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Location: Europe
Status: UN Country
Capital City: Bucharest (Bucuresti)
Main Cities: Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca
Population: 23,434,000 Area []: 237,500
Currency: 1 Romānian leu = 100 bani
Languages: Romānian, Hungarian
Religions: Romānian Orthodox, Roman Catholic

I have been to Bucarest for a week around Easter holiday. I rented an apartment and had some help with finding the great girls.

My experiences were from OK to absolutely fantastic. If you’re kind to girls you’ll get better service which means they’ll do a really great job. My experience was if you take a girl for the second time she gets better. I had a session for more than 3 hours with a gypsy girl, she was wild, hot and fantastic. She was wet and horny. It was a perfect session.

But in my opinion it would be more fun to go with a group, it“s easier to organize everything and to share the girls. My trip was fantastic and strange, from the things I did before.

I have been in Oradea for one day in September 2002. I followed other discussants’ suggestion and looked for Mario Weasel at Liberty Bar (it’s a casino-bar which can be found in the pedestrian street right in Oradea’s center), but this found out to be a mistake, because as I walked in and asked the guardman “where is Mario Weasel? I need a girl”, he became suspicious and just sent me away saying “he is not here, he is abroad” and as I tried to ask for girls, he just said “I don’t know, sorry”. I understood that such a frontal approach was stupid, maybe he thought I was police and as far as I could understand, this Weasel man is something like a boss there.

Ok…let me update everybody about the adult fun one can have in Romania….this time i would stop for a moment to a city in the center of the country, Cluj Napoca. There are quite a lot of street girls at the corner of Avram Iancu street and Calea Turzii street but they are low quality, basically just the truck drivers stopping for a quickie. Ok, now the good news is there are a lot of beautiful young college students that advertize their services through a newspaper, totally legal and where they give out their cellphone number. U just call the girl directly and talk the details with her… The paper is called “Piata de la A la Z”, very popular over there. There are about 300 adds there, maybe 50 -70 different girls waiting for your call. The charge is always the same: 50 euro for 40 min of BJ and normal sex with all the positions u want… I have found model type girls for that price, very friendly and clean and safe….and best of all they are not professionals, u can tell that immediately, they are the college hunnies u see in the magazines sometimes unbelievable. The price is negotiable with not so good looking girls, usually gypsies who bargain the price as low as 25 euro for half hour. They have a pretty steady schedule, between 12pm and 10pm, they don’t work overnight as they have school to go to the next day. They work in small apartments in the city center, easy to get to….pay like 3 euro for a cab. They rent these apartments only for these purpose, almost always 2 rooms with two girls…so u can even choose sometimes.

The best bet is to have a local Romanian help u with that and make the phone call for u….the locals are very friendly with foreigners u can make friends in the first day just going out in a bar… i am Romanian myself so of course is very easy for me but I helped a lot of western tourist I met there to get laid for a good price and with a nice girl. If anyone is interested I can post more info about this, give a web address or even the best looking girl’s phone numbers Bottom line about CLUBS: u can find great looking sweeties and rock their world for as low as 50 euro and even enjoy a nice conversation as they all speak good English. A plus to that is u can find girls posting for S&M service or kinky or whatever. Its unbelievable, u get that for the same price, 50 euro.

Smaller towns in Romania offer same nice college girls for a much lower price 15 to 35 euro a good example is Targu Mures city and the newspaper there is called Flash. Just look for the massage section of course.

The day after, I went there again, entered the empty casino, found another guy to talk to and used a more delicate way, just like “I’m a tourist, can you please tell me if there is a good place in town to look for girls?” I got a completely different reaction, he had me talk to another guy there who could arrange everything for me. Liberty Bar is the right place, but I suggest you to “fly low” and watch out for a guy using Weasel’s name. Romanian girls are really OK, 100$ and you spend a great night, I’m looking forward to go there again.

Suggestion: in town hotels are pretty expensive (around 60 EUR or 100 EUR for the best ones).
Fortunately I had my car, and found a very good place approx. 7 km out of town, in a kind of amusement resort hill which is called “Baile Felix”, where you can find a disco, pools, restaurants and some Hotels.
Mine was new, very clean, nice furnished and discrete, with inner guarded parking: Pensiunea Monaco, Baile Felix, +4 0722 239105 Most of all, they said absolutely nothing as I went in and out at night and as I came in with the girl. Big double room for 20 EUR.

