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Georgia Adult Entertainment, SEX

World Health Spa
Near I-85 and Cheshire Bridge.
$80 for the BJ and the standard $40 half hour.

Young’s Spa
Off the exit of Lawrenceville HWY / 285. Make a Left at the first light, it looks like a little house. I’ve been there twice. It’s usually like $40 bucks for 1/2 hour. The Mama San who greets you will wash you down then take you back in the room where a young Asian girl will massage you and then ask you if you want “special treatment”. Tell her you have $80 -no more! She will suck you off and ride your cock but some will let you get on top.

1916 Piedmont Road Atlanta, GA 404/874-7737. Rates: $40/an hr plus tips. Extremely well-equipped and very clean. Steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzi and a shower room. About 6 cute attendants who give a very good body shampoo and massage. Accupressure massage also available and there is always a certified massage therapist on duty. However, place is more of a traditional massage parlor and sexual services, if you can get them, will be only a manual release. Open 24 hours, 7 days.

Visited VIP Massage on Piedmont I paid $40 upon entrance and since it was noon on a Thursday, there were no other customers. The place seemed clean and organized. An attractive Asian was doing her makeup in one on the hallways. It’s amazing to me how all across the country these places operate almost exactly the same. You would think it was a franchise.

I entered my room and the mamasan (a 1.5) told me to take of my clothes and asked if I wanted a body massage. I said, “Yes.” She said she would send me a beautiful girl. I was hoping she was right. I barely got undressed and a towel around my waist when a stunning Asian woman came in. She was very outgoing and acted like she wanted to do me right here right now! Her body was a 10 (I wouldn’t change one thing) and her face was a very cute 8.

She took me in for a body massage (pretty good) and then led me back to the room. I found out she was Japanese and a student in college. She wouldn’t tell me which college or even what she was studying because she was just working here temporarily. She wanted $60 for hand, $100 for BJ or $140 for everything. I usually only get hand and never pay more than $40 for it, but I was way too horny to negotiate. I paid the $60.I had to pay her in between the massage and the action, which I don’t like. I usually won’t go back to a place that allows this practice.

Rather than the traditional hand job, she got undressed and sat on my stomach with her back facing me. She jacked me off until I came and I was able to touch everything I wanted to, including her two perfect tits. Her perfect ass with its thong tan lines was in my face the whole time. All-in-all, I had a great time for $100. She ended up giving me a foot massage as well, which was very relaxing. She called herself Sunny. You can try to ask for her but she won’t be there because she said she was going back to school in a couple days. Maybe mamasan will know what type of chick you like based on the name, though

Studio X
Spring St. I have had many good times there in the past. But now the place has fallen down a little. Used to you could get a woman in a themed room for about $120. You could tell them what you wanted to do settle on a price and then do it. I once got two girls to eat each other out for $50 bucks apiece. Now they want to tease you and won’t tell you what they will do. The bottom line is it could cost you$300 to $400 in tips just to let them suck their breasts. Probably won’t return ending a 10 year run at Studio X (Payton where are you when they need you)

Perfect Touch
Full Body. 2531 Briarcliff Rd – Ste 214 Atlanta, GA 404/872-8823. Rates: $80/an hr plus tips. New establishment has all American girls, which management advertises proudly in local papers, all pretty and in 20’s. However, all that is ever available is a manual release and the tipping can be high to get this. This is a large, clean place that has showers and a steam and dry sauna. From the center of Atlanta, take I-85 North to Exit 31 and get onto Briarcliff Road NE. Place is in the Woodlake Office Plaza next to a Boston Market.

Spa of Atlanta
On Roswell Road, about 1 mile North of I-285, next to Starbucks. $40 half hour and $60 one hour. Good service.

I set out for an appointment with Helena in Atlanta. She is very clear about her service not being “full service”, which is nice to know in advance, however I did not know she also provided “no service” – wish I had know this in advance! We had an appointment for which I waited 45 min in a parking lot to no avail as she stood me up. I left her a phone message stating that I was moving on and would appreciate an explanation as to why she was a “no show” … I also mentioned that I would be posting my experience with her lack of service on the web. Later that day I did get a call from an angered Helena who perversely cussed me out for “threatening her” with my reviews… let’s just say I herd her true colors shine through and would not recommend wasting time on that caliber of service. She treated me, the client, with no respect – and for no good reason. She never did give me an explanation or apologize for not meeting her promised appointment. So if you want someone dependable and kind, my experience tells me that Helena is not for you. (Sorry guys, because she is beautiful on the outside!

