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Adult travel, brothels, strip clubs Vietnam AsiaAdult travel, brothels, strip clubs Vietnam Asia

Hvan Kiem Hotel Hanoi (25 Tran Hung Dao Street) offers massage in rather seedy and uncharming surroundings. The procedure is you go first to pay in a tiny barroom where there are a few easy chairs (for waiting clients I presume), then you are escorted to a small room with a massage cot where you are expected to undress and shower (each room has a small sauna and shower facility), then you lie down and wait for the masseuse.

I paid 8 US Dollars for a massage with hand job done by a pretty but absolutely uninspired girl. She was unembarrassed as I directed her hand to my dick but also demonstrative in her detachment. She refused to undress, and she protested against me making sounds as I climaxed, seemingly because this business is not supposed to happen here. After the action was over she demanded a tipping. I gave her three dollars but declined her request for more. I honestly didn’t think she deserved more money than that.

Went to medusa club, behind Amara hotel. had never been there before, but heard a lot about it, so i was of course quite curious. Arrived about 9.00 pm, walked into the ground floor lounge, sat on one of the very comfortable sofas there, waiting for things to happen. first impression – place is very stylish. and very empty. soon the mamasan approached me asking if i desired company. few minutes later she brought about 10 girls, that had been hiding upstairs, to my table for selection. 5 – 7’s, not such a great menu. anyway found one girl to my liking and asked her to sit down with me. as this visit was only for reconnaissance I was happy that she could speak reasonable english and explain to me the set up. here is a quick overview of prices mentioned:
Table charge ( that’s a charge for you to sit down at a table, without girl) USD 10 girl charge USD 10 +girl drink, my gin tonic USD 5.00) if you would like to sit in one of the numerous karaoke rooms upstairs the cost for this is usd 40 ++ (drinks etc) i think this does not incl. any action except groping! you will be asked pretty bluntly by the waiters or mamasan after a while if you want to take the girl to an amara hotel room, other venues obviously not possible. cost for room USD 45.00 short time or overnight Girl ST USD 70, LT 100 USD might be able to negotiate this!
usual patrons here are Asian business men (Korea, Taiwan, Japan etc) so prices tend to be extremely high. girls also additionally expect tips!
it was mentioned that there are more than 100 girls working here, and i realized after a while that, although the place seemed empty, there was constant coming and going into the karaoke rooms. saw some lookers too, but maybe I was too late/early/not looking rich enough to be presented with them.
all in all it looks like an easy and safe place if you don’t mind spending the money. We all know of course from past experiences that high price does not guarantee a high level of service, so I passed on this yesterday and went home alone.

The prices mentioned at Medusa Club are very high by local standards. The reason, as you mentioned, is because this places caters to Asian businessmen (who are seen as rich suckers).

I personally hate the bar/karaoke scene. In HCM, it is very easy to meet high class call girls in your hotel (not a Japanese hotel). At places likes Caravelle, just hang around in the bar or lobby and you will see them. They will come up to you or you can approach them. Definite 9-10 type of girls, very good manners, the type you don’t mind taking out before you do your thing. Costs $100-150 for an all-nighter.

You’re right. At some hotels (usually in the countryside, not in HCM city), they may ask for a marriage license at check in time if a woman is going to stay in the same room as you.

If you check in alone, then later bring back a girl, they usually will not hassle you.

If a “can bo” (police) comes to your room and hassles you because there is a girl there (usually a local girl, they would not dare if she is a foreigner), it’s because they want money. You can do 2 things: pay them and get them quickly out of your hair, or you can argue it out and they will usually go away but it may take a while.

How I miss Thailand and all. Yes, Vietnam is great and beautiful but the girls are not worth the time of night or day. They tend to start off with $40 for a jack off although if you work them enough you can
get it for $`15. Not worth all the work.

Thai girls make the Vietnamese look like 封封. There is nothing in their heads except money
and space. Ya, I thank God that I met some sweeties that are keeping me
happy and only getm e for $10. Better then jerking off. The best thing is to come here with a lady already and be a tourist.
The country is great, cheap and the people are fantastic. Well, of course, seems like everytime you go out they will hassle you with
buying or if you need a lighter or a ride or a massage etc. Never stops and today I got sick of this 封封. I’m leaving for the Philippines, another 封封
country these days this coming thursday. I’ll be there 55 days. then I
come back here. I think I would be happier to be in Thailand

The girl I was going to meet in Vietnam , well, she turned out to be a feminist beauty. She’s history. I don’t think the Vietnamese are the
girls to marry. Ya, they are virgins, but so naive and scarred of everything. No fun. Plus, the word with the local boys here is that they are too bossy and demanding and not that good in bed. From my
limited experience, I agree. PLus, finding a real beauty is hard. Not like Thailand were beautiful girls smile and drop their clothes at the touch of a hat.

