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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Stockholm
Main Cities: Gothenburg, Malmö, Uppsala
Population: 8,732,000 Area [sq.km]: 449,960
Currency: 1 Swedish krona = 100 öre
Languages: Swedish
Religions: Lutheran Protestant


I don’t know what fantasy world Åke S. is living in, but Stockholm is easily the cleanest city in Europe. Yes, the air and the water are clean, but the streets are clean too. Prostitution is illegal, and the authorities do not go soft on offenders. Since the Social Democrats have replaced the Moderates in the parliament about 7 years ago, there has been a gradual and extremely thorough cleansing of Stockholm’s nightlife. Go out and have a beer, go to a concert, dance your ass off at a disco, but don’t waste your time looking for a prostitute or an escort even. They are not here. The social welfare system here is very good, and there is no reason for women to seek out alternative means of augmenting their income, however paltry it may be. There aren’t even beggars here. Malmskillnadgatan used to be the prime strip, but now if you walk it from one end to the other 24 hours a day, all you’ll see are little kids playing in the park at the top, old women walking home unescorted and good citizens picking trash up out of the street. Sorry (for myself too), but if you’re looking for sex, take the ferry to Helsinki or Copenhagen. It’s a good long way to go, but it will still save you time.

I thought I’d write you on the Swedish (mostly Stockholm, some Malmö in southern Sweden) situation and how it pertains to us eager hobbyists. When it comes to legalities prostitution is legal but buying the services or pimping is illegal. The radical women’s libbers (most of them in their mid fifties) are very powerful in the parliament and for some inexplicable reason they chose the rather innefctual method of making the buying illegal. Few cases have gone to court and even fewer have ended in convictions. If you ever read a message board where prostitution in Sweden is discussed you may see someone named “Erik” as a contributor. This will probably be Erik Korsås: a self-styled “expert” on the subject of prostitution with very firm opinions (how anybody can be an expert on a subject as diverse as prostitution is beyond me), all against of course. Maybe he wants Ministry work, who knows?

The “correct” way to think about all prostitution and hobbyists in Sweden is the former were abused in childhood and can’t be without being continually humiliated and the latter are deficient souls who can’t have a normal relationship with a women. In addition, the hobbyists don’t give a damn about safety precautions and have no qualms about spreading SD:s to their unwitting wives and girlfriends.

So if you ever get into an argument concerning prostitution with a rabid Swedish woman in her fifties you’ll know how to settle her down or how to make her really angry. If you make her angry or she runs out of arguments (which she usually will) she’ll start to accuse of perhaps being a hobbyist yourself … That’s how heated discussions in Sweden on any subject usually end up: one side accusing the other … silly.

Anyway, as many predicted, prostitution has for the most part moved from the streets. The street has never been a good place really since most of the women are old or addicts. What I of course mean is “never been a good place” for me since we all have varied interests. In Stockholm the street place to go is between the northern part of Malmskillnadsgatan and south of Johannes church (“Johannes kyrka”).

For those women who do not conform to the description I gave you above the internet is how they advertise their services. Because of the legal issues they won’t advertise on .se domains, only other countries’ or .com.

There are several sites (in Swedish) which are more or less interesting:
www.wetdreamz.com less contributions than sexad but same rate of professionals,

These sites are easily navigated though they are in Swedish:
Kvinna/kvinnor means woman/women
Man/män man/men
Par couple/couples
Söker seeks, looking for
Generös generous (a catchword for payment involved)
Titta på look at, browse
Annons/-en/-er/-erna ad/the ad/ads/the ads
Skåne/Malmö southern Sweden/its largest city
Bohuslän/Göteborg ditto for western Sweden
Stockholm the capitol and surrounding area roughly 20% of the Swedish population lives here.
Mellansverige central Sweden, contains Göteborg and Stockholm
Södra Sverige southern Sweden, contains Malmö
Kön gender
Ålder age
Ej not
Över/äldre over/older than
Under/yngre under/younger than
Kuk cock
Sug/slicka suck/lick
Mig/mej me
Dig/dej you
KK/knullkompis “fuck-pal” (wo strings)

Kristina, Eva two Estonian girls worked one after the other from same apt in south-west suburb. Don’t answer phones anymore.
Jessica, Yara two Mediterranean girls worked from same apt in central Stockholm. Don’t answer phones anymore (Jessica’s number has new subscriber).
Fanny, Jenny, Julia, Kicki, Madde probably work.
Idrottstjejen, Sara(Malmö), Vicky work.
Katrin new girl
Isabella(Malmö) never answers mails or phone when I’ve tried.

