorehouse arrangement. There was a bar/lounge area on the first floor with around fifteen hotties sitting around watching videos. Beers around $2.00 The girls were about half black and half Indian with a few Colombians thrown in for good measure. All were young, fit and attractive. You must approach them or they will not bother you.

For a monotony breaker, I picked out Theresa, 23, Indian with a perfect dark little body, complete with a dot on her forehead. Price seemed to be set at around $45.00 short time. Money went to an elderly black woman who seemed too busy cooking in the kitchen to negotiate. Upstairs there were an assortment of dilapidated rooms with very old, creaky beds. Sex was passionate and very good in all positions. My partner and I both commented that trimming of pubic/body hair did not seem to be a habit with these women, but what the hell. Soapy shower included afterwards.

Overall not the Garden of Eden, but the upbeat attitude of the natives made for a very positive experience. Recommended.

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