I think I read somewhere that you lived in Vietnam for a while, married a Viet girl and later divorced her. Through my professional dealings I was put in touch with a 28 yr old Viet girl living in Hanoi. She graduated from Hanoi Univeristy and writes decent english and I assume speaks it the same. She works for the government and seems nice. She asked me to correct her english and I’ve done so. We exchanged photos and she’s a 7.5 to 8.0 at least in the photo she sent and when I got around to asking her if she’d like to meet when I am in SE Asia in July she got very humble and said, “I am not perfect woman for you but I can introduce you to girls here if you want.” She has already sent me an e-mail for another woman, a government economist who also graduated from Hanoi Univeristy.

When it rains it pours … Here in the states I am friends with a killer 23 yr. old Viet beauty who is married to a dull viet guy (lucky fucker) through an arranged marriage. Yes, in the US this does occur. Anyway, she’s married but we are flirtatious friends. In this morning’s e-mail to me she said she wants to introduce me to her cousin in Vietnam and she wants to help introduce me to other girls in Vietnam.

You were married to a Viet woman and lived there. Would you take this side trip to Vietnam to scout out a potential girlfriend or mate rather than spend a few nights at Martini’s in Phenom Phen?

Will a seemingly sweet Viet girl turn into a bossy bitch if I brought her to the US? I know these are generalizations but that’s what I have to go by? I also realize if I went to Vietnam to meet these girls we would basically go on dinner dates and since they are not “working girls” I shouldn’t expect their panties to drop. But is that true? Does anyone have some experience in this area? I like that they are relatively intelligent and attractive. I wonder if there is potential to meet a beautiful, young, intelligent girlfriend or mate or are the university educated girls just as greedy as the whores?

I like going to shops where they advertise hair wash and haircut for men, but offer more. You pay only 30,000-40,000 Dong for a massage and 10,000 more for hair wash. That’s $2-$2.70 US and about 70 cents. For the massage you go upstairs to a semi-private cubicle with a long, narrow massage table. You strip to your underwear. She remains fully clothed. She massages you and after a while tickles your nipples, rubs your stomach and cock and asks if you want it massaged. She’ll pull down your underwear, use a wet towel to clean your cock and then jerk it up and down for a while. Indicate you want her to suck it and she will. You can touch her everywhere through her clothes and under her shirt. She’ll usually pull up her shirt and loosen her bra.

Sometimes you can feel her ass and/or pussy, sometimes she doesn’t want. Quality is uneven. Sometimes the massage is good and sometimes not. Sometimes the blowjob is great and sometimes ok or even bad. The good thing is, it’s cheap. For a decent massage and BJ (always BBBJ BTW) the tip is 50,000 dong or $3.30. That’s all that’s expected or needed. So if it’s good, go back again, if not, try someone else next time. I always tell them I want to come in their mouth and about 70% follow through. If they don’t, I tip them less. They work usually from 10 am to 10 pm.

You can make a date to go to a hotel with them before or after but usually not during work. Not all hair wash places offer this service. Some places it’s hand-job only and some places not even that. A few places the girls will go all the way, but they are afraid of boss or police finding out, so it’s not usual. I think the girls work for just tips and get no salary. But think, a nice looking girl, some sort of massage, blow job, come in their mouth, all for $5 to 6 dollars US. Not bad. A previous poster pays 200,000 for this service. That’s way too much. That would be for two hours in the hotel although 100,000 would probably be ok too.

Some brothels are really ok and some are not. I usually want the girl to get the money and prefer a girl who is working mostly for herself. Many brothel in West Lake Distinct charge 20-30 US for foreign men

Ho Chi Minh
Street Girls
Street chicks. These are a bit more risky–condoms are a must. Pay anywhere from $ 10 to 30 per girl. Nguyen Thi Minh Khai is the best spot. Go from 11pm – 1:30 am. Just tell the taxi to go to this street and then tell him to slow down. The chicks will come out of the wood work. Other places are more risky. You will need a place to take these chicks. Not back to your hotel in most cases. The chicks or the pimps will know a place. You should be safe physically with these chicks–they will try to pickpocket if you are stupid but that is about it so just keep an eye on your money. Expect to pay an additional $20-35 for the room.

