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Piano Bars

I’ve found most of the piano bars allow you to make out and dance with the hostesses at very expensive prices. I once arranged to meet a woman outside once and waited half an hour. She didn’t show. You can find far better action on the streets and in the ads in the newspaper.

I live in Bologna and i’ve been going with women on the streets for 10 years. Things are not changed a lot but prices have increased with new euro money.There are always a lot of changes of woman on the streets. You find mostly russian,ukrainan and romanian. The best place is from porta Castiglione to porta San Felice becouse there are the newones and the girls who seems to have choosen to make this job.I like to stay with one or two girls in my house and it’s not easy to convince them. Most of the customer prefer cars or private house but it’not safe because it’s illegal but tolerate. I usually look for a girl at about 3am hoping to be the last customer.
For this reason sometimes i can bargain a price 50/80 euro for an hour. I usually have a shower, drink something then go to bed. Bj whithout condom,lick pussy. sometimes kiss. and , when i’m a bit drunk, i make love without condom but it’s very risky. Same girls really love spending an hour in a warm house and be respected instead of a cold car. Not all of them. I had to be disapointed many times until i found out how to deal with them and how to avoid the unkind ones. At the moment i ask them to respect the time given to me switching off their telephone. otherwise the man who owns them calls too frequently.
It’s not easy to convince them.I have good time once out of two.

I was at Milano for couple of days last May and although I did a lot of homework on the internet before my trip, I found it very difficult to have a good sex experience in Milano. İndependents are not only expensive but also in some cases pictures on the internet do not match with the real person. One fine incall experience was with a Brazilian lady named Sandra. She was young and wild as most Brazilian women are. She seemed to enjoy herself and she was a good host. Overall, it cost me USD 200 for 1-hour session with 2 rounds.

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