Rose’s Escorts and spoke with Michael. He suggested Suzanne (35 years). The fee was 160 for the hour, all-inclusive. Suzanne was on time, dressed casual and very clean. I believe she is more like 45, seem to have OK personality. Did a little massage and then we some hugging and caressing. The sex was not so hot, she had a problem to get the condom on (had only one in her purse, no spare). She finished me off with a rather disinterested hand job and left. Would not call her back and would have Michael provide a little more accurate description.

Sandy Springs
Mind Body Associates
Full Body 185 Clifwood Avenue [1285 Exit 17; RT9N1 Sandy Springs, GA. 404/303-9618 Rates: $75/an hr plus tips. 2-3 young and attractive girls a shift. Located in a small, discreet building, plenty of puking on side. Major credit cards.

Health Spa
2040 Kingsland Road [I95 Exit 2; RT40 West to US171 Kingsland, GA 912/673-8900. Rates: of $60 1/2 hr, $80/an hr. Well equipped, bars on the ceiling for the girl to walk on your back and they also offer a for a shower and sauna along with a basic full body massage.

New York Spa
Quarter-mile past the Health Spa on the other side of the road in a small strip center over the train tracks. $60/80. They have a shower.

West of I-95 in an small strip-mall on your left, probably not more than a mile from the Interstate. Table shower and sauna. $60 hr. Good massage. Older gals.

Ginza Sauna
Full Body 521-B Flint Trail [120 Exit 1520 South to Exit 5] Jonesboro, GA 7701471-0254 Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Place is clean, has a steam sauna and a VIP Jacuzzi room. About 4-6 each shift, are talented in giving good quality body shampoos and massages. Tipping starts in the $75-$100 range. 19-41 onto Tare Blvd. 3 lights on the Flint Trail. 5 minutes from airport.

Oasis Spa
Full Body 7718 Nosh Main St [I75 South From Atlanta RT19 (Jonesboro) Exit] Jonesboro, GA 770!603-8200 Rates: $40/an hr plus tips. Place only has table showers, but they have good-looking girls here. Open 24 hours, 7 days, but there are only like 2 girls working during the later shifts. Jonesboro is south of Atlanta. From the center of Atlanta, take I-75 south to exit 77 and then follow Rte 19 into Jonesboro and after the 60, light go left onto North Main St. Spa is on left in a small shopping plaza. All major credit cards are accepted here.

Oasis Spa
If you’re in HOTlanta, Georgia Asian spas on the southside are not to be missed. Local radio morning show co-host “Southside Steve – Yeah C’mon!” has reviewed many of these local establishments. I’ve not personally visited any places in “the City” so my reviews will be primarily focusing on the South suburbs near the airport.

Spent $40 for an hour with coupon. House mother led me back to the room. I undressed and an older (est. late 30s) woman led me to table shower room. “Candy” was Korean with nice big tits and a good body for her age. Got a table shower and a quick half-a$$ed massage then negotiated half & half a for $120. She asked for $160 and I offered $100 then settled on $120. Had she been a little 100 pound 20 year old hottie then maybe $140 but never spend anymore than that. I’ll explain later. So after a little touchy feely Candy let me finger her while she polished (covered) the knob with great expertise. She then proceeded to lie on the table on her back and spread her legs. No clean shave but a nicely trimmed cooter welcomed me. Worked it for a while then she hopped on top facing away from me and rode me like a champ. She enjoyed when I rubbed her a$$hole with my thumb but squirmed when I tried inserting it. We finished with a little doggie style. I had another table shower and helped me dress. Saw a super hottie as I was leaving (FUBAR) and haven’t been back for several months.

On a 1 in 10:
Facility: 4
Cleanliness: 5
Service: 7

Ok, so why shouldn’t you spend more than $140 at a spa? Simply because although often very pleasurable, their objective is to get you in and done asap. There is no “girlfriend” experience I’ve ever found at ANY spa. If you want the touchy/feely, come as many times in an hour as you can experience you’d be better off with an escort. with an escort the first 30 minutes aren’t taken up by a shower/massage unless you want. Escorts are usually willing to do some more “interesting” with you as well but always work this into the negotiated price. Escort prices range from $150 to $500 per hour but usually nearer to $200-$250. You’re already going to spend around $180 for a “quickie” spa the extra money is well worth the experience.

FYI: There has been some State legislation which has required certification of massage therapists but to my knowledge only Fulton county has adopted ordinances requiring this.

