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It was discovered & named “Little Venice” or Venezuela by Columbus in 1498. Venezuela is located on the northern coast of South America and is 352,144 sq. miles, making it just more than two times the size of California. It is made up of mighty rivers, dense jungles, snow capped mountains 16,427 ft., rolling plains, tropical islands, and 1,700 miles of beaches. Venezuela has the largest lake in South America, the highest waterfall in the world 3,212 ft. That’s 15 times that of Niagara Falls and the third largest river in South America the Orinoco.

Escorts in Caracas
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Several bars
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Best place in this street: Embassy hotel

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If they see you’re a gringo they’re going to ask you for 50% more. Don’t hesitate to bargain. Any cab driver in town knows these places so you can get there easily. It’s customary to buy her a drink while she sits with you her drinks are usually deducted from the exit fee. One hour FS pop is the regular deal.
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The tourist season in Venezuela runs year-round so, theoretically, any time you visit is OK. However, the dry season is more pleasant for traveling, though some sights including the famous Angel Falls are certainly more impressive in the wet season. The climate varies from tropical to temperate, depending on elevation. Rainy season is from May to November, often with heavy descriptive rain fall. Temperatures average between 70°F and 85°F with hot days and very cold nights.

Also keep in mind the periods during which Venezuelans take their holidays. They are mad about traveling to visit friends and family over Christmas, Carnaval several days prior to Ash Wednesday and Semana Santa Holy Week; the week before Easter Sunday. In these three periods, you’ll have to plan ahead and do a little more legwork before you find a place to stay. On the other hand, these periods are colorful and alive with a host of festivities.

Public Holidays
New Year’s Day January 1
Carnival February 10-11*
Easter March 28-31*
Declaration of Independence April 19
Labor Day May 1
Battle of Carabobo June 24
Independence Day July 5
Birth of Simón Bolívar and Battle of Lago de Maracaibo July 24
Civil Servants’ Day September 4
Discovery of America October 12
Christmas December 24-25
New Year’s Eve December 31

3 hours ahead of US.

From North America: Direct flights with American Airlines (New York, Dallas, Miami), Delta (Atlanta), United Airlines (Miami, Chicago), Continental (Houston, New York) and Servivensa (Miami, New York). Also from Miami, Aeropostal.

From Europe: British Airways fly from London to Simón Bolívar, the international airport for Caracas three times a week direct. There are also services from Paris (Air France), Amsterdam (KLM), Madrid (Iberia), Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Rome (Alitalia), and Lisbon (TAP)

To Caracas on a non-stop flight:
From Miami 3.5 hours
From New York 5 hrs
From Los Angeles 8 1/4 hours

To enter Venezuela, a valid passport from the country of origin is required, along with a visa – obtainable from consulates-, a tourist card, and a return ticket.
US nationals, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, UK nationals, South Africans and most Western and Scandinavian Europeans do not require a visa if they fly directly to Venezuela. All foreigners entering Venezuela by land require a valid visa; get one before you leave for South America.

The international departure tax is US$21 (US$39 if you’ve stayed over a month).

From airport to Caracas
Taxi fares from airport to Caracas cost US$18 minimum, depending on the quality of the taxi, the part of city, or on the number of stars of your hotel, regardless of distance. Do not pay more than 25-30 dollars. Overcharging is rife and taxi drivers can be aggressive in seeking passengers. Fares are supposedly controlled, but it is essential to negotiate with the drivers; find out what the official fare is first. After 2200 and at weekends a surcharge of 20% may be added, you may get charged up to US$40. Drivers may only surcharge you for luggage US$0.50 per large bag. If you think the licensed taxi driver is overcharging you, make a complaint to Corpoturismo or tell him you will report him to the Departamento de Protección del Consumidor. The airport shuttle bus blue and white with “Aeropuerto Internacional” on the side leaves from east end of terminal, left out of exit in the city under the flyover at Bolívar and Av Sur 17, 250 m from Bellas Artes metro, poorly lit at night, not recommended to wait here in the dark, regular service from 0700 to 2300, bus leaves when there are enough passengers; fare to international terminal US$3.50. The bus is usually crowded so first time visitors may find a taxi advisable.

You may bring into Venezuela, free of duty, 25 cigars and 200 cigarettes, two litres of alcoholic drinks, four small bottles of perfume, and gifts at the inspector’s discretion. New items to the value of US$1,000 may be brought in.