Drive south, on the street to Beius/Brad (better ask, I’m not so sure of this). When you enter Baile Felix complex, look for the disco and enter in the disco’s lot with your car, Hotel is hidden right behind the club (you cannot see it from the street). if you don’t have your own car, take a taxi, they are cheap and it’s definitely worth it.

Great info. I do have some questions. As a western Europe visitor there has always been a fear of going into the eastern block countries due to crime, mafia etc. It’s one thing to cross the Austrian border to CZ, Hungary or Slovakia but Romania is pretty deep within the east.

1. So what’s a safe way to get there and avoid getting ripped off or robbed?
2. What’s the average cost of hotel and food?
3. What do you use to get around, rental car, train taxi?
4. How is the crime and what to avoid?
5. So Romania uses the Euro or do the girls just accept Euros?
6. What about pimps I hear lots of women have pimps?

To answer Euro`s question:
6. Pimps are usually found in Bucharest, the city being so big (3+ million people)and full of rich locals or foreign business men there’s a real need for them. They bring girls to your location, you negotiate everything with them etc. Of course this increases the price even higher. In other cities throughout Romania pimps are almost nonexistent. The girls take care of business themselves most of the times.

5.Romanian currency is the lei, at an exchange rate of 4 lei to 1 euro. This fluctuates a bit but never has been over 4,5 to 1 euro. When you deal directly with the girls you can pay with either currency. Changing money is very easy in RO, just go to any of the banks in the city, they don’t charge a commission. Having leis with you is a sign that you’re in contact with the locals, so the girls are not going to try and take advantage of you by over charging.

4.Ok, about crime…..Romania is a very safe country for western visitors. The only thing you should be worried about is pick pockets or small scams, like if you exchange money on the street…but most of this happens mostly in the capital, in Bucharest and there are common sense things that visitors should consider or worry about wherever they go! All the major cities in Transylvania are safe like the ones in western europe, no difference there. I will name some of those cities that are worth seeing: Club Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu, Targu Mures.

3.Renting a car in Romania costs about 30 euro per day. But if u stay in the same city for more days its not worth to renting one, cab drivers are available 24/7 and they charge time plus the distance between one place to another and their not that far.

2.Hotel rates vary as everywhere….avoid the big names as a general rule. A regular hotel in the city charges from 25 to 40 euro a night. Best bet is to look for Pension Houses, which are newly constructed buildings, very comfy and not pricey. In Cluj Napoca I always stay at Pensiunea Mellis, you can get a single room for 25 euro and it`s close to the center of city, 10 min walking or 2 euro by taxi.
If you do go make sure you have a reservation because they’re busy most of the time. The other way is to stay cheap in Cluj and look for ads in the local newspaper Piata. A lot of people rent their apartments or a room in their house for around 15 to 20 euros a night. Here the help of one of the locals would do the job. Food is generally cheap, but for a tourist who doesn’t know were to find the good local markets it’s not going to be much less then the West.

Let me tell you guys what is cheap in Romania, again with the exception of Bucharest where you really have to know where you’re going: drinking. A top ranked dance club/disco with bar and tables in Cluj charges 3 euro for a fancy cocktail and 1,5 euro for a good beer. If u go to a regular pub you’ll pay no more then 1 euro for a good local beer Ursus or an imported Becks. Bottle of good french wine in a pub or club is around 8 euro.If you’re out drinking stick with the local beers if you don’t wanna pay more than 1 euro.(Ursus and Ciuc) A good espresso in a fancy coffee place costs 1 euro as well. Tipping is not required but appreciated.

1. So the conclusion my friends is Romania is a safe place and Cluj Napoca is the place me and a lot of my western European friends would recommend to everybody. The good and great looking women are plentiful here, there’s a lot of places to go out to, day and night and if you’re a good talker with a sense of humor you might get laid for free like most of my friends do… Remember Romanian girls,like Russians, have a thing for western men….this includes Americans, off course! You’re always one step ahead of the locals, act like you need help with the language, with finding a good place to eat or to have a coffee and so on…they will most of the time offer to show u around. And if that is not working u can always grab the local newspaper and start calling around. That IS going to work always

Good website to start searching for fun in Romania

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