Paradise Oriental Massage
$100 includes tip. No door fee. Girls range from about 4 to 7. Shower table. Not a bad deal for $110

Suns of The Orient Spa
1941 Tara Blvd 175 Exit 77 South from Atlanta RT19 Jonesboro onto Tara Blvd] Jonesboro, GA 770/477-2216 Rates: $40 1/2hr, $60/an hr plus tips. Jonesboro is south of Atlanta. Large staff, 8-9 girls on duty, cute, the basic rates get a good quality body shampoo and tips in $50 range and up can get either a oral or manual release. Have a large hot steam room and sauna bong with a luxury VIP room that contains a Jacuzzi. Open 7 days, 24 hours. From Atlanta: I-75 south to exit 77 go straight and turn right at the 7th light on the right side in a large business building on the 1st floor. 5 minutes from the airport.

Corporate Spa
On the southbound access road between Winters Chapel and Jones Mill

Kings Spa
At the Winters Chapel Exit

7875 Roswell Road NE [I285 Exit 17 Rt 9N] Dunwoody, GA 770/481-0062. Rates: $4O1/2/ hr, $60/an hr with tips in $50-$60 range. Small, sexy place. 4 pretty Oriental girls a shift. They give an excellent massage for the basic rate. By and large, you can’t go wrong if you go to an Oriental massage parlor or spa in the Atlanta area. Places with the Caucasian and/or black girls tend to be rip-offs the Orientals are the real deal.

Y&J Health
Oriental massage with steam/sauna. $40 1/2 hr., $60/hr. I have enjoyed several visits with “Candy”, a mid twenties Korean girl. English is not very good but she makes up for it with her desire to please. Nice body with pert silicone breasts and nice round ass, silky smooth skin. Gives a good massage. full nude hand job for $40, blow job for $60-$80 depending on her mood and will offer full service for around $100 to $120 after she gets to know you.

College Park
Star Spa
5436 Riverdale Road Suite H [I285 Exit 85N -I85 Exit Riverdale] College Park, GA 770/991-0153 Rates: $40/an hr plus tips. This place has some good equipment such as a steam room, sauna, and a VIP room with Jacuzzi and the girls are young and cute, but only lackluster manual releases are available for tips. No oral or full service. Located about five minutes away from the William B. Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport and the hours are m-Su-9a-2a. College Park is located just south of Atlanta

Formally next to McKinnon’s restaurant. Reports tell us not a good place.

I was headed up to Kingsland today for a session at one of the MP and happened to see the place in Brunswick had an ad and $10 coupon in the JAX paper. Since it was just another 30 miles I thought I would give it a try.

The place is off exit 36A about a mile east of I-95 on the south side of the road. I was greeted by a nice 30-something Korean girl named Lana, and she was dressed in a Neon green halter and about 15 inches of miniskirt. Things looked good.

After paying the $70 fee ($10 off) she had me strip for the table shower. I should have been tipped off when she gave me the shortest one on record. Since I have gotten used to the slow teasing ones in Kingsland, it was a disappointment.

Back in the room, she had me lie on my front and immediately started rubbing her body on mine. It couldn’t have been two minutes before she asked me to turn over. I went along because I wanted to see how it would all turn out.

After paying her about twice the entry for extras, she came back in, stripped and had the condom on (using her tongue) lickedty split. In about another three minutes it was all over (I admit that I have no staying power at all during rushed sex).

Finally, she gave me a bit of massage then had me get dressed. On my way out, she said “next time, you can massage me, OK?”. Wow–then it might have taken 24 minutes instead of 23!

I admit I could have been a lot more voiceful about what I wanted, but was curious about the place since it was my first time there. Given the good times to be had 25 miles away in Kingsland, I won’t go back.

Tango_Alpha “In Fortran, God is Real (unless declared Integer)”

Osaka Spa
2352 Washington Road [I20 Exit 65: Washington Augusta GA. 706/737-5754Rates: $80/an hr plus tips. This is not a fancy place, it only has curtains on the doors for privacy but it is a no-pressure environment and the sexual services are first-rate. Located next to a music store, they have downsized in recent months, they once had a hot tub.

Paradise Spa
3601 Dean’s Bridge Road 175 Exit 77 South from Atlanta] Augusta, GA 706/733-4600 Rates: $60/an hr plus tips. Clean place, girls give quality massages. Work in small rooms with curtains on the doors and some moderate tips can and will bring complete service. Located in a snip mall in a rundown neighborhood so time your visit for day hours. Rtes 1, 4 and 78 all converge on Dean’s Bridge Rd. Located directly across the road from a K-Mart.

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