Budget: $US3-7
Mid-range: US$7-15
Top-end: US$15 and upwards
Budget: US$10-25
Mid-range: US$25-50
Top-end: US$50 and upwards

You can change money at a bank or at a casa de cambio (authorized money-exchange office). Banks change cash and travelers’ checks, but casas de cambio deal only in cash. Beware that lines for ATMs can be very long, especially the first Monday of the month, when many banks are closed, and the day before holiday weekends, when machines are often cashed-out by midmorning.

US dollars and American Express travelers’ checks are by far the most popular, so stick to them. Visa and MasterCard have the best coverage for both cash advances and for making payments in top-end hotels, restaurants and shops.

Taxi drivers are tipped if the taxi has a meter (hardly anywhere), but not if you have agreed the fare in advance. Usherettes are not tipped. Hotel porters, US$0.50; airport porters US$0.50 per piece of baggage. Restaurants, between 5% and 10% of bill.

Many diseases can be easily avoided if the right precautions are taken. Always drink bottled water and check that ice in drinks is made from purified water, which is usually the case. Generally, you should not have any problems with Venezuelan food, even from street vendors, but do give your stomach enough time to adjust and be careful in the first few days.

There is excellent local fish pargo or red snapper, crayfish, small oysters and prawns. Of true Venezuelan food there is sancocho a stew of vegetables, especially yuca, with meat, chicken or fish; arepas, a kind of white maize bread, very bland in flavor; toasted arepas served with a wide selection of relishes, fillings or the local somewhat salty white cheese are cheap, filling and nutritious; cachapas, a maize pancake soft, not hard like Mexican tortillas wrapped around white cheese; pabellón, made of shredded meat, beans, rice and fried plantains vegetarian versions available; and empanadas, maize-flour pies containing cheese, meat or fish.

Venezuelan rum is very good; recommended brands are Cacique, Pampero and Santa Teresa. There are four good local beers: Polar the most popular, Regional (with a strong flavor of hops, Cardenal and Nacional a lisa is a glass of keg beer; for a bottle of beer ask for a tercio; Brahma beer lighter than Polar, is imported from Brazil.

Played at the Isla Bonita Golf and Beach Hotel, where there is an 18-hole, par 72 course in the Valle Pedro GonzáleS, open to all.

In Venezuela camping is a popular recreation, spending a weekend at the beach, on the islands, in the llanos and in the mountains. It is not, however, possible at the roadside. If camping on the beach, for the sake of security, pitch your tent close to others, even though they play their radios loud.

Apart from the shopping, what attracts the holidaymakers from Venezuela and abroad are the beaches: long white stretches of sand bordered by palms, but rather hot, with little shade sunscreen essential. Nude sunbathing is forbidden. Topless bathing is not seen, except at some resort pools and beaches, but the tanga hilo dental – dental floss is fairly common. Beaches are public, but be sure to ask whether or not the waters are safe to swim in as some areas are contaminated. Light, casual clothing is suggested. On rare occasions, the evenings can be chilly, so bring along a light jacket. It is also a good idea to carry a photocopy of your documents and leave the originals in a safety deposit box back at the hotel.

Caracas has an excellent subway system which runs from 5:30am to 11pm every day of the year. It has 3 main lines that cross the city and a bus service that complements it.
Taxis are available throughout Caracas, but you should check the going rate and negotiate with drivers. Venezuela cabs are currently undergoing regulatory changes and meters will soon be mandatory.

There have been reports of guerrilla-instigated violence in remote areas along the Colombian border in Zulia, Tachira, Apure and Amazonas states. If venturing into these regions, contact your embassy to assess the security risk.

In the case of an emergency, it is best to avoid the public hospitals, as they have fewer resources and often lack necessary equipment. It is important to carry a credit card, cash, or checks to facilitate admission into the private hospitals and clinics. Pharmacies are open during the day, and during the evenings and public holidays look for ones that say “Turno.”

Spanish is Venezuela’s official language, but some European immigrants also speak Italian and Portuguese. English is fairly widely spoken, particularly in tourist areas, however, it is wise to learn a few basic phrases or pack a phrase book.

110 volts AC, 60Hz. American-style 2-pin plugs are the most commonly used

E-mail can be accessed from cybercafés in most urban areas. International country code: + 58 Venezuela

No special vaccinations are required, although those traveling to the jungle should consult their physician as to whether or not they need protection from yellow fever and malaria.

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