Don’t know about the rest. Also try:

Given what people get to keep after taxes in Sweden the girl’s prices are high. This is usually no problem if its relation to the service provided is satisfactory. 2000 SEK (200 USD) per hour is a good price, 2500 is barely tolerable and 3000 and above is too high. One thing with these prices is that the girls probably won’t get repeat customers which probably is better for them in the long run since that would allow them to “weed-out” the guys they don’t want to keep. In all fairness, “Market-thinking” is a novelty in a lot of parts of the Swedish society. Many haven’t gotten past the “I can charge whatever price I want” part.

If I were to generalize the girls of all-Swedish descent (lived here all their lives, Swedish parents etc) have the highest prices and provide the lowest level of service. They only do OW, often won’t allow you to eat them, don’t kiss, won’t strip and seem to want the whole thing to be over and done with as soon as possible. This is the picture you get when talking to them on the phone. In the flesh Emma is very pretty but very passive and uninterested while Sara (Malmö) who though she wouldn’t kiss and only did OW, was an absolute sex machine and made me feel like a million dollars.

On the subject of the “other” girls they are (generally) often more into it and like to be eaten though most only do OW. They’ll come more than once and are clearly more relaxed. My comments here are more diverse. Vicky has raised her prices by 50% since last summer to 3000/h. Veronica has the same rate as before (2500/h) but will hardly allow you to touch her – let alone eat her – anymore. Kristina is very pretty but clearly only in it for the money (2500/h) – no acting ability! My favorite was Yara who loved being eaten and did OWO/CIM. She’s short, has an athletic body, with big tits and a small ass. Her prices were 2000 for one/2500 for two. That’s what I call value! In addition she was very sexy and a really nice person to talk to. I’m really sorry she’s quit. Have fun!

I visited Vicky in August. She has moved to a new apartment a bit further from Stockholm. Buses go into the city stop nearby. She charged SEK 1500 (about $130-150) for an hour which is far from the 3000 I wrote about in a previous report. Maybe she charges foreign businessmen more but it is probably possible to negotiate this downwards a bit. Vicky is a sexy-looking lady in her mid-30’s with a horny gaze, nice legs and curvy (not fat) body with beautiful breasts. Over the past year she has started to develop saddle-bags (no problem yet). Her pussy is shaved. She likes being eaten but twice is her limit. Looks/performance 7/7. You can check her out at vicky.nightsites.com. The picture titled “I will jerk you off …” appears to be her, the others aren’t. You’ll find her phone # under “Resume.”

I was in Stockholm around 3 months ago, and there were a few girls hanging around outside the tube station in Malmskillnadsgatan, late on in the evening. There is a cafe/bar on the opposite corner where you can watch and get an idea of what is going on. Some men arrive on foot, and some in cars (which the girls wave on when a police car comes in sight, from time to time). A lot of the conversations seem to come to nothing.

It’s just around the corner from the Scandic Segel Plaza (which was how I happened to notice, not expecting action in Sweden). The hotel was on the look out late at night, and demanded the girl’s passport (but gave her the copy back later) and an upgrade to a double room (after all, if prostitution is illegal then you must need one, right?) They played it straight and ignored the implications.

Nathalie was a pretty little Argentinian girl (late 20s), and wasn’t cheap (around 2000 Krona from memory) but the service was nothing memorable (in fact, I’ve forgotten the details already).