I like Stephanie’s on Don Dat. Also Monkey bar on the corner of Hai Ba Trung near Q Bar. Another good spot is 74 Hai Ba Trung, just up from Monkey bar. You will see about 5 bars there. Bernies is NOT a hooker bar so don’t bother with that. My favorite is the place (all places are number 74) with a lot of bamboo downstairs and stairs at the far back. It is two places down from the corner. Go early (not after 10:30 to get the best chicks) The older ones are not as attractive, but really fucking go for it and are best when teamed up with the younger ones. Two on one is fricking great. Again, you need to get a room not at your hotel. Again, expect $20-35 for the room. Girls will know where to go. Expect minimum $40 per chick plus about 5 drinks at five bucks each.

Massage/Hand job. These are excellent. Girls usually know exactly what to do. Price includes 1 or 1.5 hr massage, tip for services, shower, sauna, steam bath etc. Major hotels are good for this as prices are higher. Hotels: Equitorial (ask for Ms. Linh) $30-45. Vien Dong (# 6 is very good) $30-45, includes movies in AC room. These two are my favorites for combining price, quality of chicks and very relaxing, clean up-scale surroundings. Also you can try Kimdo on Nguyen Hue, Rex Hotel, I have heard good things about the Century Saigon

Look out for the keywords “Sauna & Massage” in this city. They are often visible in bright neon on Chinese hotels. Whether this invariably refers to commercial sex I don’t know, but often it does. As far as I have understood from Vietnamese contacts, the locals also connect these places with potential “boom boom”.

I was recommended PHU THO HOTEL, a major hotel at 527 – 3/2 Street, District 11 (phone 855 8378 or 855 1310, fax +84 8 855 1255) for massage. I had asked for a good place to get “traditional health massage” which may be the reason why there was no sign of any “extras” being offered. What I got was a thorough treatment of my whole naked body by the expert hands and feet of a twenty-something girl in pleasant and neat surroundings.

The price for this was 70.000 Dong for 45 minutes, and 100.000 Dong for 1 hour, which seemingly is not a tourist price since it is displayed in a large banner on the facade of the hotel. What definitely was a “tourist price”, however, was the tipping demanded afterwards by the masseuse. She insisted that she was entitled to a tipping the same size as the payment to the receptionist. I (mellowed in body and soul by the excellent massage experience) gave it to her. – Later my Vietnamese friends grinned and said: “For that kind of money she now owes you special services. 20.000 Dong would have been a normal tipping for regular health massage – if she did it well.”

Some days later I went inside another big hotel, mainly for a Chinese audience, the METROPOLE at 148 Tran Hung Dao Avenue, 1st District (phone +84 8 832 2021 or +84 8 832 2022, fax +84 8 832 2019, email

This time the price for 1 hour at the reception of the massage clinic on 2nd Floor was 90.000 Dong. Again I was lead to a roomette with a massage bench, shower and toilet room, and even a small tv. A 25 years old girl appeared and asked me to undress and shower, just like last time. But when she started touching me, the feeling was quite different. This was not “massage”, this was caressing, this was come-ons.

I came on and lead her hand to my rising dick which she started caressing too. Breathless moments passed by. Then I asked her for a blowjob, which she willingly supplied. We used one of the condoms I had brought with me to Vietnam. She did seem a little surprised at my talking of rubber for a blowjob.

She performed very well with her tongue and her lips. There was no feeling of being hurried or treated with disinterest. After my successful orgasm she continued with a normal massage of my scalp and face until a full hour has passed.

Afterwards she talked of a tipping of 20 US Dollars which I denied her. But I did give her a 10 Dollar note, just for being a good and kind whore. I suspect it was wildly overpriced by local standards but after all – 10 bucks for a really sweet blowjob isn’t much.

Downstairs a big Chinese wedding was taking place in the restaurant. Metropole is not simply a prostitution hotel. On the other hand I cannot imagine that the leadership of the place is unaware of what goes on at second floor.

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