Since the law banned the buying but not selling of sex back in -00, street prostitution is nearly non-existent. Malmskillnadsgatan: the main street for prostitutes downtown is all but empty of prostitutes. There are only a couple of old junkies to be found. The City is taking steps to ensure it stays that way by building apartments, restaurants and shops in the area. The reason this was popular in the past is that it was an area of offices with almost no normal people around after the offices closed for the day.

My last European road trip included Sweden. The reason there are not much posts about this country is obvious, as Sweden is one of the most conservative country in Europe when it comes to sex liberties. I spent most time in Malmo, the third biggest city of the country, about 20 min ride from Copenhagen. I know i`m not saying anything new now but i still wanna say it: Swedish girls are by far the hottest, most beautiful girls in the world. And I’ve traveled a bit….Anywhere u go in this country u will be stunned not just by the exquisite beauty of some women but also by the high percentage of regular good looking girls! God must have been more then generous with them. Almost one in three is a stunner or at least a hot one….jesus! And i don’t recall seeing any scaring creatures like u often see wherever u might roam…meaning obese, morbid obese, or just plain butt ugly. To get back to business i must say there is not much adult fun in Sweden if we consider the one that u have to pay for it. I found a massage parlor in Malmo, on Niels Parsson and Mariedalsvagen run by a Thai woman in her mid thirty’s and good looking. She has two other younger Thai girls helping her but they are not as cute as she is. The place caters mostly for the older women and men, as she advertises for therapeutic and foot massage.I passed by the place a few times and she was always smiling thru the window and waving to me to come in.I stopped once just out of the curiosity to see what she wants to say and we start talking. She said she will give me a good massage. I said i`m busy now. She insisted, saying its cheap and its very good. I didn’t know what to think at this point but i still said no. We were already 5 min into this conversation when she literally grabbed my hand and pulled me in saying OK, its free for you. I couldn’t say no so i went in the back, undress completely except for my underwear and laid down on the massage bed as she instructed me. She gave me a great Thai massage 20 min back 20 min front, not missing a single muscle. At this point i thought she already did more then i expected and was thinking to give her a 10 euro tip. Then she started to massage my dick over the underwear and smile at me….one minute later i was all naked and she was on top of me french kissing with passion. Thru the thin drape i could almost see and of course hear the other Thai girls talking to a new customer or somebody in the office. I was thinking is time to finish so i had her giving me a good healthy hand job, stroking me in whatever way i wanted….she cleaned me carefully afterwords and as i was getting dressed she came up to me and start french kissing again…damn! All i gave her was a 20 euro tip which she seamed to have been expected and she looked happy as i left. I asked her if she wanted to come to my house some day for a private session and she said yes and she asked if i have other friends so she can bring the other Thai girls along…. that never happened cause i left a few days after that. As I’ve heard from some friends afterwords she offers cheap uninhibited sex services to whoever goes there and ask. I must say Swedish men are shy so she is not that busy….Whoever goes to Malmo and wants to have this kind of fun remember the address and the women are always there between 9am and 6 pm. Price may vary, i think i was a little lucky, from what I’ve heard regular HJ is 30 to 40 euro and sex is 50 and up.
The traditional hang out place for the street girls, the Industriegatan street is not much of a scene today, I don’t think is worth even trying.

Good news is the Swedish girls are hot and more willing then any other western women. I’ve been told (by a nice local blond) that summer is mating time in Sweden meaning the girls are getting hot and they just wanna screw as much as possible. To be honest i experience this in person and i must say i think is true. I got laid there for free and did crazy things I couldn’t even dare to ask a hooker for on a red district joint!
All in all i would say Sweden is good if u still wanna chase women and like hunting. U will get laid for free. For older women try Swing Inn its a 26 plus age policy, huge 3 floor club with karaoke, disco, lounge, rock and roll, piano live and everything u want. U see there women in their 30s, 40s and 50s looking for action! 10 euro entry but totally worth it! Open till 4 am.
Lots of nice clubs and pubs downtown in the Lila Torg market. Hope it was helpful!

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